#2: Onew and Minho of SHINee’s Brownface “Macarena” performance

Racist Moments of Kpop


Not to be left out of the racist fun for the year, Onew and Minho from SHINee performed the “Macarena” together at SMTown Week on December 21st. Filled with racist caricatures of Mexicans including fake exaggerated beards and mustaches made of black tape which were clearly fake, they shimmied away in outfits that were incredibly racist and offensive.  If not, look up back at Onew and Minho’s costumes and then back again It’s called the bandito racist caricature of [email protected] from Hollywood. 

The Bandito is dirty and unkempt, usually displaying an unshaven face, missing teeth, perhaps a gold tooth, and disheveled, oily hair. The face is scared and scowling to complete the easily recognizable stereotype. He is vicious, cruel, treacherous, shifty, and dishonest; psychologically he is irrational, overly emotional, and quick to resort to violence… The bandito lives on in American film as Latino drug runners, Puerto Rican toughs in New York, and East LA homeboy gang-bangers. 

Great job perpetuating all of those stereotypes, guys.

They made an utter and complete mockery of Mexican people with this brownface performance, earning them a late but very much deserved spot at #2 on this list. 

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I love you. Thank you for making this and educating people on what happened!!
Moona178 #2
Chapter 16: Forget all these comments w/ people trying to explain away the wrongdoings of these idols. They know what they are doing and even if they don't at first they definitely have the capacity of learning. Black people are seen as a commodity. Everyone likes to steal bits and peices from the black diaspora, but not give credit. They don't respect us enough to treat us the right way.
kimilin425 #3
Chapter 16: "Ethnicity of others is never to be played at as a form of entertainment "
This is an entertainment web
bigbangfanhailey #4
Chapter 17: Well, if you look at my username, you might be thinking, 'Well, she's obviously biased to Bigbang'. Please don't think that when you read my comment.
I think that if you interpret the signs like you did, it make total sense. I think the thing that Miss A did was totally unreasonable. I was mad at my own race, cause I'm Korean, don't they understand why racism is not tolerated? I also think that GD and Taeyang and CL were just trying to show that they could do tons of genres of music, that they could do much things. I think some of the other kpop stars were doing that too, promoting African music to show that people could see that they are comfortable with other cultures. I think the way you interpret things isn't wrong, just not the only perspective authornim.
PororoFanatic101 #5
I love coming back to this story and seeing all the comments from hurt people.
cheerycherry #6
Chapter 9: i won't try to change your opinions, but i do want to point out that you are misinformed about EYK. they do, in fact, speak fluent Korean and have lived in Korea for 8 years. (not to mention that their so-called "blackface" was actually a face mask)
lmao. What are you doing? This is Asianfanfics not a forum like Reddit. You best be posting it as a blog you really want to post it on this site. I'm usually preaching as a SJW but the way you execute this attempt to raise awareness about Korea's ignorance is flawed. I'm on your side of the argument but your vocabulary is so immature. You're no better since you're criticizing idols the same way they criticize other cultures/religions. You're not even considerate to their situation. Some Koreans may have expressed their ignorance through racist remarks but some really do not know. Have you ever thought that Korea is nothing like USA/Canada/Australia? They're not a multicultural country or a melting pot. From the beginning back to whenever they started they were once race and it was only until recently when people from other parts of the world wanted to become a Korea citizen. Unlike them, USA and Canada welcomed immigrants even though they may have been racist but they were definitely more welcoming than Asia in present day. You stopped listening to Kpop years ago, so why are you here again?
TriciaPooh01 #8
Chapter 17: Oh gosh. The complete ignorance in this. Hun..You said don't touch religion?? HAHAHA! That's hilarious. Religion is an idea and ANY idea can be ridiculed and mock. Just because people get their silly little feeling hurt doesn't mean it's wrong. it up, buttercup. Second, the "cultural appropriation" you're waving on about it pretty hilarious considering AMERICA and the UK are mixtures of cultures that share culture all the time. Now, take your simple-minded self back and actually try to understand Korea. They have taboo subjects that are pretty much non-existent there like RACISM. If 90% is Korean and the next largest foreigners there are Chinese do you not think that they wouldn't know about racism. Korea is homogeneous. You ing about it over a website meant to please people with amazing stories does absolutely nothing but make you like you're looking for attention. Now, on to my next point. I'm not saying you're completely wrong. I've notices several times where there was unintentional racism in Korean culture. I get it. These people follow along with what is in style and Hip-Hop is what's popular in Western culture. So they copy it. Does that make them racist...absolutely not.
Chapter 13: Well first off... Yes racism is a common and unkind thing that happens worldwide. Kpop idols could have said or do things that might make a person think it's racism but they themselves face it too. Not only dark-colored skin people like what u posted , "white" or "yellow"colored skin people as ppl call it faces racism too. There's no need to just post up a fanfic that's all about this when you could have also post about "black" people displaying racism to other races too. FYI, most of the kpop idols have foreigners as friends.
Chapter 4: Idg how everything hip hop is black
I wasn't informed hip hop was only for black ppl and we shouldnt copy cos yknow racism, making fun of their cultures. Or at least thats what I learned here. And how did you even know he's labeled as foreigner because of his skin like wtaf