Sugar-coated Drabbles

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Kai wants it to be sweet and romantic..

but Sehun thinks that it's embarrassing. 


Based on this video. 



Just drabbles. Before I get off to bed. *shrugs* 


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opikonew #1
Chapter 4: cutieee :* kaihun such a pinky pinky lovers, long last yaaaaaaaa :))
jambydsy #2
Chapter 2: Sulky kai is cute
jambydsy #3
Chapter 3: Aaaawww poor chanyeol
I hope he will be together with luhan haha
jambydsy #4
Chapter 4: Hahhaa I love jealous sehun
But jelly Kai is better kkk
Chapter 4: First its Chanyeol then Jenny xD
CuTAEpie #6
Chapter 4: Teeehee jealous sehun so cuuuute :3
Chapter 4: Sekai forever omggg cuteee!!
opikonew #8
Chapter 3: next time i'd love to jealous sehun :))
the cutest couple ever :D
Chapter 3: , kai u sure is devil inside huh? Hahahahaaha btw it is hillarious that he is grinning like crazy people just bcoz he wins against chanyeol.