The First Lie, and... a Fanboying Deer?

Silence Is Golden.

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He didn't want anything bad to happen to Taemin, there would be hell to pay if anyone upset or hurt the sweet boy while the Dragon was still around!


Taemin gathered up his stuff, packing up once more and walked out of the class with Tao. Soon he and Tao parted and went their separate ways which immediately left Taemin feeling paranoid and watching over his shoulder. He easily spotted the two boys watching his movements from behind him but for now they didn't seem to do anything, so Taemin kept walking.  But soon he had to stop and look around as he had no idea where he was , though he was lucky as he couldn't see the boys either. He didn't really want to attempt to ask for directions so he followed someone he believed was in his PE lesson the day before.

Kris' eyebrows furrowed a little when he reached the Biology room and found no one in it, looking around before quickly heading towards the health classroom, hoping that Taemin was either already there or on his way. He passed by the two boys, who quickly moved away, but Kris ignored them, too busy searching for Taemin as he started getting worried. "Where are you...?" He asked to himself softly, dodging students here and there before finally reaching the designated Health room and walking in quickly, looking around as noticed he was the first one. As the students started to file in for the class, Kris kept his eyes on the doorway as he stood by his desk, getting more worried as more students filed in, but none were Taemin. "Please... please get here safely..."

Taemin wandered around a little more, starting to feel worried as the corridors became less packed. Finally he found himself on familiar ground and sped towards his class but just before he entered an arm stopped him. Taemin found himself trapped between a wall and body, though he had no idea the name of the person pinning him. 

"You know Kris doesn't really run the whole school right?" 

Taemin kept silent. Maybe this boy disliked Kris for some reason... A power struggle? But it seemed Taemin's silence annoyed the nameless boy and he growled before leaning in even closer to Taemin.  

"We'll get you when you're alone... Watch you back..."

Taemin blinked and the boy smirked. 

"Enjoy class". He said before he walked off. Taemin let out a slightly shaky breath and entered the room. He smiled when he found Kris, walked over to him with a smile and sat down next to him dragging out his notebook.

Kris' eyes went back to the door and relief washed over him when he saw Taemin walked in, but something was wrong... the sweet boy looked a bit shaken up. Kris gently took Taemin's arm and sat him in the desk next to his own. "Taemin... you look kind of pale. Is everything okay?" He asked softly as the class waited for the Health teacher to come in, he was always slightly late, though none of the class seemed to mind. Kris tilted Taemin's face towards his, studying it before sighing softly.

Taemin sat down next to Kris and gave him a small smile. Part of him thought that he should tell Kris who cornered and threatened him but he another part of him didn't. He didn't really need to put his troubles on Kris... if he did that then Kris would be up to his eyes in Taemin problems. Taemin blushed at the hand on his face, trying to avoid looking into Kris' eyes, surely the other would know that something was wrong...

"Did something happen while you were looking for class?" He asked gently before looking to the front when the teacher walked in, then turned his attention back to Taemin. Kris reluctantly turned his complete attention back to the front of the class as the lesson started. Everyone was embarrassed when they found out that they were learning Ed, but it was a part of the course so the complaints fell on deaf ears, though Kris had remained silent. Taemin looked back and forth between the arriving teacher and the notepad placed in front of him, biting his lip. What did he do? 

"Nothing happened. I got a bit lost and I panicked." 

He jotted down. For once he was glad he couldn't speak, if he could there wouldn't have been a way he could have said that without stuttering, not because he was scared of the boy who had cornered him but because he was worried about lying to Kris. He left the note pad to itself and looked ahead, avoiding looking Kris. Kris blinked a little, pursing his lips before looking to the note. However, even though he completely disagreed and knew something was wrong, he also knew that Taemin didn't want to talk about it and nodded reluctantly. "Okay... I believe you," He said with a small, forced smile before looking back to the teacher, looking at his hands for a moment then at the board.

Taemin regretted lying as soon as Kris said that he believed him. Did he really? Somehow Taemin doubted it. But as he saw it, if Taemin couldn't lie to Kris about something small like being cornered in a hallway there was no way he would be able to lie about bigger things... problems.

Class went by too slowly for his liking, he didn't hear a word that was said though. 

Kris' mind screamed that something was wrong thanks to the fact that Taemin was now refusing to look at him, but Kris kept silent for the moment, trying to think of a way to get the sweet boy to tell him what was wrong. Class soon went by surprisingly quickly - at least it felt that way to him - and the bell rang. Taemin was relieved when the bell rang, it was like he had spent the entire lesson tense, but then again... he had. 

