The Bunny and The Bear
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Envy.   If Joohyun could describe what she felt every time she laid eyes on her two seniors with one word that would be it. She saw how the red-haired girl tucked a strand of soft pink hair behind the slightly older girl’s hair before kissing her cheek, how natural and carefree they looked amidst the chaos that was the waiting room of the music show that afternoon. Everybody was busy preparing for what was expected as the greatest comeback that summer, and the excitement hung in the air. Still, her eyes were still locked on the two women, who were talking animatedly whilst walking towards her.   “Unnie?”   A soft hand held her arm, and her eyes darted to a set of familiar orbs that belonged to her bear. “Yes?” she blinked, trying to look as natural as possible.   “Let’s go.”   “Huh? Where are we going?”   “Tiffany-unnie just told us to take a picture together in the hallway since the room is too packed.”   “Uh okay,” she dumbly answered and followed Seulgi out of the room, following Tiffany and Wendy in the front. She was visiting SNSD’s waiting room with her fellow members to support their comeback performance and yet once her feet entered the busy room and bowed down in respect, her eyes were drawn to the two shorties in the back that greeted them and were busy looking out after each other’s appearances afterwards. Even when they were out in the hallway and Tiffany handed out four ‘Party’ headbands to be worn for them, she bowed in gratitude and passed them down to her members, eyes still glancing towards the two oldest girls in SNSD.   The two groups took a few pictures together, and after Red Velvet members were bowing repeatedly in respect, one by one the SNSD members walked back to their waiting room, not forgetting to thank their hoobaes for the support. Some of them had gotten close after getting acquainted to each other outside of work, but Joohyun had never wanted to be close to Taeyeon more. There were many things that she would like to ask the pink-haired SNSD leader, but she could only settle with a bow of respect first since she had to be ready for her emcee job soon. No time for small talks yet.   “Take good care of us today, Irene-ssi.”   Taeyeon’s voice brought a smile on her face, even more so when Sunny added “Good luck MC-ing today! Fighting!” and held her fist up. She bowed once more at the short sunbaes who made their way back to the room, and didn’t miss their entwined hands and the kiss Taeyeon planted on Sunny’s cheek just before the door was closed shut.   Why does it look so easy when they do it…?   #   Joohyun’s long day of MC-ing finally ended. She knew she was home once she set her foot on her dorm and heard the TV noises in the living room and who might be there.   “Joohyun-unnie?”   She ignored the familiar voice and walked faster to the living room, smiling when it was indeed Seulgi who was there with her hair tied in a bun. Dropping her things near the sofa, she said nothing and jumped to the younger’s lap, meeting their lips in a kiss. Under her, Seulgi was frozen in place, too shocked to even reciprocate. It took her a few seconds to realize what was happening and kissed back, albeit halfheartedly.   When Joohyun felt two flustered hands on her waist, she moaned and held on to Seulgi’s nape, feeling the skin shuddering underneath her fingers. The kiss was broken when breath was very much needed, and still Joohyun continued planting loving pecks on Seulgi’s face, starting from her nose to her forehead.   “W-Wait a minute, Unnie!” the younger girl tried to stop the abrupt advances, but failed miserably when Joohyun cupped her face with two hands, forcing her to lock their gazes.   “I told you not to call me that when it’s just us. Call me Joohyun.”   Seulgi gulped, her face heating up. Instead of making another attempt of stopping the older girl, she whimpered when Joohyun crashed their lips again.   On the other hand, Joohyun was delighted that Seulgi finally stopped fighting and responded her advances by running her flustered hands on her body and opened slightly to deepen their kiss. This is it, she thought, this is what I want.   “Unnie!”   The loud voice and the hands cupping her face jolted Joohyun out of her reverie. Seulgi’s face was right in front of hers, brows furrowing in concern. “Yes?”
