Amethyst's One-Shot Collection for YUNJAE


These are the collections one shot for Yunjae...I'll repost it in here...and continue to update...


Hello...I gather back all my collections of one-shot...don't hesitate to comment...there would be in differrent kind of genre so stay stuned... There includes:


The List :

  • Chap 1

"Wish...for eternally"


  • Chap 2                   

"No Shouting but Kissing!!!"


  • Chap 3 7         

"Love After Love"


  • Chap 4                   

"One Thing I Never Regret"


  • Chap 9 11         

"One Thing I Never Regret [2nd Version]"


  • Chap 12                  

"Bus Stop Romance"


  • Chap 13 – 17      

"Love Letter to My Bestfriend"


  • Chap 18 – 19      



  • Chap 21 – 26      

"Yoosumin's Mission"


  • Chap 27               

"Last Goodbye"


  • Chap 28 – 31      

"99%=hate, 1%=love"


  • Chap 32 – 35      



  • Chap 36                

"Last Spring"


  • Chap 37 – 39      

"Finding a Wife for My Daddy"


  • Chap 4042      

"A Story Like a Legend"


  • Chap 44 50

"Our Story"


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Sky_luv #1
Chapter 1: Your story have something with jaejoong hurting my yunho. He should have just stayed in US with Jeremy and leave Yunho alone
Sky_luv #2
Chapter 50: I cannot believe I wasted time reading this I really dissapointed with our story . Jaejoong is so ungreategul of yunho , I feel sad that yunho had to burden everything on his shoulders to be with jaejoong . Yunho deserves better. After he never gave up on you and stuck it out wih you beforehand really and after your condition , how dare you say changmin has the WHOLE PACKAGE ! Oh so yunho doesn’t have the whole package ? Jaejoong even admitted that yunho is out of his league meaning he thinks he’s to high and mighty for yunho. And threatens to go back to Changmin ? Yeah then go back to changmin . Yunhi should be with someone who loves him unconditionally, not marterialistic , does not care about looks , faithful loyal and committed
Sky_luv #3
Chapter 49: So jaejoong admitted that he loves changmin and can’t erase changmin
Honestly yunho I wish you see jaejoong for the sky fox he is you deserve a lot better
Sky_luv #4
Chapter 48: I wish jaejoong could never walk I feel sorry for yunho. Yunho bring second best rebound is just sad . Why he drag yunho into this . If he wants changmin so much don’t drag yunho and don’t give him hope . Jaejoong is an he only notices changmin
Sky_luv #5
Chapter 47: Also if a person loves you they should accept you for you. You don’t need to change yourself for another so that you can have a chance with them . If they love you they love you for you. You should only change for yourself not for anyone but just yourself . I’m really disappointed with the message you’re implying here authorshi I hope you’re not longer a person son that’s materialistic and gives everything face value . Looks with fade and age
I wish yunho had change for himself only
Sky_luv #6
Chapter 46: Also jaejoong is such an , he only what notice yunho now because yunho is no longer a nerd . Seriously he cares so much about looks he should end up alone
Sky_luv #7
Chapter 46: This is disgusting he’s using yunho as a rebound I hate jaejoong he’s such a snore here
You should have mention of last jaemin
bluejayj #8
Chapter 7: Love after love don’t understand why Jaejoomg left
I’m glad your writing improved a lot since these oneshots
Chapter 50: Our story.... I really really like the ending... So sweet :-)