#13: LOCO gets too serious in “Act Serious”

Racist Moments of Kpop


More recently on November 28th, rapper LOCO released a mini album LOCOMOTIVE. On it was a track produced by WallE titled”Act Serious” in which, during the beginning segment around the 0 – 0.25 mark, you can hear an extract of the Adhan blended in with the backing instrumentals.

There are a multitude of reasons why this is offensive to Muslims, and they can be explained as follows. The Adhan is the Muslim call to prayer.  Furthermore, the meaning behind the words of the Adhan are incredibly significant to Islamic beliefs, as they bare testimony to the reverence in which God is held by Muslims, and act as a reminder of their duty towards him. It is a sacred thing that is recited with the utmost of respect, so again, using it in a rap song purely for the purposes of entertainment, when it is regarded as such an important component of Islam, will no doubt garner criticism and cause offence.

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