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When a student transfers from California State University to YoonHa International University, he and his friend from Canada didn't expect there to be much different from normal university life. However, what they find is something they didn't prepare for.

Apparently, at this university, Kpop groups and rock bands have a feud.

One says they are better than the other, and soon enough Jae and YoungK find themselves in the crossfire when they decide to walk the path of their idols CNBlue and FT Island... and Jae decides that their group will become YoonHa International University's first-ever Kpop rock band.

Will they succeed, or will being attacked from both sides cause Day6 to crumble out from under Jae's feet despite how hard he's worked?


Jae didn't know what was up or down anymore.

It didn't help that he had just been blindfolded and shoved into what he presumed to be one of the shower stalls of the guy's locker room.

He had been changing from his P.E uniform back into his regular clothes in the locker room after a good game of soccer and badminton when it happened. Panicking, he tried to escape the clutches of the person holding him against the shower wall, but the person holding him down - presumably a male because hey, guy's locker room - was surprisingly strong, with his hands holding the blonde guitarist down by his upper arms. Jae couldn't speak, his mouth didn't want to work, was it due to fear or that fact that he honestly had nothing to say? Nothing like this has ever happened to him back at California State University, so why was it happening now? What did he do to deserve all the attacks he was currently going through?

His own mother, who was still living in Long Beach, California, was becoming worried about his state of mind, for Christ's sake! It was obvious that being called a traitor by the rock bands and a wannabe by the Kpop groups were taking their toll on Jae mentally to the point that the guitarist had started planning on completely disbanding his group Day6 before they even debuted. He's even contemplated suicide due to all the attacks he and his group were receiving, as he thinks it's his fault his friends are going through it as well since Day6 was originally his idea. His mental state wasn't really the best at the moment, what with thinking the attacks were his fault and now about to be assaulted in a shower stall?

'Why even try at all anymore, it'll just get worse... might as well just stop now,' Jae thought to himself, not wanting to put Day6 through more torment.

He decided that after being smacked around he was going to disband the group.

He was just about to give in to the beating he was more than likely going to receive when he was surprised by a hand touching his cheek, eyes widening beneath the blindfold as he froze completely. He wanted to ask what was going on, but his voice was stuck in his throat as the hand traced down his jaw to his neck, to where the angry red mark of a failed suicide attempt was, though he had desperately tried to hide it. Jae suddenly felt extremely ashamed that this total stranger had seen something so personal about him that not even the his best friend YoungK knew about.

He just wanted this embarrassment to be over with, for the fists to come, when something happened that had all thoughts stop.

Lips pressed to his own gently, causing his heart to skip a beat. He didn't know why, but for a moment...

Jae actually felt like he was...

Worth something.

Didn't that create a dilemma for the poor boy's already fractured mind, being called useless but feeling like he was worth something to one stranger?

Now he wasn't so sure disbanding the group was such a good idea. They still haven't debuted at all, and he would be crushing not only his own dreams that he had worked so hard for, but the dreams of the rest of the group who had worked just as hard as well! He pulled off the blindfold only to find himself alone in the shower stall, blinking before heading out, grabbing his guitar, and heading to the cafeteria.

Sitting down with the rest of his group and pulling out a box of Mexicana's Fruit Chicken, he took a deep breath and looked to the other members. "Alright guys, I have an idea. We all need to contribute to a song, from the name to the lyrics, to the music. It's time that we stop hiding and fight back, not physically, but we need to show them that we aren't just cowards who would disband just because people don't like us," Jae said to grins and small cheers from the other Day6 members. He then picked up a piece of chicken and held it high in the air.

"Time to think of a debut song that'll knock everyone's socks off and show that a Kpop rock band can make it in this school!"

And with that, he bit into the melon chicken.


Main Characters








Park Jae Hyung, 'Jae'
- Korean-America
- Born in Argentina, though moved to Long Beach, CA
  when he was 5 years old
- Former student at California State University, but
  transferred to YoonHa International University in
  Seoul, South Korea
- Guitarist, Vocals, Rap of Kpop rookie band Day6
- Original creator of Day6, though chose Sungjin as leader
  as Sungjin was more mature and seemed like a
  natural choice
- Has a slight obsession with chicken

Byun Baekhyun
- Korean
- Born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
- Student of YoonHa Intentional University
- Main Vocalist of Kingka group EXO
- Did not acutally care about the feud between
Kpop groups and rock bands until EXO was
dragged into it by Austrailian rock band Five
Seconds of Summer who were also attending

- Has a nickname of 'Bacon' that only other
EXO members can call him

Other characters
Various Kpop groups
Various other bands


(( Author's Note: In this story, Baekhyun is going to be top. I had this all planned out in my mind yesterday that Chanyeol was going to be the main guy but then EXO's 'Monster' started playing and I remember how freaking cool Baekhyun looked and how... I don't know, dark and y he looked, and all of a sudden Chanyeol was replaced by our lovely Bacon.

So our main pairing is BaekJae (Baekhyun x Jae) and our main side pairing is... still a work in progress, but will involve YoungK and an EXO member.

There will also be many mini-side pairings. Who will get together with who? Only time will tell... and me. XD. I'll tell when.

Anyway, hope to get this up off the ground soon and I hope you guys enjoy the Foreword~! ))

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