For What It's Worth (Finale)

The Bunny and The Bear
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Three months had passed since they made up, and Seulgi had never been happier with her life. They took things slow in getting each other up to speed on what the other had been doing. That meant spending time with each other, introducing their friends to the other, and recognizing how much ten years could change a person’s personality. Yongsun was the happiest in this process since she basically befriended her favorite actress through her girlfriend.   Joohyun was glad that Seulgi had such good friends around her. There was another side of her that was jealous of Seulgi’s friends, for they had witnessed how much Seulgi matured over the years. She used that energy to scold Seulgi for not opening up to their friends about her problems, even when the younger woman knew of their kindness.   In Seulgi’s end, things also went well job-wise. The comeback went smoothly, praises coming from here and there. Furthermore, thanks to her appearance in the artist’s performance stages, photos of her during the performance circulated online, gaining attention from the spectators. How could she not, when she was wearing a crop top and leather coat, her rock-hard abs shown for all to see?   It didn’t interest Seulgi as much as Joohyun’s reaction to the circulating photos. The older woman had an unusually jealous reaction to the fans commenting on her photos in online portals.   Can you not show your abs during the performance?   I can’t, it’s part of the performance And I didn’t pick the outfits   I hate you   No you don’t   ……ugh you’re right I hate the y comments though, it’s irritating me   Seulgi laughed at her honest comment. Ever since they reconnected, Joohyun had shown her clingy side more and more. The only thing Seulgi could do was reassuring her that she had no interest in the gaining number of fans.   I have no interest in those comments You know I only have my eyes on you   The ‘send’ button was already tapped before Seulgi could think twice. Even though they had made up, the topic of their relationship was yet to come up. So far they had been spending time with whatever moments they had amidst their jobs, but it never went past hand-holding and hugs. The flirty comments were only exchanged online, never in person, mostly because Seulgi couldn’t look at Joohyun without getting flustered.   You better   The chat was attached with photos of Joohyun in her car, on her way to her schedule. She looked so soft in her white tee, pursing her lips to the camera – or in this case to Seulgi – and smiling. Seulgi could feel the tip of her ears flaring at the sudden affection. It’s not the first time that Joohyun would send random selfies whenever they chat, yet they always had the same effect on Seulgi.   “Why are you grinning at your phone like a crazy person?”   In her shock, Seulgi turned her head toward Sooyoung, who was frowning at her. “S-Sooyoung-ah! That- You- Yah! Don’t creep up on me like that!”   “What are you getting so worked up for? It was just a question.”   “It's called being shocked. You came out of nowhere!”   “I came here because you called me, remember?” Sooyoung looked around at the empty studio, visibly bored.   “Ah…” Finally regaining her senses, Seulgi pocketed her phone. “I called you here because I just finished the choreography for the next comeback.”   “Already?? Don't you still have, like, a week before the deadline?”   “I do, but I'll be gone for the weekend so I finished it in case it still needs editing.”   Receiving the camera from Seulgi, Sooyoung felt something off. “Are you going back home? This is not the holidays yet.”   “No, I'm going to Japan for a short travel.”   Something was off indeed because Kang Seulgi doesn't ‘travel’ unless she’s promised a month's supply of Pringles. The woman just loved her job to that extent.   “Train the group well, won't you? This choreography will need solid vocals to pull off,” Seulgi said while putting her things in her bag.   “Unnie, are you done for the day? It's not even 4 yet!”   “Didn't I just tell you that I'm going to Japan? I'm catching the evening flight tonight. Bye Sooyoung-ah!” Seulgi waved to the vocal trainer before leaving the studio in a hurry.   #   After spending two hours on a flight, Seulgi arrived in her hotel room in Sapporo. She dropped her bag beside the bed before plopping on the fluffy bed. She sighed in content, imagining the kind of sleep she would get that night. After connecting her phone to the hotel’s wifi, her phone chimed several times, signaling unread messages. The latest one came just a few minutes prior.   Have you arrived?   With a sheepish grin, she replied.                 I just did   In a matter of minutes after Seulgi tapped the ‘send’ button, knockings came from her door. Groaning, she forced her body awake, dragging her feet toward the impatient guest.   “Who is–oof!”   A petite body crashed into hers, making Seulgi stumble before finally realizing who it was. She could tell just from the smell of fabric softener.   “Did you miss me that much?” Seulgi teased. Joohyun held onto her so tightly that she had to nudge the door with her toe to close it.   “It’s been a full week since we’ve met, so yes,” Joohyun mumbled against her chest.   Seulgi chuckled, returning the hug with a whisper. “Me too.”   #   “Have you eaten?” Joohyun asked when they were cuddling on Seulgi’s bed. The latter has changed into a more comfortable sleeping wear, which consisted of only an old tee and sweatpants.   “Hmm. I ate while waiting for my flight,” Seulgi muttered amidst her chew.   “And yet you’re eating Pringles as if you haven’t eaten for a week. That snack is not healthy for you.”   Seulgi shot Joohyun a scandalized look before hugging the Pringles can against her cheek. “Shhh… She didn’t mean what she said. You know I’ll always love you.”   Joohyun scoffed at Seulgi’s act, playfully slapping her toned stomach. “You’re lucky you don’t gain weight easily.”   “Why do you think I don’t stop dancing? Because I can eat whatever I want and the fat will still melt off my body.”   “You’re such a dork.”   “I’m stating a fact, Unnie.”   “Speaking of facts,” Joohyun sat up, “people posted your photos in Incheon this evening.”   “People did what?”   Joohyun let out her phone, showing the photos of Seulgi walking in the airport. “Here.”   Seulgi was still wearing her black long-sleeve shirt that was folded to her elbows and tucked in the front, dark blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers. In the midst of her amazement at how some people could recognize her in such a busy airport, Joohyun scrolled to the comments section, where she laughed out loud.   Joohyun, however, couldn’t see anything remotely funny as her facial expression hardened. “Excuse me? Is this something to be laughed at?”   “Have you read the comments? This one says, ‘how can someone look so good with messy bun?? I’m having the exact hairstyle and my mom says I haven’t bathed for a week!!!’” Seulgi cackled, before continuing, “Ooh I hope this one is already of age. ‘She’s so y with her two top buttons off’–Hey!”   “That’s enough of the comments,” Joohyun snatched her phone back, a scowl marring her beautiful face.   “Why? They’re funny!”   Joohyun glared as a response. “They’re annoying.”   Seulgi grinned when she saw that Joohyun was pouting. “Yet you always manage to find them.”   “Because your photos are trending!”   “Really?? Whoa, that’s interesting.”   “How can you be interested?! Those people look at you like you’re a piece of meat!”   Seulgi bit back a laugh when she saw how annoyed Joohyun looked. In all honesty, she understood why Joohyun was agitated at her sudden fame. She once explained that people overlooked the fact that she choreographed the performance for the artist; all that hard work and only her appearance made the fame. At the same time, Seulgi thought that the publication might lead to a broader network and more knowledge. Who knows, she might be offered a joint project with other choreographers in the future?   Clearing to calm herself, Seulgi then said, “I know those pictures make you angry, so–”   “It’s not the pictures.”   Joohyun cut Seulgi’s sentence before she could finish it.   “Then what makes you so angry?”   “It’s the comments. I don’t like it when people talk about you that way.”   “Why?”   “Because I haven’t even said it to you…”   Joohyun’s voice was lowering with every sentence, her eyes not meeting Seulgi’s, who was rendered speechless at the confession.   “T-That’s why! Just ignore them, okay?”   Seulgi studied Joohyun’s blossoming blush on her fair skin. If she had bit back her laugh before, she had to resist the urge to kiss Joohyun simply with how cute she looked.   “Okay, Seulbear?”   “…okay,” Seulgi finally muttered when their eyes met briefly.   Hearing the answer, Joohyun snuggled back against Seulgi’s side, whispering “Good.”   #   Morning came and Seulgi was the first to wake up, having the urge to empty her bladder. When she shifted her position, something else stirred beside her, prompting her to open her eyes. And there was Bae Joohyun herself, fast asleep while hugging her arm. As much as Seulgi wanted to marvel at the soft sight, she had a more pressing matter to attend.   Knowing well that the older woman was a light sleeper, Seulgi moved as gently as she could from the hold. The attempt was futile, however, because Joohyun slowly opened her eyes. Lucky for her, Joohyun pulled away to stretch so she could slip out and finish her business.   When Seulgi came back, Joohyun was tapping on her phone. She climbed the bed and took her previous place, pulling the blanket up to her chin. She silently watched as the older woman replied to the unanswered chats, the tapping sounds lulling her to sleep.   “Seulbear…”   Just before falling into a slumber, a gentle voice tried to rouse her, followed by a soft poke on her cheek. As much as she wanted to entertain Joohyun, her sleeping time was also important. Throughout the night, the time was spent watching movies and talking about everything and nothing until they both fell asleep. With that in mind, Seulgi tried to ignore the attempt to wake her up and concentrated on getting more sleep.   “Asleep already? That was fast…” she heard Joohyun muttered dangerously close to her face, since she could feel her warm breathing. Adamant on ignoring Joohyun, Seulgi shifted her attention to relaxing her mind instead.   The resolve was on the verge of collapsing when a pair of lips softly kissed her cheek, followed by a soft whisper. “Sleep well, Seulbear... I’ll see you later.”   #   Even after what Joohyun did, Seulgi managed to catch up on her sleep for a few hours. The grumbling on her stomach woke her up, begging to be fed. When she had woken up completely, she found a note underneath her phone with a familiar handwriting.   I’ll be finished with my shooting around 4 pm See you near the festival around 5?   So there she was, in a small café near Maruyama Park, after a quick lunch and wash up. The time was 4:50, only a few minutes before her meeting time with Joohyun. The older woman was already on her way after finishing her shoot, so Seulgi waited while snacking on a cupcake. might be busy chewing, but her eyes were scanning the words on her phone, reading the current headline in her country.     Actress/Advertising Queen Irene Bae rumored to not renew her contract   Nearing the end of her eight-year contract with ******, renowned actress/advertising queen Irene Bae was yet to confirm on her extension. There are talks that she’s considering to sign with another agency, but nothing is set in stone.   “Irene has been with us since her debut and we’re glad we’ve had nothing but mutual gains from her growth as an actress. We truly hope that this cooperation continues,” a representative from ****** commented this morning.   Irene Bae debuted in late 2010 as an advertising model for Nuovo shoes, making her the first rookie to become a brand ambassador. By 2016 her contract was extended to 2018 after she won Actress of the Year 2015. She is yet to give any comment regardi
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