Racist Moments of Kpop


It's quite funny that Kpop "idols" say that they like artists like Beyonce, Jay Z, or Mariah Carey but yet they go around being racist.

Disclaimer: Everything from chapter 1-13 are NOT MINE. I found it on the websites below⇩⇣


All of this comes from: http://owning-my-truth.com/post/71624458912/kpops-top-10-racist-moments-of-2013


Daesung with braids and dark face makeup in a big white jacket imitating snoop dogg  Daesung of Bigbang in blackface as Snoop Dog

 G Dragon's "homage" to Outcast member Andre 3000

A kpop star in blackface Gi Kwang of B2ST eating watermelon the "black" way

tumblr_inline_mm315womBl1qz4rgp.png Shindong of Super Junior in blackface during an episode of Strong Heart.

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