“Are you alright?”   “I’m okay, why?” Joohyun answered with a forced smile.   Seulgi’s mono-lidded eyes were narrowing, sensing something wrong. Instead of answering the question, she took the older girl’s hand in hers, slowly dragging Joohyun to sit on the sofa. Once they were sitting on the sofa – hands still entwining – Seulgi repeated her question, “Are you sure you’re okay? You were just standing there, staring at me.”   “R-Really?”   “Yeah! You scared me for a second there, I thought you were about to pass out.”   “Well…” Joohyun averted her gaze, looking at their entwined hands instead of Seulgi’s scrutinizing eyes, “maybe I’m a little tired.”   “You should wash up and eat then. Seungwan and Sooyoung ordered food when we arrived back here – we’ve saved some for you.”   Slowly, Joohyun lifted her head and saw that Seulgi’s eyes were still laced with concern. “I will, but I might feel better if you do something for me real quick.”   Seulgi tilted her head in reflex and Joohyun had to stop herself from pinching those cheeks. “What is it?”   “Kiss me.”   At that, Seulgi’s eyes widened, shyly pulling her face away. “K-Kiss you??”   Joohyun nodded, smiling when she saw Seulgi’s ears starting to redden. So cute.   “B-But what if the girls caught us when we were kissing? Or worse – what if maknae caught us? We’ll taint her forever!”   “We won’t. Yerim is not that young, and it’s not like they haven’t seen us kissing each other before.”   “Really…?”   “Well I don’t know, but!” Joohyun immediately added when Seulgi’s eyes were narrowing again, “they know that we’re dating, and it’s only natural that we kiss, right?”   It’s true – they had started dating shortly after their debut, when Seulgi blurted out that she didn’t like the way Seungwan was clinging onto Joohyun in one of their movie nights before Yerim joined the group. After the movie night ended Seulgi went on and on about how she thought Joohyun was being too touchy-feely than usual, and only stopped when the latter pinched her cheeks and asked her what she really wanted. The night ended when both of them confessed that they had liked each other since their trainee years and their relationship was official.   “But…it’s a kiss…” Seulgi whispered, looking everywhere else but Joohyun’s face.   The light-brown haired girl sighed, still not believing that her girlfriend was reluctant to kiss her. It had been months, and she had gotten tired of the hand-holdings and the bear hugs – pun intended – because for God’s sake, they’re both in their twenties! They should be sticking each other’s tongues down their throats, not holding each other’s hands to sleep.   “It’s just a kiss, Seul, not rocket science. It’s not that hard.”   “It’s not just a kiss!”   “It’s really easy, just put these,” Joohyun traced Seulgi’s lips with her thumb, “here,” she pointed at her own lips.   “You made it sound really simple.”   “Because it is!” she whined exasperatedly like a kid begging for candy. Now who’s the older one between them again?   “But it’s not, because it’s with you.” Seulgi laced their fingers together, locking their gazes. “With you, it’s never simple, because I want everything to be perfect.”   Joohyun rolled her eyes at that. It sounded really romantic, but not for her, because she had heard the same line over and over again. After that, Seulgi would rub her cheek with one hand, smiled her ever-charming smile before resuming what she was doing as if the whole kiss-me thing happened. That night was no different, except Seungwan who happened to pass by the living room with a cup on her hand and stopping abruptly once she saw the couple. “Whoa, am I interrupting something? Do I need to casually walk away and act like I saw nothing?”   Joohyun’s eyes darted back to Seulgi’s, who shrugged with an expression that said ‘I told you so’. She sighed, releasing her hand from Seulgi’s hold. “Nothing happened, Seungwan-ah,” she said bitterly after taking her belongings off the floor.   Seungwan silently watched her leader’s retreating figure and she immediately pointed an accusing finger at the slumped bear on the sofa.   “What? I did nothing!”   *   “She did nothing, Unnie! Nothing!”   Taeyeon was surprised at Joohyun’s irritated groan, even more so when she buried her face on her palms. “So…” she softly said, slightly afraid that the younger girl would burst again, “you two never kiss?”   “Well…” Joohyun let out a deep sigh, her frustration still evident, “only innocent pecks on the cheeks, but never on the lips.”   Eyes widening, Taeyeon was amazed at the revelation. “Wow. I know she’s still innocent and all, but never thought it would be that bad.”   “Yeah. Sometimes I wonder whether she wants me as much as I want her…”   “Whoa okay, stop there, let’s not get into details.” Taeyeon chuckled nervously and crossed her legs on the sofa to be more comfortable. That afternoon, Joohyun visited her dorm, saying that there was something urgent that she needed to confide. What she thought was group-related was actually a personal matter. She didn’t mind – it was her off day after all. They were calmly talking, until Joohyun’s sudden outburst.   “Was it this hard? With you and Sunny-sunbaenim?” Joohyun meekly asked, after a short silence between them. She had calmed down after taking a few sip of the drink Taeyeon served her.   “Well, you know that Soonkyu is not shy when it comes to skinship. We’ve done plenty even before we started dating.”   “So who initiated the contacts?”   For a second there, Taeyeon was taken aback at how straightforward the younger girl was. I guess she’s at that point of frustration already, she chuckled inwardly. “I don’t think it’s a matter of who started what, Joohyun-ah. It was awkward at first, but you’ll do it naturally eventually. Just start slow and she’ll be comfortable kissing you in no time.”   “I’ve tried, Unnie. But once she realized that our faces are too close to her liking, she pulls back and does something else instead.”   “Have you tried talking to her about it?”   “Of course. But in the end, she says that she wants to take it slow, that she wants everything to be perfect, and I can’t argue with those charming eyes.”   “Who can’t argue with whose charming eyes?”   Another voice startled Joohyun, but she relaxed once she saw Sunny walking towards the living room with a white cat on her hands. She immediately stood up and bowed in respect. “Sunny-sunbaenim, good afternoon.”   “Eeeei just be comfortable with me, Irene-ssi. What’s your real name?”   “My name is Bae Joohyun.”   “Joohyun?” Sunny sat down beside Taeyeon, oblivious that the latter was glaring at the cat struggling to be free on her lap, “You have the same name with our maknae?”   “Yes, sunbaenim.”   “You can call me Sunny or Soonkyu, whichever you like. And this,” she lifted the white cat, “is Sogeum. Say hi, Sogeumi.”   The cat, of course, did nothing but looked around trying to find another chance to escape, yet Sunny pecked its right ear anyway and Joohyun wondered why Taeyeon rolled her eyes at that.   “So what were you two talking about?” Sunny said while leaning on the sofa after releasing the struggling cat to roam the spacious apartment.  
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