♫ Melody Of Love ♫


"When words can't speak, Melody will"





Melody Of Love 

Main Characters 

EXO - Byun Baekhyun 

- Handsome and Cute 

- Innocent 

- Love sport 

- Had bestfriends called Kris

- Yu Bi Boyfriend's 

- Follow All His Parents Desire 

- Love to singing 

- Kingka 

- Rich 


Girls' Generation / SNSD - Kim Taeyeon 

- Polite and Innocent 

- Lovely 

- Love to reading and singing 

- Quite 

- Had Bestfriends called Tiffany 

- Beautiful and Adorable 


Korean Female Actor / MC / Model - Lee Yu Bi 

Beautiful and Adorable 

- Rich 

- Playgirl 

- Selfish and Obsessed with Glamour 

- Baekhyun Girlfriend's . 

- Queenka 


EXO - Wu Yi Fan (Kris) 

- Funny and love to laughs

- Cold (fake only) Lol! 

- Care about Baekhyun's -his bestfriends-

- Always positve 

- Love to mess with Jessica His Crush

- Rich 

- Handsome and Tall 

- Kingka 


SNSD - Jessica Jung 

- Beautiful and Adorable 

- Love's and Care's Taeyeon like her own sister's 

- Friends with Yu Bi too 

- Rich 

- Cold 

- Close with Kris and Baekhyun 

- Annoyed with Kris when kris mess with her but the reality  she loves it 

- Queenka




Hello Readers for Melody Of Love . Hani is Here ! :) 

Things I want to say is I made this fanfic specially for Baekyeon / Taengogi Shipper . Like me ^^ ! *Jump*

Next , About Lee Yoo Bi . I made her characters as bad girl for this fanfic . To Lee Yoo Bi Fans please do not misunderstand . Sincerely I am Her Fan too :) . Wanna the reason why I like Yoo Bi ? Just easy to ans if you're her fan . Kindest.  Yup ! She is nice in reality ^^ . I've been watching her moment with Lee Kwangsoo from Running Man Show  . asdfghjkl She is really pretty and didn't even care about face's . I love the way she said that Kwangsoo is handsome even the interviewers said that She had weird Ideal type . She just smiled and nodded . Agree that she had weird Ideal type ? Psshh ... NOT ME . I don't think it's weird Ideal type ^^ . 

Beside that , About Jessica and Kris

Yep I'am KrisSica Shipper ^^ ! Hmmmmmmm .... Well a little .. Hehe .. maybe ...  AM I ? ahhh .. I don't know >_< Lol . 



About It's Mefanfic. I've already read it, *Bows* I found there is many mistakes. no ! Too much mistakes . *Bow again* I'm sorry and by the way  I already writing the fanfic. Hope you guys will enjoy it! ^^ 

Hoit! Ing Ing XD 


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YavBaekyeon #1
Chapter 29: Update Pls
Chapter 29: WOAHHH DAEBAK! Update soon meh unnie?
39baekyeon #3
Chapter 32: So that is what actually happening to taeyeon.
Wow now they're together, they're so cute ^^
Iloveexalot #4
Chapter 32: Aw! How cute!update soon!
Chapter 32: Aaaaarghhhh shock shock shock
And sweeeet xD
Btw its daebak
Jjang authornim...update soon
Daniela_Exotic #6
Chapter 31: Shockk actualized
39baekyeon #7
Chapter 31: What gonna happen next to our baekyeon?? sweet moment maybe?? update soon authornim ^^
Iloveexalot #8
Chapter 25: Hehe! evil jonghyun! xD update soon!
kimtaeun #9
Chapter 24: everyday i open my account and hope you will update soon.
Chapter 23: Too short, authornim :---( I need more baekyeon moment :(( but its ok. I still like ur story ㅋㅋㅋ~