The Dream

The Wolf

Eric’s POV

I was running through the dark forest, stomping on the roots and being cut by sharp branches. My left arm was bleeding and my legs were slowly giving in. But I couldn’t stop. I had to keep going on, for something evil was chasing me.I tripped and fell on my hurt arm.

Damn, that hurt, I think I broke it.

With all the little strength that I had left I picked myself up and continued with my blind searching for escape.

Where was I anyway?

All around me there were only trees and bushes.

Suddenly I felt that I am no longer alone.

But it wasn’t that that ‘thing’ which was chasing me caught up with me. No, this time it was a totally different feeling. My heartbeat increased even more, if that was even possible and my ears caught a slightest noise in the dark bushes.

I turned around and saw the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They were light green with the darkest pupils, and were piercing through my very soul. I should have gotten scared but I didn’t. I just stood there amazed, petrified.

The longer the staring continued more strange my body was becoming, until I finally fell on my knees.

I realized that it was too dark to actually see the owner of those eyes, so I had no clue, what was I against.

But then suddenly the clouds hiding the moon dispersed a little and I was finally able to see whom those eyes belonged to. In front of me stood a beautiful wolf with shining snow-white fur which turned black on his paws, ears and point of the tail. It stood tall and proud, giving a feeling of being undefeatable. I felt like an invisible strength was drawing me to it, not really sure why.

But I couldn’t move even for an inch, so I just stared at its eyes with the strongest yearning I ever felt in my life. Time has passed and none of us did anything.

But after some more time the wolf started slowly turning around in order to leave. In an instant I felt emptiness to start coming to me and so I broke the silence with a silent: “Don’t go.”

When did I start crying? My cheeks were wet with tears.

The wolf looked at me with an indescribable look in his eyes and that somehow calmed me.

“Who are you?” I heard myself ask and didn’t really expect any answer, but the wolf lightly titled it’s head on a side and in my mind I heard a single word: “Minwoo.”

Then it all went black. 

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N_chwa #1
Chapter 11: Uwaahh!! I'm so happy that the final pairing is RicJin! <3
I would be sad had Jinnie ended up alone in this fic but luckily Eric came back! :)
The only downside is that Andy is the bad guy and had to die. T_T
Thank you for writing such an awesome fic, author-nim~^^
SoulDragon #2
Chapter 11: Waw...just waaww! Amazing story, i really loved it! And also RicJin, there are't to many story's with that pairing, i love RicJin. :)
Only to bad Andy had to die at the end...
It's been awhile since i read such a good one, it's definitely in my top 3 :D
The way you described the wolves, you must really like them?! ;)
And may i ask how you came up with the concept of the soulmates like that? I mean my favorite book has about the same concept, but i haven't come across it anywhere else up until now....and she's not a very well known author... i'm just very curious. ;)
Chapter 11: I finally read the final chapter and all I have to say is... wow
The last paragraph really got me... my poor poor feels
Also I am soo glad that you didn't listen to my advice, hahaha :P
I really enjoyed reading this <3
Thank you for writing this and I hope that you write more awesome stories in the future
(which reminds me... i really should start writing the continuation for out fanfic xD)
Chapter 11: Thanks for the amazingly written story! I really love this. I was ready to be heartbroken by the fact that Jinnie was suffering alone, left by Eric n becoming Andy's slave.. BUT YOU BROUGHT RICJIN BACK TOGETHER IN THE END!!! and that's sooooo daebak (cz I'm a er for RicJin). I also love the plot and the way you described RicJin soft, calm, and gentle love and RicMin raw and passionate one (that's how I saw it).
Sorry for rambling
Chapter 9: Thank you for such a fast update ^^
What do you mean by ''poorly written ''? It was amazing xP
I really liked this chapter and i really can't wait for the next one <3
MMM123 #6
I want an update please ^^ pleaseeeee ^^
Chapter 6: But that means Minu knew who eric was?? Or maybe he just realised later...
Chapter 6: I loved it ^^
Waaa this is.seriously getting more and more interesting with each new chapter <3
Now i really can't wait for update.:) because i am dying to know what is going to happen next.
undeadXmofo #9
Chapter 6: Hope it's Leo from vixx hehhe
MMM123 #10
Chapter 6: Complicated!!! What's going on?! Who's this Leo guy? Why does everyone appeal to Eric??? HahahHa XD
Update soon, i need answers and I cannot wait;)))