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For twenty years of her life, Jihye has been seeing things in black and white. This changed when she locked eyes with Monika, a notable figure in the dancing community.

moze reverse colors au


Finally, this fic comes to fruition!! What started between a need for a no:ze (and Monika) fic developed so quickly into a whole multi-chaptered fic. Let's just say that I owe another writer this story because, in her words, she needs to read Monika fics and not just write. Well, she's not the sole reader anymore lmao. I hope this relieves some of y'alls thirst for a moze fic.

Some things to consider first:

  • This fic is currently being written and unlike my other ongoing multi-chapter, there is no set schedule so far for the update times for this fic. Please be patient with the updates!
  • Although I write the characters as close as possible with no:ze and Monika's irl characteristics, the characters in this fic along with their background (financial situation, social situation, family background, ual preference, etc.) DO NOT reflect Noh Jihye and Shin Jungwoo as real-life persons. Please do not mix the fictional world with the real world.
  • This is a work of fiction about two women in an alternate universe. I only own the story. Should you find this story on another site other than AFF and/or in another language and/or pairing, please let me know.

Other than that, do enjoy reading this story 😄

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