#10: Kai from EXO, the dark-skinned, corn-rowed “foreigner”

Racist Moments of Kpop


EXO has been embroiled in controversy time after time this year over the vitriolic colorist comments launched repeatedly against Kai, the darkest member of the group, by his bandmates. One occurrence of which I was personally witness to during a concert in Taiwan and was shocked by the blatant nature of their colorist microaggressions against him.

And of course, since he is the darkest member of the group, his label outfits him in cornrows and “hip hop” clothing (appropriating from black bodies and aspects of black culture) to label him as “The Foreigner” of the group. The darkest member made into a walking black stereotype to represent “foreignness,” even as Ben Ben (who is lighter skinned) is actually foreign and carries Canadian citizenship? And then couple all of that with the racist reaction of fans to Kai’s cornrows on top of everything earns EXO and SM’s ery a spot at #10 on the list.

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