Kris got up, smiling softly to Taemin. "Come on, Minnie, you have Music next," He said, leading the way towards the general area of the Art room, since the music room was right across from it. "Here you go," He said before patting the sweet boy's back gently then looking at his own schedule and heading to his Photography class. 
Taemin blinked once he stood up. Minnie? He smiled softly feeling a little tension in him ease up a bit. No one had call him that in a long time, though there was no way for Kris to know that. He followed after Kris as he lead the way to his next class, but he knew that Kris' class wasn't around here. Was he escorting him? As he smiled and waved to Kris as he walked off Taemin began to feel guilty again. He sighed silently and entered Music class.

Kris smiled softly, waving back before going into his Photography class, knowing very well that this class would help out with his and Taemin's project. And maybe he would get better pictures of Taemin in the process! He chuckled to himself before saying hi to his friend Luhan then starting on checking out the cameras and picking one. "This should do good for the project..." He murmured before nodding then getting the permission from the teacher to use the camera.

He spoke with Luhan for a moment before laughing as Luhan remarked seeing 'the cutest person he's ever seen in his life and he just wanted to hug the sweet boy'. When Kris mentioned that it was Taemin, Luhan even squealed about his name being so adorable, though he knew to not do anything too outlandish. Luhan knew that if Kris knew the adorable boy's name, then something must be going on.

Taemin found music class to be a little dull. That coupled with the guilt he was feeling made the class feel like it would go in forever. At least lunch would be soon and eventually the would go home and Taemin would get to be out with Kris. He blushed a little at the thought, keeping his head downward as he took notes. The way Kris had talked about the field almost made it sound romantic, but Taemin had to remind himself that they were only going there for their project. 

Finally the bell rang and Taemin eagerly left the classroom. He knew the way to the cafeteria well enough but he decided to wait on the off, not so off, chance Kris would come looking for him. Besides if Kris did, at least the he wouldn't be caught alone and ambushed.

Kris rubbed the back of his head a little, looking up at the ceiling then back at the board as the teacher continued to write some notes that Kris already knew about. He couldn't help but feel that Taemin was hiding something, but he had to ignore it. If Taemin didn't want to tell him, then there was a good reason for it and Kris wouldn't pry in fear of Taemin distancing himself from the dragon.

Kris got up from his seat as the bell rang and started on his way to the cafeteria before stopped short, turning and heading back to where the music classroom was. Taemin felt a little relieved when he saw Kris come round the corner. For a moment he thought that boy wouldn't turn up, which really would have defeated his goal of not getting caught alone. But he masked any and all relief he felt and just smiled in welcome to Kris. The dragon smiled brightly when he saw Taemin waiting there, walking over and hugging the sweet boy with one arm, the other holding his bag. "You didn't have to wait for me, but... thank you. It feels nice..." He said softly, a blush coming across his cheeks before smiling again. He just shrugged in response to Kris' statement. Even if he wasn't waiting because he might be cornered he still like spending the time with Kris. "Come on, you must be hungry," He said, taking Taemin's hand - trying to look nonchalant about it and failing with the blush on his cheeks - and walking towards the cafeteria, Luhan and Chen quickly following. His smile stayed in place as he walked down the corridors, hand laced with Kris' secretly happy with the other's blush.

"Ah right! Taemin, this is Luhan," Kris said, introducing Taemin to the obviously excited deer boy before laughing and Luhan let out a particularly high-pitched squeal of what could only be described as fanboying before hugging Taemin, his motherly instincts taking over. "Oh my god, you are absolutely adorable! Kris was right, you are just the cutest! Look at your hair, it's so fluffy, and you have the prettiest eyes!" Luhan cooed, causing Kris to blush even harder and clear his throat, and soon enough they continued on their way to the cafeteria. Taemin blinked as he was pulled into a hug, hearing Luhan squeal and feeling a tad confused. As Luhan continued squealing his praise Taemin blushed hard but smiled softly. He didn't think he was that cute... not really. 

He felt a bit better when they were finally in the cafeteria and picking out a table to sit on before they all got filled up. Today, Taemin had his own food. Nothing extravagant but food nonetheless. 

Kris laughed a little as Luhan squeaked about Taemin's blush before shaking his head a little as they reached the cafeteria. He got his food and sat next to Taemin, smiling and placing banana milk next to Taemin's lunch. "I noticed how you like this... and they don't usually have it in this school... so I went and got some from the store close to my house..." He said, blushing again and quietly sipping the cola he had gotten. Taemin blinked as the banana milk was placed in front of him but then his face immediately lit up, proving just how much he loved the stuff. He grinned his thanks to Kris and, ignoring the rest of his lunch went straight for raw drink, poking in the straw and drinking contently. 

Chen and Luhan sat down now, Luhan being more calm than before before grinning. "I was wondering who was making Kris smile so much today! I can tell why too," The deer boy said, his doe-like eyes - which gave him the name deer boy or Bambi - sparkling with happiness before looking to Chen. "So, everyone got a project this morning, right? Chen and I share the same homeroom, so we paired together. We need to write a story, any story," Luhan explained before looking to Kris and Taemin. "So what did you two get, Kris?"

