The First Kiss, Meadows, and Giggles.

Silence Is Golden.

He might have been the Dragon of the school, the student council president, and feared by half of the school, but even he was human and got hurt sometimes.


Taemin let out another silent laugh and nodded he would definitely want an everlasting bottle of banana milk. He almost went into a daydream but shook himself out of it. 

"You have to show me the finished comic!" Taemin jotted down, and he meant it. He loved the idea of the comic, banana milk and all, and hoped that it got lots of popularity. 

As the class went by Taemin began alternating between doodling and homework so that it was out of the way. In a way he was kind of happy when it was over. He initially perked up at the idea of cooking class but then slumped when Chen said that they would probably not be cooking anything. Not to mention that the class would be in Chinese so he would struggle to keep up. But either way he sighed and stood up with the rest of the class when the bell rang. 

He was happy he would be able to see Kris again, though he was glad he couldn't admit that out loud because if he did then he probably wouldn't stop blushing for an hour. 

He walked down the corridors happily with Chen thinking about nothing in particular, until he saw Kris outside of the classroom and waved. He frowned when he saw the cut on his cheek and instantly thought that someone must have hurt Kris somehow, but he didn't have his notepad out at the moment to ask about it. So instead, he just raised a gentle hand to ran his thumb lightly over the cut, like he had done with the bruise. As he inspected it, he deemed Kris lucky that it didn't seem too bad. 

Kris blinked a little before chuckling as he saw Taemin before blushing softly as the sweet boy checked on his injury. It didn't hurt anymore, thank goodness, and he gave Chen and Taemin a sheepish grin before going into the classroom and sitting at one of the round tables. "You won't believe it, but this cut? Got it from my locker of all things," He explained, almost making Chen choke on air in his surprise before laughing. "Oh my god, Kris, your locker? What in the world happened?" The clearly amused webtoonist asked, still grinning like a derp as Kris shook his head, grinning as well at the sheer ridiculousness.

Taemin followed the others into the classroom and began silently laughing at Chen's reaction to Kris' story. Though he had to admit that he also found it rather funny, but at least Kris had only gotten it from a locker and not from fighting or something, knowing that people were tailing him. Taemin was glad no one was bothering Kris.

"Seems silly, right? Well, my locker was jammed, and I think I pulled it too hard because it swung out and caught me off-guard, giving me this," He explained again before patting Taemin's shoulder. Taemin would have to remember not to try to force his own locker open like that if it ever got jammed. Feeling a little devious he decided to jot down something on a piece of paper from his notebook and slid it across to Kris, trying not to let Chen see. 

Do you want me to kiss it better?

Kris smiled a little before blinking, looking to the note before blushing deeply, looking to Taemin with slightly wide eyes then pursing his lips, thoughts suddenly running around his mind. He took a piece of paper and wrote a small note himself, making sure that Chen nor the teacher could see as he passed it over to the sweet boy across from him.

Only if you want to... and after school.

With that, he handed Taemin the note then smiled to the sweet boy as the class officially started. "I'll write my notes in Chinese on one paper, but in Korean on another paper for you to copy, okay? Then, when class is over, I'll show you to my house... well, more like apartment." Kris had nearly forgotten that Taemin was going to be spending the night, his heart suddenly giving a hard thump, but he couldn't do much as the teacher walked in, and he started writing down his notes. Like he said, he translated what the teacher was saying into Korean on another piece of paper, smiling softly.

Immediately Taemin began to pay "attention" to the class, trying not to think too hard on what he'd written on the paper but nodded after Kris had finished speaking, glad because it was the last lesson of the day and he wouldn't have to struggle too much to understand everything. When He finally noticed that Kris had given him a note as well, Taemin hesitated for a second before opening it. When he read the words he both blushed and smiled. Maybe tonight might be better than he first thought? 

He continued to jot down the the notes in Korean, more on auto pilot than actually focusing on what he was writing down. He was thankful that Kris was willing to write down the notes in two languages. 

He raised an eyebrow at Taemin with a small grin before continuing to write the notes that the teacher was saying, not forgetting to write them in Korean as well for Taemin. Soon enough, the bell rang for the class to end and he smiled softly and closed his notebook, getting up and bidding goodbye to Chen, who had to leave quickly to go shopping because his mother had broken her leg earlier in the week before smiling brightly at Taemin. Taemin also waved goodbye to Chen. "Come on, Tae, let's go. My apartment is pretty close by, we can just walk there." Kris then started to lead the way to his apartment, literally within a 2 minute walking distance before opening the door and showing Taemin inside. "Sorry for how small it is. Only I live here." 

Taemin walked into Kris' apartment, still with a smile and shrugged to say that it was fine. He didn't mind the size of the apartment, it wasn't like his was much bigger.

