Chapter 3

I Am Myth
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  I looked myself in the mirror that rested in front of me.  Tight fitting black jeans graced my slender legs beautifully; a dark purple tank top hugged my torso and showed off my flat stomach.  I slipped a black leather jacket on over top, small studs around the cuff of the sleeve glinting in the sunlight that landed on them.  I slipped my feet into slick combat boots that I laced up.

  “I do not know about this look.”  I spoke to the sales lady standing not far from me.

  “Nonsense, you look stunning in this.”  She gushed as she fixed the collar of the jacket.  “This has been the best out of everything.”

  I could not deny her that point.  Skirts were fine and all but for the chilly weather outside that wasn’t a good idea.  Pastel colors just looked strange with my violet hair, anything that clashed with my hair color just didn’t work.  My only options left at that point were to go with darker colors, mainly black and the odd purple here and there to make it my hair pop.

  “I will take these then.” I told the lady.  I didn’t bother to change into the clothing I came in with.  The black leggings and large sweater were things I have owned for years, they are nothing I really need any longer.  Something new was in order since I was going to begin a new life.

  I was going to live a human life for as long as I could because I could do just that.  Why should I hide in the shadows when I could walk in the light?  I am no different looking than any other human.  Sure my hair is a color that can only be obtained through dye and my eyes glow when I want them to but I can control that.  I am different on the interior not the exterior.  I can go about a normal life during the day and revert to my roots once the sun sets and the shadows cover the city.

  All was left was to set up an human identity and enroll in a school.  It’s time I feel what it is like to live like everyone around me.  It was time I find the boy that brought this all in happening, time I find the boy I saved.

  Leaving the shop I sunk into the nearest alley.  Keeping my back to the opening I tapped into my power, feeling my eyes shine their true color I located the boy I wanted to see.  It wasn’t hard to do to track him, like I tracked and found every voice that called for me it was easy to find my boy since his voice was always filling my mind whenever he spoke to me.

  I vanished from the alley.  Finding him was easy now it was all up to me to get where I wanted and to make up enough lies that the humans would believe me.  That saying I do not need lies, I just need them to cooperate with me which was not hard for me.  I could make any human do what I want, but I won’t abuse said power given to me.  I wasn’t a monster or a demon like so many of them think of us as.

  I silently walked the last few blocks before I stopped in front of a large multi level brick building.  Tall metal fences surrounded the perimeter of the grounds, and the main entrance held open gates to this establishment.  Smiling softly I began to make my way up the paved path way towards the entrance.

  I let my instincts lead me the correct way through the empty hallways.  I kept my eye color in check so it never once shone a shade other than the amber it was whine resting.  I stopped in front of a sign telling the doorway I was in front of led into the main office of this school. 

  Stepping through the threshold I was greeted by an elderly woman with greying hair.  He eyes shone with the brightness she held within herself, “How can I help you sweetie?”  She asked me with her calm, even voice.

  I smiled back in greeting, “I wish to sign up for this school.”

  She looked me up and down, “I’m going to need to see some files.”

  I sighed, humans and their documents.  I never understood while they needed so many pieces of paper detailing their entire lives.  “I will tell you all you need to know.”  I told her, my power flowing through the air between us.

  She just nodded and never spoke a word about files, parents and whatever else these humans had to show.  “What’s your name?”

  “Song Violet.”  I told her.


  How old was the boy I was trying to see?  Seventeen right?  Might as well go with that and see what happens.  “Seventeen.”

  “Can you fill this out before I send you to see the director about course options?”  The lady asked me as she handed me.

  “You do not need any of this from me.”  I told her handing it back blank.

  “You’re right, how silly of me.”  She robotically replied as she took the paper back and typed away on her computer.  “Go to the office down the hallway, the director is ready to see you.”

  “Thank you.”  I beamed as I followed her instructions.

  So maybe I said I wasn’t going to use my powers, yeah that was a little bit of a lie.  My powers are all I know how to use at my disposal and if I get in a tough situation I use them on instinct.  Like now, I need things to go the way I want them so I can make my life here as close to how I want it as I can.

  I knocked on the wooden door.  It was opened by a balding man in his thirties; I already knew I wasn’t going to like him.  The aura about him was as filthy as the human men I found on the streets.

  “I wasn’t informed a new student was transferring here.”

  “Then you were mal informed, since clearly I am here.”  I replied.

  “Well let us get you to your class then, I’m sure you can adjust perfectly fine on your own.”  He moved past me and left his office.

  I shook my head as I followed behind his through the corridors of this building.  He stopped in

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