The Bunny and The Bear
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Halloween was easily the worst kind of celebration, according to Bae Joohyun. As someone with a faint heart, she would never understand why people enjoy scary things, even celebrating it with scary costumes. And with dongsaengs like Sooyoung and Yerim, Halloween seems like a living nightmare for Joohyun.   Fortunately, God listened to her plight this particular year. The Satan children had decided to go home and celebrate Halloween with their families instead of spending it in their dorm and ‘torture’ the older members. Joohyun was elated at the information.   That was, until Seulgi said that they should have horror movie marathon instead.   After much argument between the resident bear and rabbit, Seungwan – being the angel that she was – convinced Seulgi that they couldn’t watch three horror movies in one sitting, knowing the danger it could cause to their oldest unnie.   They ended their pointless argument that afternoon with Joohyun having the right to choose the movies from Seulgi’s pickings. Joohyun was sure Seulgi would bring movies that would make her lose a good night sleep, but at least it’s better to choose the poison herself.   The morning of Halloween, the three oldest set out on their respective tasks. Seulgi was in charge of buying the snacks and their monthly grocery. Seungwan was in charge of baking, as usual. Meanwhile, Joohyun did their laundry, and made sure the blankets were clean and fragrant for them to hide themselves in.   With Seulgi out to shop for groceries and Seungwan who went to their company after finished baking the cookies, Joohyun was left alone at the dorm. It was fine at first, until it started raining, hard.   It was raining cats and dogs outside, with the occasional lightning that left Joohyun shook in fear every time it happened. She got a message from Seungwan, saying she would take longer in the company because she was helping Amber with her project. Seulgi was stuck in traffic with manager unnie (since Joohyun forbids her to go anywhere with a public transportation after her accident)   The flashing lights and thunder from the heavy downpour outside was annoying Joohyun, since she get scared every time they happened. She the television, waiting patiently for either Seulgi or Seungwan to go home. After flipping through the channels – and avoiding horror movie specials in almost every channel – she settled with watching the evening news with a higher volume so she was distracted from the weather outside.   Apparently it wasn’t just raining cats and dogs.   “It would be advisable to stay indoor if you are in Korea. Heavy rain alerts have been issued across the nation including Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi-do Province. Some areas have been seeing downpours of 30 millimeters an hour, causing property damage, injuries, and traffic jams. This marks the heaviest rainfall so far, so make sure to take necessary precautions when out and about.”   Joohyun sighed, “So Seulgi will take longer to get home as well?”   “When at home, check whether your pipes are functioning well, and factories and buildings are advised to-“   Out of nowhere, there was a flash of light, followed closely with a loud boom of a thunder.   Joohyun shrieked in fear, even more so when the electricity was out soon after. The thundering of her heart beat was all she could hear in the silence of the dorm, and she bundled herself with the freshly-laundered blanket, soothing herself with the fragrant smell.   Joohyun knew she couldn’t just stay idle and prepare herself for the next lightning and thunder to strike. She grabbed her phone on the coffee table, attempting to distract herself by playing Township. As if she was forbidden to do so another lightning snapped, followed with a roar of thunder, causing her to drop her phone.   As if the heavy pattering rain wasn’t scary enough, the windows vibrated from the thunder, sending a shiver to Joohyun’s neck. She braced herself, refusing to succumb to her fears and cry. Her resolve was broken once she heard a knock.   Someone’s out there!   Seulgi or Seungwan was just behind the door! She’s saved!   Just when Joohyun was about to hop off the couch and open the door to her rescuer, she realized one thing…   If it really was Seulgi or Seungwan outside, why didn’t they just open the door themselves? They had keys!   Then who was it??   Joohyun’s fear resurfaced, even more so when the knocking got louder, accompanying the thundering sound of the rain hitting the windows.   In her panic, Joohyun grabbed her phone and called Seulgi, checking if it was her outside. The call didn’t get through, worrying Joohyun if the bear got into another accident again. She was about to make another call, but the knocking outside was pushing her to automatically greet, “W-Who is it?”   Wait! She wasn’t supposed to indicate that she was in! Whoever it was outside would know!   Joohyun was right. The knocking got louder and louder, and she was sure th
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