Kris smiled in relief, at least Taemin didn't hate his apartment, turning on the lights and making sure that the place was clean. It was a good thing that he liked to keep the place fairly neat before smiling to Taemin again. "Welcome to my apartment. Make yourself at home, and if you feel hungry or thirsty, the kitchen is right over here," He explained, showing Taemin the fairly nice kitchen before walking in and getting some water for himself, sipping it and leaning against the counter. Taemin wandered into Kris' apartment and began looking around with a soft smile on his face. It already felt more homely than his own home!

"There's also some banana milk in the fridge right over here, if you would like some?" The Dragon suggested, sipping more water then grinning. "We'll see the meadow in a little bit, I want you to get used to being here first. Okay?" He asked before placing the camera that they were going to use on the kitchen table and finishing half the bottle of water, sighing in content. Taemin immediately nodded when Kris mentioned his banana milk. Seriously that stuff and his love for it would get him into trouble one day. He walked over to the fridge as Kris had said and sheepishly took out a banana milk before going over to stand next to Kris and giving him a smile to say thank you, holding his gaze for a moment longer before looking down and poking the straw into the bottle and drinking it contently. 

Kris chuckled a little before sitting down in one of the chairs at the table, thinking for a moment before remembering something and looking to Taemin then feeling the cut on his cheek. "Umm... Taemin? I think the cut's starting to hurt a little..." He said softly, touching the cut before wincing in pulling his hand away in surprise, it actually did hurt. Maybe Kris was just too oblivious to some things, but he looked back to Taemin with a small blush. "Do you think, um... do you think you could make it feel better?" He asked softly, catching the sweet boy's gaze before looking away and staring at his water bottle, cheeks slowly turning red. Taemin has done things to him, and Kris still had to figure out what what he was truly feeling.

Taemin's eyes followed Kris as he went to sit down and blushed as he mentioned the cut on his cheek, remembering the note he had given Kris not too long ago. Sure he had been brave enough to write the note but now he felt a bit bashful and could feel his cheeks burning. But Taemin smiled and bit his lip, nodding when Kris asked if he could make it feel better with a shy smile. 

As Taemin's heart thudded in his chest he walked over to Kris and sat down next to him. Slowly he let his finger tips graze over the cut gently whilst his eyes traced over it. It looked a little sore but he hoped he didn't irritate it at all. He moved his hand to rest lightly on Kris' shoulder, he lent forward and placed his lips gently on the cut, applying a small amount of pressure so not to hurt the cut before drawing back slightly, eyes slightly downcast as he cheeks flared and his heart raced, but a small smile stayed on his lips.

Kris smiled softly, blushing as well when he felt surprisingly soft lips on his cut, turning his head when Taemin moved away, only to realize how close they really were, breath catching in his throat. He gazed at Taemin for a moment, heart pounding in his ears as an unknown feeling rose up in him, causing him to gulp as his gaze when to Taemin's lips. He took a deep breath to steady himself, but only found his hand cupping the sweet boy's chin and tilting his face towards the dragon's. His thumb traced over Taemin's lower lip.

When Taemin felt the hand on his chin his eyes snapped up to Kris' face watching Kris watch him. It felt like his heart was in his throat and that time was moving slower for a moment as he waited for something to happen. As Kris' face got closer to his his heartbeat quickened making Taemin feel both excited and nervous at the same time, almost wondering if he was off in a daydream and any moment he would snap back into reality. 

Before he realized what was happening, Kris had murmured a soft - but genuine - apology before leaning towards Taemin, pressing his lips to the sweet boy's soft ones. The jolt that went through his body was enough to snap him out of it, pulling away before looking away, embarrassed at what he just did. "I'm sorry, Taemin... I really am! I... I don't know what came over me. I shouldn't have... I just... I don't know," He murmured gently, placing his face into his hand, hoping that Taemin didn't hate him now.

A feeling that Taemin couldn't name raced though his body when their lips finally touched, something akin to electricity but no where near as deadly, but the soft kiss seemed to end almost as soon as it began and Taemin was left blinking in confusion as he listened to Kris apologize. It took a moment for Taemin to understand why Kris was apologizing, or more accurately, why Kris thought he had to apologize.

Well, Taemin would change that. 

He looked at the boy with his face in his hands and smiled softly before leaning over and gently prying Kris' hands away from his face. It was at times like this that he wished he could speak again and verbally tell Kris that everything was okay. It was though that actions spoke louder than words sometimes so Taemin hoped that it would ring true now. 

Kris blinked a little, eyes moving to Taemin's when his hand was pried away from his face, confusion flickering in his eyes before seeing something in Taemin's eyes that made his heart start racing again. It was... some form of determination. Taemin then reached forward and trailed his finger down the side of Kris face before resting his palm on Kris' cheek, smiling softly the entire time trying to tell him that he didn't need to say sorry, and trying to hide how nervous he felt at the same time. Kris closed his eyes gently at the feeling of the sweet boy's finger then his hand against his cheek, letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding. He hesitated before opening his eyes again, eyes locking onto Taemin's. Once he had found and held eye contact with the boy for a moment, Taemin slowly leant himself forward and re-initiated the kiss, happy to feel that spark run through him again. 

