The Mushroom meets the Dragon

Silence Is Golden.

Kris sighed for the umpteenth time, facepalming at how stupid some of this fellow classmates can be. Wu Yifan, or Kris as everyone seemed to like to call him these days, sat in his Homeroom, trying to pay attention to the teacher before shooting a heated glare at the loud annoying twitheads that were yapping away towards the back. Upon noticing who was burning a hole in the backs of their heads, they instantly went silent as Kris turned back to the front, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He didn't even know how the teacher put up with the amount of morons in this high school. 

He hated how most of the time, they didn't even show up to class, and Kris felt like the teachers felt responsible when it was really the idiotic students who were at fault. He bit the inside of his cheek before remembering that they were getting a transfer student from South Korea. He pitied the transfer student already, having to move to a Chinese school where it seemed like everyone did what they wanted. He facepalmed before looking out the window, looking like he was glaring at nothing.

Taemin sighed softly as he stood in the main office of Shanghai High School. The receptionist annoyed him a lot, she had taken one look at the letter he'd given her and that inevitable look of sympathy spread over her face. Whilst he sat, waiting to be given his time table and be shown to his homeroom she was now running around babying him. He may not be able to speak but that was no reason to treat him like he was terminally ill!

But then, he had gotten used to it. People would go on about what a crime it was that such a young talented boy like him had been scarred and lost his voice at such a young age, but it wasn't like their words were going to change that, so why make a fuss of the matter every time Taemin appeared? Finally he was escorted to his home room, noticing how numerous eyes seemed to fall on him as he did. Unsurprisingly he felt very out of place...

Kris's eyebrows furrowed a little when silence enveloped the class, and he looked up before sitting up straighter at the sight of the new student. That boy looked too pure to be in this place, but then again he couldn't really change the course of time. He looked to the teacher as she continued speaking before studying the boy a little, Taemin. Perhaps this wouldn't be too bad, Taemin looked like a pretty good kid.

"Class, this is Lee Taemin, our transfer student from South Korea. I hope all of you will look after him through the coming year!" The teacher addressed the class. The lack of acknowledgement from the students worried Taemin slightly, who shifted nevously from one foot to the other. "For now, Taemin, take a seat next to... YiFan," She said eventually, pointing towards the said boy before ushering Taemin towards the seats. Why hadn't she told them that he was a mute? Maybe she was trying to spare him ridicule or something, but the chances of him being left alone were slim. He's never really learnt sign language so most of the time he carried a small pad around with him and a pen behind his ear.

Slowly he made his way towards the for no assigned seat and sat down, offering the boy next to him a weak smile.
Kris debated whether or not to say hello, but then he decided that introducing himself would be best. "Hey... I'm Wu YiFan, but everyone around here calls me Kris," He said, hoping that Taemin wouldn't be intimidated by his deep voice. He waited patiently for an answer, rubbing the back of his head a little. Why did it feel so awkward suddenly when he was talking to Taemin?

Taemin sat feeling rather awkward himself. Eyes were still on him, he could feel that, but then he was new, he was bound to attract attention for a while. He just had to bare through it, so he smiled back at the boy next to him. Should he indicate somehow that he was mute? Maybe he would just pick on him for it... wouldn't be the first time. Besides, his notepad was in his bag and he didn't feel like rummaging around for it. 

So instead he just nodded to the boy who called himself Kris, his smile widening with the fact that Kris had actually introduced himself rather than ignore him. He felt bad that he couldn't do the same back, he just hoped the other wouldn't pull him up on it...

Kris blinked a little when he received just an nod, raising an eyebrow for a moment but then just chalked it up to the boy being shy. However, as the class started, he noticed different things about the boy that made him start to boil a little inside. No one had really ever not said something to Kris, they always replied when he introduced himself, so why should it change now?

His jaw clenched as his gaze went to the board, watching as the teacher wrote down things then asked questions. Whenever others were called on, they stood up and answered, and Kris tried to calm himself down. As class continued, Kris kept an eye on Taemin while taking notes, his jaw still clenched tight.
Taemin silently sighed as he took notes quickly becoming bored with the lesson, as he did in most lessons. He couldn't help it, classes were just so dull, who'd want to be taking notes when he could be of dancing or playing? It seemed pointless. He already knew the teacher wouldn't call on him to answer anything and as long as it looked like he was doing work, hopefully, she wouldn't bother him at all. 

Without drawing attention to himself he managed to pry his note pad out of his bag. The entire book was covered with sentences of little relevance and would make absolutely no sense to someone other then him. It basically just covered with his replies to conversations, some neatly written, some scribbled, most not actually on the lines provided on the paper.  But ignoring all that he flipped to a semi blank page and began doodling keeping an ear out for the teacher.
Kris rolled his eyes, not another one of those people who didn't care. He would talk to Taemin about this, there was a reason why he was known as the Dragon of the school; he was the president of the school council, and it really pissed him off when someone was doing other things than paying attention and learning like they were supposed to! He took a deep breath to calm himself.

When he peeked over at Taemin again, his nerves shot up again when he saw the boy doodling instead of taking notes. Doodling! He pinched the bridge of his nose and, as the bell rung for the next class, he grabbed Taemin's wrist. "We need to talk," He said, not waiting for Taemin's answer, if he was going to get one. He kept the boy until the whole class and the teacher were gone before turning on Taemin, getting out of his seat and standing at full height. "If there's one thing I cannot stand, it is a student who does not participate. What's your reason?" Kris demanded, making sure to stand in between Taemin and the door, in case the boy tried to escape.

