'I believe that life isn't just for the living, but for the living dead." - Oh Sehun 


Kim jongin was Sehun's true love, the one and only bright smile that he had but his death had killed Oh Sehun - a person who usually smile brightly before Jongin's death. He woefully lived just because he was fated to stay alive.. but what would happen to him when someone who has the same feature to his lover stepped in his sorrowful life?

"I'm Kai, nice to meet you." - Kai 




I'm joining the contest!! xDD Wish me luck hoho <33 



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seoulsunshine 1 points #1
Chapter 4: This is legend
noah21 #2
Your strory "ENDLESS PAIN" is great
Can I translates it into Vietnamese?
I like that
i'm speechless .
i can't describe how i feel author-nim .
it breaks my heart so much
chubbymorie #4
Chapter 4: Oooohhhh...
It ended fast. Good thing there's a sequel, hehe
Anyways. I kinda dont like it when u says

"I chose Kris just because uhm he looks matured and - good to be Sehun's guardian angel."

I know that ive been asking tooooo much sekai befire,
But now....
Im gonna kill for krishun...
Im serious, and im killing kai first!
Chapter 4: the end???ahhh.....i can't believe it...noooo!!!!can you make it longer???pleaseeee~~~~i'm begging you author-nim...i love your story~~
Chapter 4: THE END ?M???? WHAAT ?
Chapter 4: Yeah kai deserve that Bc glad it krishun Bc
Chapter 3: So saddd, hey sekai kaihun, don't make to suffer each other, u guys r deeply in luv its so obvious, so make it clear ASAPPpppp , update soon authornim ^^
Chapter 3: omf this is so sad yet so sweet ><
update soon^^
barawa #10
Chapter 3: Kai your obsesed by sehun..poor sehunie...kai please protected sehunie and try hard to make sehun love the way you are...
Update more and soooooon author nim pleaseeeeee..im overdose this story...hahahha