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“Let’s go clubbing!” Ljoe threw himself at the bed, a big smile sprawled on his face.

Hyemi walked out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her body.

She looked at Ljoe and grimaced. “You know I have this weakness to alcohol.”

He gave her an incredulous look. “I didn’t ask for your weakness, I was asking if you wanted to go clubbing. Gee, you are so far out the conversation.”

slightly parted. “Seriously, how dumb are you?”

“Hey! Now you’re talking about another thing! Weird girl.” He raised his hands up in the air, shaking his head. Hyemi could only sigh at her friend’s… uniqueness.


Chen sighed and looked around the room. His friends were all immersed in their own stuff, like how Tao was playing with his wushu swords in the corner, and Xiumin counting the chips.

Sometimes he thought, Damn, I must be the only normal one here.

He shrugged off his thoughts and went back to playing with his toy story figurines.

It was silent for a few minutes except for Chen’s miniature voice and Kai’s constant whining. Finally, Suho spoke first. “What should we do? The annual club trip will be on Monday, so we should at least have fun today.”

“I say we go clubbing.” Kai instantly suggested, a big smile on his face.

Kyungsoo grimaced at the thought. “Or, we could eat out.”

“I say we go to the beach and walk beside the shore.” Tao beamed, but his smile quickly faded. “Oh, wait! I’d rather do that alone.”

Xiumin rolled his eyes. “I like the thought of eating out.”

“Or we could play in an arcade!!!” Chanyeol almost screamed, hi-fiving Sehun in the process. Kai shuddered, looking at Kris, who was his only chance.

“We could go to Kris’ club you know. We won’t have to pay! Come on guys!”

Kris gave Kai an icy look. “Dip.”

“You know, clubbing is fine.” Baekhyun mumbled.

“Please, Hyung.” Kai pleaded like a child. Kris rolled his eyes and looked away. “Fine.”

“Assa! We get to enjoy girls and booze tonight!” Kai happily exclaimed, urging the other boys to be as happy as he is.

“I guess we’re going clubbing, then.” Suho chuckled.

“Great, I’ll call Hyemi.” Luhan interjected before any of the boys could say anything. Lay bit his lip, his brows furrowed. “Does she… go to clubs?”

“Yep.” Luhan mumbled, already scrolling down his phone.

“No, no no!” Sehun exclaimed. “I think it’s best not to invite her.”

Luhan looked up, as well as the other boys. All attention was on the youngest. “…Why?”

“Because she haven’t seen you guys… drunk yet. And pretty much I don’t want to show her. I don’t want to scare Hyemi noona. You guys, no offense, are pretty darn… weird when you get drunk.”

“Hey!” The others echoed in protest.

Sehun flinched. “Sorry, but it’s true. Remember the ‘human candies’ incident? You all ended up buying those inflatable pools and filled it with whip cream!”

“Hey, we added cherries on top!” Xiumin defended.

Sehun gave him the flat look. “And you dived in it, right?”

“Well…” the older ones looked around, sheepish.

Sehun sighed, rolling his eyes. “You guys dived on it ! You were all shouting free limited edition human candies, come and get us ladies! Ew, I don’t want to remind myself.”

“Okay we won’t invite her.” Chen shuddered at the memory.

The other boys nodded, completely agreeing with Chen.


Ljoe winked at the ladies ogling at him. Hyemi shuddered and walked closely beside him. She didn’t really want to go, but Ljoe was threatening to burn all her clothes. She knew it wasn’t possible, but then he started saying all these dumb things it just ticked her off.

Bottomline, she ended up giving in to him.

“Let’s get upstairs. The VIP section is dope.” He shouted over the booming music. She just nodded, scrunching her nose at the smell of alcohol and sweat mixed all together in a pungent scent.

They finally got up, and she almost smiled at how it was much more better compared to the place downstairs. It had more space, and people were lounging in gigantic couches. It looked so comfortable she wanted to lay down on it and sleep.

“I’ll buy us some drinks, Mi. You don’t get to say what you want, I’ll choose.” With that, he sashayed away from her with that arrogant aura of his. She could only grimace. “How did I befriend him anyway?” She whispered to herself as she walked to an empty couch.


“Hi miss, can I buy you a drink?” A tall lean man stood in front of her, smiling with a wineglass in hand. She shook her head immediately. “No, leave me alone.”

“I’m Byunghun’s friend. Lee Chanhee. You know, Chunji….”