Taemin had been very eager to leave with the rest when the bell had gone but then began to panic when Kris held him back. Now that they were one on one the other looked rather intimidating and Taemin began to get nervous. 

He was expecting to be bullied, taunted, or something to that effect but was left rather stunned when he realized that instead he was being told off... by a student! It felt rather surreal. However, having already packed his stuff away, notepad in his bag and pen behind his ear he was at a loss of what to do, he certainly didn't want to anger the other even if his intentions were good...

He settled for just holding his hands up as a sign of surrender and apology... though he knew it wouldn't be enough.
Kris blinked then groaned and rubbed a hand over his face, this boy was proving to be difficult. What was so hard about giving a simple answer to why? Kris ran a hand through his hair before suddenly a thought occurred to him that made him blink then curse to himself. He pulled out a notebook and a pen before placing it onto Taemin's desk. He didn't want to believe it, but he had to check.

"There. Now write out why," He said simply, gesturing to the paper and pen before leaning against a desk, watching the boy intently. "You already knew that I wasn't going to accept your hand gestures, so this is the next best thing," He explained, running another hand through his hair in an attempt to calm down.
When Kris groaned, Taemin had to admit he felt bad, but it wasn't like there was much he could do. He had never really been the type of person to be overly interested in school. Since he had lost his voice he'd found very little reason to go out anywhere and because he and his father kept moving he didn't really make many friends. While that upset him somewhat, it allowed him to keep his grades fairly good.

He blinked as he saw pen and paper before look back at Kris. "Well I wasn't expecting that..." He thought to himself, pursing his lips a little. Either way he reached for the pad, ignoring the pen and instead grabbed the one behind his ear, jotting his reply down and handing it back to Kris, still worried about getting on the other's bad side. 

"I'm sorry... I find it hard to concentrate in a classroom. I didn't mean to offend you or anything. Besides, I've just moved, my head's not really here..."

He had been planning to wait for the other's reply but a middle aged man walked into the room dropping his stuff onto the desk. "Don't you boys have classes to go to?" Taemin just bowed slightly to the teacher. He looked back at Kris before walking out into the corridor with his timetable in hand. Now he was probably going to be late, and he had no idea where he was going.

Kris had looked to the paper, reading over it before calming down a little and nodding. "Alright, but if you need any help just talk to me," He said, putting the paper into his folder before looking to the door and bowing to the teacher. "Apologies, I was just talking to the transfer student," Kris said before following Taemin out then taking the timetable and looking over it, looking for Taemin's next class.

"Good thing they translated this for you, it's difficult reading Chinese," Kris said before looking back to the paper in his hand. "Looks like you have Art next. Follow me, I know where it is." Kris led the boy through hallway after hallway before getting to the class and opening the door. "My apologies for interrupting the class, Ms. Feng, but I have Lee Taemin with me. I needed to talk wit him and I kept him for too long," He explained and Ms. Feng said that she didn't mind and welcomed Taemin into the class with a wide smile. "Taemin, I'll be in the class across the hall, Music, if you need anything," Kris said before bowing to the teacher and heading to his own class.

Taemin jumped when the paper was taken out of his hands, whipping his head round to find Kris. He was thankful to the other boy and because annoyed with himself that he couldn't properly express it. Maybe he should learn sign language... but then realized, as he'd done in the past that it would be pointless because everyone he would want to talk to would also have to learn it.

He followed Kris silently, as usual, to the art department. At least it would be a lesson he enjoyed. He bowed to the teacher, she seemed to be another one full of sympathetic looks which she thought was kind but were just demeaning. Did all his teachers know he couldn't talk? He watched Kris leave the room, biting his lip. He felt like he owed the boy a better apology for some reason... but that would come later he figured. 

He quickly found art to be rather nice... shame the people in it weren't. He was expecting to be left alone but somehow he seemed to attract the attention of a group of built boys. Realizing this could only lead to trouble, Taemin quickly tried to explain his silence to them, practically telling them with his gestures that he couldn't speak but they seemed just as dumb and prone to violence as they were big. When they left the classrooms again Taemin's hair was wet from the dirty water in the paintbrush pots being poured over his head. He was rather annoyed by the fact he'd managed to run into the school bullies almost straight away but he'd had worse. He could deal with his hair a bit in the toilets, which was where he was headed, but his clothes would have to wait.

Kris sighed with a smile, Music class was pretty good, and he rubbed the back of his head when the teacher complimented him on his rapping yet again. His mind went back to Taemin though, and he wondered how the boy was doing. Art was a good subject he know, but the oddest of people sometimes found their way there, and he bit the inside of his cheek a little before running a hand through his hair again as the bell rang a little later than usual due to a malfunction.
As the students left, Kris left the Music room as well and blinked when he saw Taemin... wet? His eyes immediately narrowed and walked faster, taking Taemin's wrist and pulling him into the bathroom. Having just left an encounter with the resident school dickheads, when Taemin's wrist was grabbed for the second time that day he almost yanked it back. He relaxed a bit when he saw who it was, though he still didn't like the idea of being dragged off somewhere. Kris looked over him and wrinkled his nose as the smell of paint-tainted water hit his senses. "Ugh, what happened to you?" He asked, pulling out a towel from under the sink before starting to dry Taemin's hair, then looking at his clothes before tilting the boy's face to look at him directly. There was no way he'd do this to himself, so...

"Who did this to you?"

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