#2: Onew and Minho of SHINee’s Brownface “Macarena” performance

Racist Moments of Kpop


Not to be left out of the racist fun for the year, Onew and Minho from SHINee performed the “Macarena” together at SMTown Week on December 21st. Filled with racist caricatures of Mexicans including fake exaggerated beards and mustaches made of black tape which were clearly fake, they shimmied away in outfits that were incredibly racist and offensive.  If not, look up back at Onew and Minho’s costumes and then back again It’s called the bandito racist caricature of [email protected] from Hollywood. 

The Bandito is dirty and unkempt, usually displaying an unshaven face, missing teeth, perhaps a gold tooth, and disheveled, oily hair. The face is scared and scowling to complete the easily recognizable stereotype. He is vicious, cruel, treacherous, shifty, and dishonest; psychologically he is irrational, overly emotional, and quick to resort to violence… The bandito lives on in American film as Latino drug runners, Puerto Rican toughs in New York, and East LA homeboy gang-bangers. 

Great job perpetuating all of those stereotypes, guys.

They made an utter and complete mockery of Mexican people with this brownface performance, earning them a late but very much deserved spot at #2 on this list. 

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