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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

The Wolf Pack

She knew what she was. She kept it a secert because she had to. Her first meeting with them would change her world. She would show them who she really was the same for them.

Byheatherhiott updated
CharactersSehun, Kris, Luhan, Exo, Eli ,Kevin, Ukiss
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Bang Yongguk membenci Amber Liu, begitu pula sebaliknya. Tidak ada hari tanpa berkelahi bagi keduanya.Terlebih saat salah satunya kalah dalam pertaruhan dan harus menepati janji. Tapi, "Kau adalah gadis tercantik yang pernah aku temui." , "Aku menyukaimu."

BySherrysn updated
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It's Cold.

Eli x Eunhye    This oneshot was written about 2 years ago, but it has never seen the light till today, and I dunno, just thought you would like this odd pairing.

Byzicovaphthalatic updated
CharactersEli, Eunhye.
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Five More Minutes

A determined-to-finish Soohyun and an equally determined-to-distract-him Eli come together in a playful exchange of annoyance and laughter as both try to get what they want.  Unfortunately, Eli knows what Soohyun's 'five more minutes' typically means and he has no problem with bugging Soohyun until he gets what he wants: his boyfriend's undivided attention and company.

ByAmalya updated
CharactersSoohyun and Eli
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I Fell in Love with My Best Friend

There once was a girl. She was sent away - away to a place where she was different. Everyone called her a freak - everyone, except for that one boy. That boy protected her. He became the apple to her eye. He became her guardian angel. He became her only friend - her best friend. The love story of a four-year-old and a five-year-old bloomed. It was innocent love. They thought they were going to live happily-every-after.

ByJenqianchen updated
CharactersKris, Luhan, Eli, OC
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Jealous? No way.

One-shot for Eli my lub~~ lol it's a short thing but I just had to get this out of my mind so enjoy~~

ByMinRa501 updated
CharactersEli Kim & You
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AJ gets to see the teaser photos before anyone else.

Byiwrotalunaflything updated
Characterseli, jaeseop
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Unworldly Link

Just what are dreams anyways? Who says they arent real.

BySorotsu updated
CharactersEli, UKISS
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This is a short songfic I wrote when I should be studying. It's my first try writing a fluff and it was really entertaining to write.

ByYukki5 updated
CharactersEli || Kiseop
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I wrote this story on Wattpad too; basically, if the Neverland MV was a story music video (like 0330), I think this would be a fitting story...

ByLynnHae updated
Characterskevin ukiss eli kiseop dongho aj hoon soohyun jiyeon
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Bad Girls III: Scorn.

Kahi managed to hook up with dumb and submissive Eli to get revenge on her ex Mickey and his new girlfriend Yoona. They capture the two and hold them hostage with unbelievable methods of torture as well as slavery, all because of scorn and jealousy.   

Bypauleenisvavavoom updated
CharactersKahi, Eli, Mickey, Yoona.
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Dangerous Twin

Berubah sbb masa silam ??? Eli !!!!  Disebabkan masa silam tu aq berubah 360 darjah    Kwon Hayoung dan Kwon Hwayoung ialah pasangan kembar yang sangat seiras tapi Hwayoung seorang kasar + kuat tapi baik hati dan menjaga Hayoung. Hayoung pula seorang yang Comel dan mesra selalu dilindungi oleh kakaknya. Hwayoung menjadi seorang yang kasar kerana

ByKwon_Dongho updated
CharactersZitao , oc , Eli , Ukiss , Exo
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Hello my ex

It's been a while, ex...

ByYukki5 updated
CharactersEli || Jaeseop (AJ) || Kevin || Kiseop
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Birthday Wish

Main Cast: C-REAL's Effie Lee Ji Hoon U-KISS's Eli Kim Kyoung Jae Minor Cast: U-KISS’s Soohyun, Kiseop, Hoon, and Kevin C-REAL’s Chemi and AnnJ

Byhasanaheart updated
CharactersEffie | Eli | C-REAL | U-KISS
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I Still Love You!

     Don't be mistaken, I'm not the girl you used to know. I've changed into something terrible, and ugly, something I'm ashamed of. What will you think? Oh, yes, that's right...The chances of us meeting again are slim to none. But I miss you, every particle of my being aches for the young boy I left behind. Will I ever find you?      Sometime

ByPerfectlyExotic updated
CharactersEli Kim, Baek Eun Mi (OC), U-KISS
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Sweet like Candy

Eli loses a bet.

Byperfectxinsanity updated
CharactersKiseop, Eli, Jaeseop, Kevin,
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Drunk in love

Somebody doesn't like going to karaoke, but little he knows, he doesn't have a say on this.  

ByElseopLove updated
CharactersEli Kim, Lee Kiseop, Shin Soohyun, Yeo Hoonmin, Kevin woo
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Wish Granted

Finally! I started writing this 3 (?) years ago but I totally forgot about it after a few months I think. I kept on stopping and rewriting and forgetting about it that I only got to continue and finish it a month ago. B2ST and U-KISS FTW!        

Bymelovesyoseob updated
CharactersYang Yoseob, Elison Kim, B2ST, U-KISS, EunHae (OC)
With5 chapters

All About Forver

*THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE* This is an alternate universe/future u kiss fanfiction with a main focus on Eli. It is a cop story and again, has NO ROMANCE WHAT SO EVER! Please do not read if you want romace because you will not find it here.  This story is about Eli, who is a cop in the year 2078, who gets transfered to the homicide unit in his city. In this furture world scientists recently discovered a new device that allows the recently deceased to be brought back to life for a maxium of

ByDmkeycrimson updated
CharactersEli Soohyun Kevin AJ Heechul ShinHye Minho
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Kevin wants to go to another concert and what Kevin wants Kevin always gets

Byelecrazy97 updated
CharactersEli and Kevin
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Away We Happened

Brianna Lee is the type of girl everyone can mess with. She's very sensitive and doesn't know how to say no to things. She has a dream of being a writer since middle school and now that she's twenty-two years old, it's about time to finally go after that dream. She says goodbye to her life in New York City and goes to Los Angeles to live with her best friend, Cori Paek. But the only thing that she's not looking forward to is seei

Byselxaa updated
CharactersKevin Woo || Brianna Lee (you & oc) || Eli Kim
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Inevitable Change

How long does 'forever' last, anyway?   

Byhummingbird_kisses updated
CharactersKevin, Eli, AJ
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Broes Before Lady HeeHee

AJ begins his friendship with Eli in a very interesting way...

ByClosetBLGirl updated
CharactersAJ, Eli, Heechul
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Kevin's Kitty

You use to be Kevin Woo's girlfriend until something happened which transformed you into a feline.   *I do not own the pictures*

ByZurmbie updated
CharactersKevin Woo, Reader, Eli, Possibly More.
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Never Let Go

U-KISS is really busy lately with all the promotions for the new album, the late radio shows and fanmeetings. Eli and Kiseop didn't have much time for each other because of the busy schedule which made them drift away from each other. So what will happen ? Will they let their idol life stand in the way of their relationship ?

ByElseopShipper updated
CharactersU-KISS, Eli, Kiseop
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