#7: B.A.P’s “Badman Video”

Racist Moments of Kpop


Oh well this video just had amazing representation of black people, didn’t it? From setting up a side of wild, predominantly black rioters against a predominantly white group of riot police, to showing images of white people innocently kissing one another and being athletic and then flashing to images of a black guy shooting another one and stealing from the guy he shot… this was just… dandy. Of course in a video titled “Badman” you will set up all of the black people in your video (conveniently set in Detroit) as the wild, violent “bad” ones. Awesome. And then we have Yongguk, or “Jepp Blackman” as he goes by with his rap underground name who consistently izes the African-American experience everytime he opens his mouth talking about how he “wishes he were a black person,” and then goes on to portray us as criminals. All of this easily earns them a #7 ranking on the list for this video.

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