This time, instead of pulling away, the jolt had made Kris bolder, gently wrapping one arm around Taemin's waist, pulling him closer as his other hand rested at the back of Taemin's neck, gently deepening the kiss. A small shiver ran down his spine and he wondered vaguely about what that was. His fingers curled into the boy's soft locks before slowly pulling away in order to breath, gazing at Taemin's sweet face. He hadn't even noticed that when the second kiss had started, they had stood, but here they were now, Kris' arms wrapped around the boy who had been occupying his thoughts since the first day they met. 

That feeling continued to run around Taemin's body as they kissed, making him feel jittery, almost as if he were shaking. 

"Taemin-ah..." The Dragon murmured softly, deep voice tender before kissing the boy for a third time, more gently this time as he wondered if this was what it felt like to be in love.

Another spark flew through Taemin as Kris' voice slipped out his name and once again, he wished that his voice had never left him. When their lips connected again, Taemin looped his arms around Kris' neck, playing gently with the other's hair. This kiss seemed so much lighter, slower but not in anyway less powerful. It made his knees weak and his heart pound so hard it was almost painful. He felt so amazingly full, with what he couldn't quite explain but he felt overwhelmingly happy. 

Once the need to breathe once again raised it's head Taemin pulled back gently but didn't go far and didn't let his arms drop from around Kris. Instead he let out a small silent giggle and pecked Kris on the nose before resting their foreheads together a smile stuck, seemingly permanently, to his face.   

Kris breathed softly as the kiss ended, smiling as he pressed his forehead back against Taemin's, enjoying the closeness between them before noticing something that made him blink. "Taemin... are you okay? You're trembling..." He murmured as he felt the boy's body quivering slightly against him, wrapping his arms around Taemin, murmuring to him as he tried to get Taemin to calm down. He wondered if it was because of the kiss, perhaps? If the jolt Kris felt was strong, how strong was it for Taemin?

Taemin chuckled soundlessly and nodded happily. What he was feeling was overwhelming but not in a bad way. He felt happier than he had done in year, it was almost surreal. As Kris embraced him he rested his head on the other's shoulder smiling to himself. He felt so safe here, in Kris' arms, like the rest of the world didn't exist, it didn't take long to calm down enough to stop shivering. He was tempted to act as if he still was though to be able to stay in the same position longer.

He rubbed over the sweet boy's back gently before looking at the time, smiling softly then nodding. "Come on... it's time to show you the meadow..." He said softly, taking Taemin's hand in one hand and the camera in the other before leading him outside then behind the apartment, down a small trail, then smiling as they stopped right at the start of the meadow. "Welcome to Flower Sea Meadow, Taemin."

Taemin followed after Kris as he announced that it was time to see the meadow. To be honest he'd almost forgotten about that... but then he'd almost forgotten about everything in the last few minutes. It seemed like he was in a bit of a daze but snapped out of it when they reached the Flower sea Meadow. A smile spread over his face, it was beautiful. He wandered forward as his eyes tried to take in everything he saw. The sun was setting staining the sky various colors... it was amazing and when it finally became dark and the fireflies were out it would probably be breath taking.   

Kris smiled brightly before backing away a little and turning the camera on, taking a few pictures as a breeze ruffled Taemin's hair, smiling before looking up as the sun finally started to set. It took about an hour, but soon enough he spotted a small flash of yellow in the distance, then another. Soon enough, the whole meadow was alight with fireflies, and Kris took more pictures before smiling and standing next to Taemin. "Beautiful, isn't it?" He asked softly before gently taking the boy's small hand into his own, larger hand. "But not as beautiful as you..." He murmured.

As the the time passed, Taemin played with the flowers, waiting for the sun to set. It really was a beautiful place. When the sky finally lit up with fireflies Taemin couldn't help but stare. It was gorgeous. He stood their awed for a moment, had he been able to speak, surely he would be speechless! He nodded to Kris' statement it really was beautiful but blushed, biting his lip to keep away a grin as he heard Kris murmur the compliment. As Kris continued to take photographs, Taemin watched him, admiring the way he moved, the immoveable smile still in place. Kris may have said that he was beautiful but Taemin couldn't help but think that Kris had a certain beauty to him as well. 

