Why Do You Love Me?

The Bunny and The Bear
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Joohyun first met Seulgi when Yongsun said a friend of hers know a friend, who was supposedly perfect for her. She was not one to get convinced easily, but after the tenth attempt for a meet-up, a ‘yes’ finally came out and Yongsun was elated.   They met in a bar her friend Seungwan owned. When she arrived with Yongsun, the brunette pulled her to a corner where her ‘date’ was waiting for her, and that was when she finally saw the person who had been the topic Yongsun was spewing on whenever they had lunch, beside another woman she had never met before.   The first thing she noticed was the cat-like eyes piercing through her heart and made her wish that those belong to the person Yongsun wanted her to meet. It took everything she had in her when Yongsun greeted the two women and finally turned to her.   “Joohyun, I want you to meet Seulgi and Byulyi.”   Joohyun nodded, taking each of their hands to shake – took a second longer with Seulgi since she was stunned with the smile she had – and took the seat beside Yongsun, in front of Byulyi. Good, she thought, afraid that the others would notice the blush forming on her face.   “I told you she’s pretty, Byul. No need to smile at her so much.”   The blonde smiled, and Joohyun thought she resembled an adorable, harmless chipmunk that way, “She is.”   The night went on and the four women were indulging in the drinks, sharing conversations and bar snacks Yongsun ordered. Throughout the night Joohyun stole glances at Seulgi and swore the ombre-haired girl did the same but was quick to throw her glance somewhere else.   Unfortunately, Joohyun had to end the night earlier since Yongsun were enjoying the company so much that she ordered another round of drinks. The raven-haired girl was quick to stop her and asked for the bill instead.   After splitting the bill four ways and Joohyun exchanged numbers with the two younger women – much to her disappointment, although she had the gist of it when she saw how childish they were when teasing Yongsun and herself – they parted ways when Byulyi stopped a taxi for them to take.   “What do you think of Byulyi, Hyun?” Yongsun said to her when the taxi stopped at a red light.   “Eh?”   “Byulyi,” Yongsun repeated, “What do you think of her?”   “I think she’s alright.”   “Would you mind if she contacts you for a date?”   “What?” Joohyun was confused, but then she met Yongsun’s gaze. No way.  “She’s the one you wanted me to meet?”   “Obviously.”   Mouth agape, Joohyun couldn’t hide her surprise. She knew she’s slow at times, but how can she not notice–   That was when Yongsun laughed so hard that Joohyun flinched.   “You should’ve seen the look on your face!” Yongsun pointed to her face mockingly, disregarding the look the driver threw at her for laughing so suddenly.   “Wha–“   “Do you like Seulgi that much? I could tell that she’s taken a liking to you too.”   Then it clicked. “That’s not funny, Yongsun!”   -   It took Seulgi a week to contact Joohyun, and another month until they went out on a date, just the two of them.   Seulgi was clumsier than she remembered and didn’t talk as much, but Joohyun didn’t mind. She looked cuter, and the cutest when she caught Joohyun staring at her.   That was when Joohyun noticed the way Seulgi’s ear would redden, and threw a shy glance somewhere else. Joohyun swore she looked like a baby bear and decided to call her just that.   When Seulgi walked her to her apartment, Joohyun stole a peck at her cheek and saw the ears redden once more. She smiled when Seulgi looked flabbergasted at her action, and understood why people like teasing her so much.   -   In the middle of their second date around Han River, Seulgi took the initiative to interlace their hands together. Her hands were clammy, Joohyun could tell she was nervous, but she held on tighter.   At the end of their date, she kissed Seulgi again, on the lips this time. She whispered ‘I love you’, to which Seulgi reciprocated, and she knew their relationship had officially started.   -   “Why do you love me?” Joohyun asked the woman who was busy scribbling on a piece of paper. It was two weeks after their kiss and they were stuck in Joohyun’s apartment. They were supposed to take a walk to a ddeokbokki place that Yongsun recommended when a downpour mercilessly ran down and canceled their plan.   Seulgi looked up from her paper to the wall in front of her, “I never really thought about that.”   “Start thinking; now’s a good time as ever,” Joohyun sat up, keeping her attention to Seulgi instead of the mundane television program she was watching.   “Do I really have to answer that question?”   “Of course!”   “Why do you need to know anyway?”   “Just wondering.”   “Hmmm…” Seulgi pondered, ignoring the poking on her cheek. “I think…”   The poking had stopped, and she knew Joohyun’s eyes were on her.   “I love you because you’re you. How you would space out at random times even when you’re in a conversation, or when you’re skipping lunch just to eat four slices of carrot cake.”   Joohyun rolled her eyes, “That was one time.”   Seulgi chuckled, finally sitting on the sofa beside the older woman instead of on the floor, “And how you would take the longest time to reply because you couldn’t find the emoji you wanted.”   “It was after I updated my phone!”   “I’m sure you had Yongsun-unnie to update it for you. You’re technology-challenged, Joohyun.”   A pillow was thrown to Seulgi’s face, to which she was quick to dodge, and continued, “And how you resort to violence whenever I tease you.”   “Okay stop it right there.”   “I’m not done yet though?”   “Your answer wasn’t as romantic as I thought it would be.”   “You wanted a romantic answer?”   “I think anybody who asks her girlfriend why she loves her would expect something romantic, Seul.”   “Like what?”   “Like… ‘you have pretty smile’, or ‘I like it when you laugh’.”   Seulgi nodded, blinked twice then said, “Was that how your ex answered your question?”   Joohyun widened her eyes, taken aback, “How did it suddenly come to that conclusion?”   “I dunno,” Seulgi shrugged, “Am I right though?”   “Maybe?” Joohyun narrowed her eyes. Seulgi could be a smartass sometimes, apparently.   “Then your ex is an idiot.”   “What?”   “You’re pretty, Joohyun,” Seulgi scooted closer that one of her knees bumped to Joohyun’s, “I think anybody can say that you’re pretty when you smile, or when you laugh. Have someone told you that you’re pretty even when you finish four slices of cake in one sitting or don’t know how to update your phone?”   Seulgi tucked stray hair to Joohyun’s ear, “I’m pretty sure no one said that to you before, but I did because I love those things about you, Joohyun. Not just the pretty things, but also the rough edges on you.”   Joohyun was rendered speechless. She had never expected that kind of logic on the seemingly innocent bear.   -   Time flew by so fast that it was almost 100 days of them being in a relationship. Coincidentally, it was only a few days away from Valentine’s Day. Being the broke- college student that she was, Seulgi asked – if not begged – to Joohyun that they celebrated them together instead to save money.   Two weeks prior, Seulgi asked Joohyun to choose a song which reminded her of Seulgi, and vice versa. The brunette did what she wanted without much question. She wondered what Seulgi had in store for Valentine’s Day.   It was unexpected, to say the least, and she was about to get a taste of it.   “Nuh-uh,” Joohyun stood rooted to the ground when Seulgi pulled her to enter a familiar building.   “Oh come on! It will be fun!”   “I’m not going in there Seul!”   “Joohyun,” Seulgi stood right in front of her, still holding her hand, “I know you don’t do this kind of thing, but I promise you this will be the first and last time for us.”   Seulgi said it in the tone that Joohyun loved so much – and the latter was sure Seulgi knew – and couldn’t say no to. Although she was still pouting, she nodded in compliance. Her girlfriend was quick to notice that and pulled her inside the karaoke bar.   They took a seat on the right side of the establishment since the bar was almost full. “Do you have your song ready?” Seulgi asked after their drink orders arrived.   “You’re crazy if you think I’m going to sing in front of these people.”   “Of course not,” Seulgi took a sip of her drink, “Both of us will.”   “How is that different?!” Joohyun snapped, earning a look from the adjacent couple.   “If it makes you feel better, I’ll sing first.”   With furrowed eyebrows, Joohyun recalled the times she caught Seulgi humming on random songs. She knew her girlfriend could sing and damn it if she had to go after her. “No, I’ll do it first.”   Seulgi grinned, knowing how competitive Joohyun could be. “If you say so.”   -   It was the most nervous Joohyun had ever felt in her life, but the most exciting as well. She picked Would U, one of the trending song that month. She originally picked a song that was famous a decade before, but thanks to Yongsun, she picked a much modern song which conveyed her feelings better.   Throughout the song, she only looked at Seulgi. How could she not, when Seulgi only focused on her like there wasn’t at least twenty other couple in the room looking at them. She smiled and thanked the audience after finishing the song, scurrying off the stage to stop Seulgi from clapping so loud and embarra
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