I Am Myth

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  We are the demons only spoken of in nightmares.  We are the soldiers only told in fairytales.  We are the angels told to exist in the heavens.  We are the things of myth and legend.  We are the beings you fear lurk in the shadows.  We are the gods you pray to.  We are everything and we are nothing

  But we are few.

  Those who know of our existence fear us.  We are gods to those that know us.  We are us.

  And I’m going to tell you my story.  Because I am one of us and I will not stay hidden.  I will not keep myself hidden amongst the shadows when I can walk in the light.





Hey Everyone!  Wynter here~  So I'm back with another story.  Another fantasy since I excel at being able to use my imagination and not have restraints about making it seem normal.

I hope this story will be one you will enjoy.  I can't promise that updates will come fast but I will do my best to update as much as I can.

This idea just came to me while sitting and watching TV, so I hope it can ammount into something.


If my story seems like someone elses, it is pure coincidence.  This is completely from my own imagination.

Do not plagiarize!  I work hard to come up with this story and I would appreciate it if no one steals all my hard work.

IAM - Finally updated~
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