Ice Cream Love

The Bunny and The Bear
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AN: Second-Person POV. Highly recommended to be read while listening to Wheein’s Ice Cream Love.  

You’re not sure how you got to this position – she who suddenly came with a large plastic bag full of ice cream, Pringles, potato chips, cans of cola, two packets of ramyeon, and other snacks. Movie snacks, she said.

  Two packets of ramyeon and half a tub of ice cream later, she decided to disregard the random Netflix show on your tv altogether and cuddled you from the side, ridding of the space between the two of you.   “Hyunnie,” you croak, starting to lose your wits from the feel of her warm breaths on your neck, even if it’s not your first time. “Are you sure you don’t want the bed instead?” You offer, a futile effort to have a bit of space and breathing room.   “I’m good. Maybe later…”   Okay, maybe your offer is faulty, considering she’s tightened her hug instead and in the name of all that is holy, is it her lips that just touched your neck?? You don’t dare to steal a peep to make sure.   Why? Well, for instance, you could stare at her deeply, count her lashes if you want to. Those are definitely not good for your heart, so you opt to run your right-hand fingers through her soft tresses.   Yet another wrong choice, apparently, when you feel her smile against your neck.   “Seul…”   “Hmm?”   “When are you going to date me?”   You’ve lost count on how many times she asked the same question. You only remember the first one, about a year after you debuted. It’s unbelievable, for her to want to commit to you – the perfect Bae Joohyun, adored by both men and women since her school days. And so, you rejected her.   Nevertheless, you still let her hug you, sometimes kiss you when there were only the two of you in one space. You let her be; because as stubborn as she is to convince you of her desires, you’re as persistent in your belief that she should be with another. She’d make a good mother, you thought. You’re just a phase in her life and will disappear as time goes by.   You’re not sure how you got here – two members of a girl group that have gotten so used to each other and decided to cross the line. But isn’t that what she means in your life? Filling the nooks and crannies of your life, something that you’ve only realized when
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