“I’m not buying that. I’m fine by myself.” She frowned, and he bit his lip anxiously. “Well, he sent me here to accompany me ‘cause he’s kind of busy there in the counter…”

Hyemi looked past him to the counter, and there was Ljoe flirting with some chick in a short dress. She sighed and looked at the man again who was now tapping his foot shyly. “Fine, but don’t sit too close to me.”

“Actually, we already met. Don’t you remember?” He touched his nape, smiling like a kid. Hyemi’s brows furrowed. He gave her a shy smile. “California?”

“Oh, right! You were Ljoe’s roommate back then! I’m sorry, I completely forgot.”

“You… scared me back there. Are you usually cold to other people? I don’t recall you being like that to me when we first met.”

Hyemi guffawed. It was amusing to hear it from other people. “I was different before. Just being cautious, you know.”

“Well, what you’re doing is quite…”

“Quite what?” She raised a brow, teasing him. He shrugged and bit his lip. “Adorable.”

“Lee Chanhee, are you flirting with me?”

He rolled his eyes. “Still the frankest person I know. Nice to see you again, Mi.”

“Great to see you too, Chanhee. So, is that offer for the drink still open?”

He chuckled and called the waiter for their drinks.


“Hyuuuuung, she’s hot.” Tao elbowed Kris as they passed by the hall of the club. Kris glared at him for a moment. “Could you keep your elbows to yourself? I’m not fond of breaking them now.”

Tao scrunched his nose and moved to Chanyeol’s side. “I don’t like Kris hyung.”

“Who does?” The tall boy cackled, but immediately stopped. “Oops, did he hear me?”

Baekhyun snickered. “You’ll know if he suddenly kicks you from behind.”

“Ow!” Chanyeol screamed.

“Oh, he heard you.” Tao chuckled. Kris smirked.

Kai rolled his eyes at the boys and went back to his search for his date for the night. There were a lot of girls that passed his standards, but his eyes darted to one that was too familiar.

“Isn’t that… Hyemi?” He mumbled, and Lay who was walking beside him heard him too well. Their eyes rounded. “She… drinks?” Lay gaped.

“Ya, Suho hyung, Hyemi’s here!” Chen shouted over the loud music. “And she’s sitting close to a guy!”

Luhan’s ears perked up. “What?! Where?!”

Baekhyun pointed to her direction and Luhan almost ran to her but Sehun held his elbow. “Hyung, where are you going?”

“To Hyemi! Look, that guy is doing something to her!”

Suho chuckled, calming Luhan like a father to his son. “I think I know that guy. That’s Chanhee, Ljoe’s friend from California. He’s friends with Hyemi.”

“Who’s… Chanhee?” Lay asked.

Tao tilted his head to get a better view. “Who again is Ljoe?”

“Come on, let’s leave her to enjoy herself. We have a night to enjoy ourselves too!” Chanyeol screamed and went straight to the bar. Baekhyun, Xiumin, Sehun, Kyungsoo, and Chen followed.

“Let’s say hi, should we?” Kai smirked. Lay nodded and off they went to Hyemi who was laughing hysterically over something Chunji said. His arm was wrapped around her shoulders and she was leaning most of her weight on him. It was unusual for her to be so close to another person other than Suho or Luhan.

Lay was not liking what he was looking at, and so did Luhan, but they kept that to themselves. ]Kris didn’t care at all, but he was observing her. She looks different when she’s happy, he thought. Kai, on the other hand, was nodding like an idiot. He liked seeing her like this. He liked her other sides.

“Oh, Luhan Gege, Gremlin Oppa!” Hyemi’s eyes rounded as her high-pitched voice chimed. The other boys looked at her with awe. She wasn’t particularly the badass Jung Hyemi, she was the waste one.

Luhan chuckled nervously as she struggled to stand up and go to him. As soon as she got to them she hugged both Suho and Luhan tightly, laughing at nothing.

“Princess, are you drunk?” Luhan asked, trying to pull away from her. She fumbled back and blinked a lot before laughing again. “The others are here! Hellooooooo~”

“What did she drink?” Suho whispered to Chunji. He showed him the bottle of vodka and Suho crinkled his nose. Hyemi was not very good with alcohol. It was pretty obvious too.

“Hi noona, I like you right now.” Tao smiled and she danced around him before leaning on his arms. “I like you too, you wushu panda~” To smiled proudly and did a little dance himself.

“Really, how about me?” Kai teased, amused by her actions. Hyemi rolled her eyes and looked at him. “I would like you, if you were not so erted.”

“Hey!” Kai protested, and she laughed again pinching his cheeks. Kai’s eyes rounded and he was unable to react for a few moments.

Lay shook his head. He didn’t like seeing her vulnerable. “Maybe we should take her home.”

