The Bunny and The Bear

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A collection of Seulrene fics.



1. Edge
Joohyun is on the edge of her patience when it comes to her bear. Fortunately, a danshin couple is there to help their precious hoobae.
2. Paranoia
Halloween is closing in and Joohyun couldn’t have hated it more.
3. Why Do You Love Me?
Times Joohyun asked why Seulgi loves her. Slight Moonsun with mentions of other Red Velvet and Mamamoo members.
4. For What It's Worth
Seulgi spent an unforgettable year with Joohyun, who was a senior at a dance club in high school. They met a decade later, at an engagement party.
5. Back Hug
It was their rest day and Seulgi was supposed to spend some time with Joohyun. So why is she getting a cold shoulder now? A fluff and ty Seulrene one shot.
6. Sweetest Grape on the Vine
Joohyun was a mix of citrus and soju that Seulgi could get drunk just from the taste alone.
7. after Marriage
Things Joohyun and Seulgi learned about in the days of their marriage. This is the Seulrene version of a dandyu fic I wrote before.
8. Close to Me
Irene was trying hard to move on with her life while moving on from Seulgi, who suddenly returned to Seoul. Seulrene Creative Agency AU.
9. Take It One Day at a Time
A sequel to after Marriage.
10. My First and Last Gift to You
Editor!Irene and Dancer!Seulgi Christmas AU.
11. The Playlist
In which Seulrene is adapting to changes by creating new habits and experiencing new firsts.
12. First Love
First loves are unforgettable. It's eternal, no matter how it ends.
13. Ice Cream Love
On finally gaining what you've been longing.
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