He went back to taking more pictures after a bit, even managing to get a few good pictures of the moon before smiling and ruffling Taemin's hair. "Come on, it's getting late and cold," He said, leading them back indoors. Taemin almost pouted as he was led back in doors, wishing to stay out longer, but he guessed there would be no point getting ill from being out too long. In fact he didn't even know how cold it was until they were int the warmth of indoors. Kris chuckled before pulling out a shirt and pajama pants and handing them to Taemin. "If you want, you can use the shower," He said with a light smile before heading into his room to get changed. He really didn't like to stay in an outfit for too long, so he pulled on some sweatpants before blinking then looking around, he could have sworn that he had a shirt somewhere!

He kept the shower fairly quick and tried to keep his hair dry, using the soap he found in the room to clean himself. Once clean he dried himself and changed into the clothes that Kris had given him. The clothes really were too big for him, he had to roll up the bottom on the trousers and the top practically hung off a shoulder but he didn't mind, and the clothing smelled like Kris so he definitely wouldn't complain. 

Now dressed he headed through the house until he found Kris and stood in the door way as he watched Kris looking for the shirt. He had to admit it wasn't a bad sight, Kris topless...

Kris turned, blinking before snorting as he saw Taemin his his way-too-oversized shirt, laughing before shaking his head. "I look like I gave you a tent to wear. Come here, let's find a smaller shirt. I have one somewhere..." He muttered, gently pulling Taemin into his room and continuing his search for a shirt for Taemin, forgetting that he in fact was the one that needed a shirt. He turned back to Taemin was a helpless expression, rubbing the back of his neck, looking around before finally finding something on the top of his dresser and pulling it down before tossing it and continuing to look. 

Taemin shrugged at the comment about the shirt. He didn't mind really, at least it would be comfortable to sleep in, but if Kris was determined to find him a smaller shirt he didn't mind too much. He had to admit watching Kris wander around topless and confused was quite amusing and he couldn't stop the giggle that escaped him. 

"Here we are! It's too small to fit me now, but I think it would be perfect on you," Kris said after finally finding the right shirt, tilting his head as he spotted the revealed shoulder and blushing before rolling his eyes at himself, they were both males for Shisus' sake! He pulled Taemin's shirt off before remembering that there were scars, pursing his lips as he was able to get a full view of them before shaking his head and pulling Taemin into a hug, placing his chin on top of Taemin's fluffy hair. "Who would do something this horrible to you...?" He murmured, his fingers tracing along one of the scars on the sweet boy's back carefully, almost afraid as if they still caused Taemin pain.

To be honest, Taemin was becoming so comfortable around Kris he actually had forgotten about his scars, at least for the moment. He definitely wasn't expecting Kris to lift the top off him and he rapidly tried to move away or cover or hide himself, but as soon as he was pulled into the hug Taemin relaxed. Maybe it wasn't so bad to show the scars to someone... though that wouldn't change the fact that he found them horrible to look at. He let a sad sigh as Kris traced the scars, thinking about how he had got them and the death of his mother, eyes firmly fixed to the ground for the moment. Though no one had directly given him the scars he was glad that Kris felt protective of him... was that selfish? His eyes gently fluttered closed when he felt the gentle lips on his forehead and the fingers on his cheek, relishing in the warmth that radiated off Kris' body. He gave the boy a small sad smile. He didn't mind telling Kris about how got his scars and how he lost his voice... it was the aftermath; his brother falling out with his dad, his dad becoming a drunk and the physical abuse Taemin met at his hands afterwards that no one knew about... and it was those things he wasn't willing to tell anyone, not even Kris... yet, especially since it still happened. He reached up and placed a hand on Kris cheek and placed a gentle kiss on his lips before wrapping his arms around Kris and burying his head under the boy's chin almost in an apology. Again he wished he could speak but wishing for something didn't make it happen... 

Kris had gotten good at reading people's faces, and that sad smile had him nodding in understanding. "Maybe one day..." He said, placing his chin on top of Taemin's head and rocking the boy softly before looking to the time then just ignoring it. He pulled away from Taemin and gave him an encouraging smile before raising his eyebrow a little then handing him the shirt, chuckling. "I think I made myself look like a fool looking for this thing, put it on already. I guess I must have looked really funny, wandering around with no shirt on and looking like a lost person in my own room. I heard you giggling behind me," He said, amused himself and was about to grab something when he stopped, blinking then looking to Taemin, surprise written all over his face.

"I... I heard you giggling? I heard you giggling!" He suddenly realized, the thought hitting him like a ton of bricks before smiling brightly and hugging the sweet boy close, kissing him happily then spinning him in his arms.  Kris' realization hit Taemin he stopped and blinked before a smile grew over his face. Maybe his voice wasn't gone forever! He felt so happy and so light, grinning as he was swept int Kris' embrace once more, the sheer happiness radiating from Kris making Taemin all the more happy. More silent giggles left him as he was kissed and spun, picked up and nuzzled, it made his head spin, in a good fuzzy way.

He felt determined to get his voice back again, if not for himself, then... f
or Kris. 


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