“No, I don’t want to!” She pouted and hugged Suho tightly. Kris snickered and rolled his eyes. “Let her be. It’s amusing to see her wasted.”

She turned her head and glared at Kris. “You!” She pointed her finger at him, and he raised a brow. “I don’t like you, at all! You’re mean and just… annoying!” She finished with a burp, and Luhan scrunched his nose with the strong smell of alcohol.

“Come on, Hye. I’ll take you home.” Luhan offered, but she struggled away from him and stumbled into Kris’ chest. He grimaced when she held his arms to support herself. “Get off me, woman.” He grumbled.

The other boys were hiding their amusement.

“Oh, does skinship annoy you, meanie?” She chuckled. Kris held her arms and tried to push her away but she clung on to him like a panda. Kris let out a growl of irritation and let her be. She guffawed lightly and started hiccupping. “You know what, I would like you if not for your grumpy attitude.”

“You are going to regret what you’re doing right now, Jung Hyemi.”

“You are grumpy as hell. No wonder no one likes you.” She hiccupped, and the smell of alcohol bothered Kris more than ever..

He scowled as his jaw clenched. “That’s it! I’ve had enough! Take her away!”

Tao finally erupted with laughter. “But you guys look so cute!”

“Take her away, I’m begging you.” Kris hissed through gritted teeth. Lay quickly held Hyemi’s arms and tried to pull her away. After a few attempts she finally let go and fell on Lay’s arms, unconscious. Suho sighed and lifted her up. “I’m taking her home.”

“But you didn’t bring your car.” Luhan piped.

All the other boys looked at Kris. “We brought your car, and Chanyeol’s.”

“Take Chanyeol’s. Why are you all looking at me?” The dragon scowled.

“Chanyeol’s wasted. Look at them at the bar.” Suh replied innocently.

Kris closed his eyes for a brief moment. “Fine, but if she throws up, I’m throwing her into Han River.”

Luhan and Suho looked at each other. “We’ll come with you.”

“Hey guys, we were just with these hot— woah, what happened here?” Baekhyun looked at the scene, his brows raised. Tao beamed, not yet recovering from his laughter. “Hyemi noona is so cool when she’s drunk, and she clung on to Kris. They looked so cute!”

“She looks… dead to me.” Xiumin mumbled, while Kyungsoo nodded. “You better take her home.”

Chen walked closer and sniffed her clothes. “Oh, vodka. Quite strong.”

“Well I guess she got wasted before you guys. That’s a good thing.” Sehun shrugged, and the older guys just glared at him. He rolled his eyes and sashayed his way back to the bar before someone actually skins him alive.

“Oh god, why is it so hot?!” Hyemi squirmed on Suho’s arms and the latter struggled to keep her up.

Ljoe arrived and just laughed at the scene. “Oh, she got drunk? Doooope! I love Mimi when she's drunk.” He went nearer to her sleeping figure and kissed her cheek. Oh look, my cute little bunny is druuunk!” He hiccuped and stumbled on the couch.

Suho glared at him. “Why did you bring her here, Byunghun?”

“She wanted to…” Ljoe scratched his head, clearly drunk himself.

Chunji got up after remaining silent for a long time. “Actually, I bought her the drinks. It’s my fault, I’m sorry.”

“Dude that’s cool! She rarely drinks. Scoooooore.” Ljoe tapped Chunji’s back, and the latter rolled his eyes. “I guess I have to take him home too.”

“We’ll take Hyemi home, you take that derp home.” Suho nodded and the two guys left, with Ljoe limping and Chunji carrying most of his weight.


“She’s really heavy though…” Suho grumbled, and Lay offered to carry her himself. She clung on to his neck and mumbled incoherent words. The boys decided that Lay, Suho, and Kris were to take her home using Kris’ car.

“Okay, let’s go then.” Suho clapped his hands once.

The boys were about to disperse when Hyemi spoke again in her sleep. “I hate this heat!” She mumbled.

“We need to hurry.” Lay grumbled, still carrying her.

She chuckled in her sleep and clung on to his neck as the boys all walked their own ways. Kris and Suho were walking ahead, while Lay was last, struggling with her weight. She wasn’t that heavy, but it still required some effort and strength.

“This is comfy…” She mumbled as she buried her face on his neck, and he couldn’t help but feel the blood rush to his cheeks. Good thing the other guys were walking ahead. He was about to recover when she felt her lips moving against his neck.

“Goodnight.” She whispered, and that was when he felt the butterflies on his tummy.


Jung Hyemi, what are you doing to me?




meh. hello there.

Happy New Year! 



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