As he drank he listened to Chen and Luhan talk about their project, so they didn't all have to do photography projects? Well he wouldn't have been much help in a verbal presentation, now would he? 

"We got a photography project, which we'll start today after school. You know, the meadow behind the apartment complex I live in?" Kris explained, and Luhan nodded in satisfaction before sipping some water. Kris then turned to Taemin with a bright smile. "You are seriously going to love it there... maybe you'd... I don't know, like to stay over at my house for the night? Get to see tons of fireflies..." He started before clearing his throat nervously. "Um... i-if you want to..." He murmured, mentally cursing his sudden stutter. Taemin smiled softly as Kris all of a sudden became bashful, finding it rather cute, but nodded eagerly at his question. He pulled out his phone and sent Kris a quick text. 

Would I need to go home to get anything?

He wouldn't really need to ask permission from his dad. He probably would only notice when he realised his dinner wasn't prepared.

Kris blinked before jumping as his pocket suddenly vibrated, giving a sheepish grin and a chuckle before checking out the message then grinning at Taemin. "Well, if you want to stay the night, I guess you would need some pajamas and clothes, a toothbrush, and anything else that you'd want to bring," He said after some thought before chuckling. "I would let you borrow some of my clothes, but I think they'd be too big for you." Chen started laughing softly before explaining that he actually imagined Taemin in oversized clothes and that it looked strangely cute and funny.

Taemin thought about it for a moment. He didn't really want to go home... and he definitely did not want to drag Kris the entire way there just to head back out again if he would only be there a few minutes. His house was too far away for that surely..? He began typing on his phone again.

I wouldn't really mind wearing your oversized clothing ^^

Taemin smiled as he sent the text, thinking once again if that field.

Luhan smiled softly before thinking a bit, tilting his head then speaking to Chen about something, which made Chen smile and nod. "I think we have our story idea!" Luhan said happily before continuing to eat, making Kris shake his head and smile at how silly his friends could be sometimes. He realized that the only friends of his that they hadn't met yet were Lay and Xiumin, making him wonder where they were before shrugging a bit then smiling to Taemin. "This is going to be a good day, I can tell." Taemin smiled as well and began eating his lunch, abandoning his banana milk for now to ensure he would have some left when he finished his food before nodding at Kris' statement. He couldn't wait for the school day to end.

Kris smiled as he looked at his phone then nodded, putting it away then patting Taemin's shoulder. "Alright, good! That way we can just head straight from school to my apartment," He explained before going back to his lunch, eating and drinking some of his cola with a sigh, he had forgotten to eat breakfast so this was a relief. He then mentally sorted through the clothes he had, trying to figure out what would fit Taemin the best. His eyebrows furrowed a little before he nodded to himself and went back to eating.

Taemin let out a silent sigh of annoyance when the bell rang signalling the end of lunch. He really had no desire to go back to class but he guess there wasn't really any way around it. Though, the faster school moved, the sooner it would be over... "Come on, Taemin-ah, we have Study Hall again!" Chen said happily before leading the way as Luhan went to his sewing class and Kris went to Drama. Chen sat down in a desk again before pulling out the comic he had started on, already halfway through the first adventure of finding the perfect bottle of everlasting banana milk. He smiled sheepishly at Taemin before chuckling. "It's going to be a comedy comic, but with real life problems, because apparently the preview I made before - with the dogs and introducing them - went over well with kids and adults alike."

Taemin pulled out his notebook, immediately interested in the progress of Chen's comic. He bursted into silent giggles at the story's concept but had to admit the idea of a perfect everlasting bottle of banana milk sounded heavenly. 

It sounds brilliant... though I wouldn't really class searching for magical banana milk as a real life problem

Taemin jotted down in his notebook with an amused smile on his face, showing it to webtoonist.

Chen giggled a little, looking at the note then shrugging a little. "I thought about it for a while, but I could imagine you'd do this if you were able to and if there was a possibility of the Everlasting Bottle of Banana Milk actually existing," He explained, becoming rather amused as well before chuckling and shrugging a little again before adding a few sound effects then nodding in appreciation. "Okay! First chapter sketch is done! I'll scan it at home then digitally work on it," He said proudly, nodding to himself before looking at the time, blinking. Time was going by pretty quickly, just how long had he been sketching?

As the bell rang, Chen smiled at Taemin and got up. "Cooking class time~! Thought we might not be making anything today, sometimes we just take notes," He explained before leading the way out. Kris in the meantime was waiting at the Cooking class door, sporting a small cut on his cheek that he had gotten from admittedly being a little clumsy while opening his locker. He used too much force when opening it, since it was jammed, and it had caught him off-guard as hit him squarely in the cheek. He just rolled his eyes at himself a little with a small grin.

He might have been the Dragon of the school, the student council president, and feared by half of the school, but even he was human and got hurt sometimes.




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