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Drabbles Blogs

I'm back.

By chuldeREIlla137 posted


By LadyAngel123 posted

New Luhan Drabbles

By cheesecakemon posted

MinFood Challenge

By Fireglobe posted

Livejournal + Ask Author Part 8

By chobaekho posted

Shameless Advertisement: C-Clown - Drabbles & Short Stories

By kairimikio posted

New drabble series (?) on LJ

By cheesecakemon posted

Returning during next week/300 Karma Points/More?!?!

By xxxo_felicia posted

Story Time 4

By Shawol360 posted

Drabbles: Request Now!

By bookaholic posted

Give me something~

By senobralloC posted

Drabble collection

By RiksiRixa posted

I Do Drabbles

By Shawol360 posted

Are You An Angst & Drabbles Lover?

By octy08 posted

Drabbles, and Drabbles...and Fluff

By ForeverTheHappyFace posted

Latitude Commentary

By Aya-Chi posted

Help me decide please (Gyu addiction)

By Rhapsodic posted


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So Yeah

By blacksmile posted

I'm Really Bored...

By sparks_ys posted

Short Story Request!

By IceBloodRose posted

Ideas for a possible story

By spyong92 posted

oo1. kim jongin

By Hyunaegi posted

It's about him

By royeolkai posted

Does anyone actually read these, or am I just adding more things to have as a reminder?

By scarecrowscreams posted