Binary Code


"01001001 01001100 01001111 01010110 01000101 01010101' - The only words that I want you to know Sehun." - Luhan. 


"Don't leave me." - Sehun


“Luhan, you only have one hour to live,” he paused, letting out a long sigh and continued, “I have to do it, it’s an order from Him.” - Baekhyun (The angel of Death) 


A/N: I'm actually a beginner of the binary code and still learning. It's because of certain someone that made me couldn't stop loving the code so I decided to make this story to the little love of my heart :D - LEY XOXO

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kkaebsong_baek #1
Chapter 3: Poor sehun:"( i'm crying:"((
this is really really sad :( i'm crying again
dorkymeow #3
Chapter 2: This is really sad. I dont really read Hunhan fics but this one is a great one. I cried though. Good job authornim. Sehuna please dont cry. I love you, really.
Chapter 2: Sooooooo sad! But really great story, I really enjoyed reading it! :)
Chapter 3: omg im holding my tears and i failed .. haha yOur stOry is awesome author-nim , it made me more sLeepy because of the crying session i had .. haha i LikE yOur stOry thO much >_< .. tharanghaeyo~
Chapter 2: i kept on exhaling bc i don't my tears to fall, lol, cuz my grandma is here now xD
but seriously, i'll cry later.
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 2: Authornim I hate u for making me cry like this! No words to was really beautiful!
Hey really good work! Looking forward your other fics! Btw authornim saranghe<3!
i love u isn't ? i love binary codes ! :D
i'm looking forward to read this fic.
Chapter 2: I just woke up and read this and im crying. what, why? why are you making me cry?
Chapter 2: That..that..was so sad... *^*
This is just beautiful, real beauty in the words, the emotions, and the author.
Even though engilsh isn't your first language, I still think this is pretty great!

Thank you for updating! This sure made me cry my eyes out, in the morning haha