Modern Fairytales

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Kai wants it to be sweet and romantic..

but Sehun thinks that it's embarrassing. 


Just drabbles. Because sweet SeKai is diabetes. 

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Chapter 6: Ahhhhhh, I know nothing about poems (✖╭╮✖)
So I cant give you proper professional feedback. All I can say is that it sounds poetic to me (*⌒∇⌒*)
BubbbleTeaaa #2
Chapter 6: I read a lot of poetry so my standards might be a bit too high . I found the poem decent for an amateur, however, it somehow didn't feel like a poem, more like lyrical prose but keep in mind that's just how I felt, and you should not take it as a fact. Also I'm quite put off by all those big words: wonderous, felicity, emanated,cerulean. I don't like gem, they dont sound beautiful or poetic to me, it sounds like im reading a dictionary, at least in this case. However , it does do a good job of telling a story, a thing most of those tumblr-pseudo-poets lack, they just string some words together and space them like a poem and disregard that those words aren't saying anything, no meaning, no emotion expressed. You did that so kudos. Again, this is just my humble opinion so please don't be offended or discouraged and take everything I sad with a grain of salt.
216 streak #3
Chapter 5: Can they get anymore cuter ohgodd
85 streak #4
Chapter 4: Aaaweeeeeee this is soooo cute.
opikonew #5
Chapter 4: cutieee :* kaihun such a pinky pinky lovers, long last yaaaaaaaa :))
jambydsy #6
Chapter 2: Sulky kai is cute
jambydsy #7
Chapter 3: Aaaawww poor chanyeol
I hope he will be together with luhan haha
jambydsy #8
Chapter 4: Hahhaa I love jealous sehun
But jelly Kai is better kkk
Chapter 4: First its Chanyeol then Jenny xD
CuTAEpie #10
Chapter 4: Teeehee jealous sehun so cuuuute :3