Chapter 5

Three's A Crowd?



I watched the clock tick through the seconds and wanted to pull my hair out in frustration. This has got to be longest class ever! It feels like I have been sitting here, in this uncomfortable seat for days instead of the actual 45 minutes.


I want to walk up to the dull person they call a teacher and shake her until she tells me to get out. I would, if I wasn’t afraid that I would be expelled.


COME ON! I sigh loudly, earning a look from Mrs Jooyoung in which I return a look of my own and raise my hand.


“Can I go to the bathroom?” I ask.


She just raise a brow and smirk. And I know that means that she didn’t want me to go out from her boring, sleepy class. She just want torture me.


Really though? What kind of teacher smierks? Is she trying to relieve her glory days or something cause she’s got to be at least 40. Probably one of those mid-life crisis things that my dad went through a couple years ago. If she comes into class tomorrow with a nose ring and hair plugs then I’ll know for sure.


I groan loudly. “Forget it!” I snap. Its not like I really needed to go to the bathroom anyways. I was just going to walk randomly down the halls until the bell rang. That would have at least been more entertaining then sitting here.


A note lands on top of my desk and I look around to see who threw it. When I see no one looking back at me, I unfold it and read it.


‘are u dating Andy??????????????’


Why all the question marks? I’m sure one would have been enough for me to figure out it’s a question.


I write yes with about twenty exclamation marks at the end. See how they like it! After I ball the paper back up and get ready to throw it back to the person who sent it to me, I realize that I have no clue at all who sent it.


Shrugging my shoulders, I toss it towards the middle of the room then immediately look innocent incase it hit someone in the back of the head or the teacher saw it fly.


Less than a minute later the balled up piece of paper lands back onto my desk.


‘when did u break up with Junjin?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!’


Oh so creative, adding those exclamation marks! I think of myself as I write down that we didn’t break up. I toss the paper to the other side of the room. This time just because all that punctuation is really annoying.


“Damn Eric!” I hear Jihoon hiss under his breath at me. I give him a confusing look and watch him motion to multiple students until the letter is kicked from one person to the other until it stops at his feet and he bends down to pick it up.


So, he’s the one that sending me the notes. Well, it’s his own fault. Trying to give me a headache with his girly writing. I really did think I was passing notes with a girl. I probably shouldn’t let him know that.


“You wrote like a girl.” I whisper to him with a laugh.


“You’re dating both of them?” I nod and he shakes his head.


The bell rings before he can say anything else and I don’t wait around to see if he’s done talking to me.


LUNCH! FINALLY! I skip down the hall, almost missing a step when I see Andy walking towards me with that adorable smile of his. I could stare at him all day and never get bored. His smile id one of those that can make your day all better with just one look. So innocent and sweet.


“ANDY!” I yell and close the distance between us with a run. I slam into him purposely, swinging us in a circle. Like a drama. When we stop laughing, I plant a quick kiss on his lips and pull away. Andy frowns for a second then pulls my head back to his and kisses me harder and longer.


I grin into his kiss and bite down softly on his lower lip making him moan into my mouth. I hear whisles and cat calls coming from around us. This only makes me feel more giddy at the thought of people watching which kinda makes me seem like a ert but really, I have two boyfriends, so yeah…


I pull Andy closer and deepen the kiss, putting on a good show, running my hands up the back of his shirt. I cant believe he hasn’t put a stop to this yet. Who knew he had a little freak in him. I think I want him even more now.


I feel hands on my hips from behind and instantly know that it is Junjin. I have had that boy’s hand on me more times then I can even remember. He pulls me until my backside is pressed fully into his front. I wiggle a bit and he starts to up my neck. I’m getting so into it that I’m surprised when I notice that the whispers and encouragements have died down leaving only silence.


I break my kiss with Andy and look around to see all of our ‘fans’ are still there, but with shock on every one of their faces.


Andy looks at me nervously. I can tell he is about to freak out so I clear my throat, trying to get Junjin’s attention who is still biting on me. Does he not feel the tension? I end up elbowing him in the stomach, this has him raising his head.


“Oww! Wha- Oh.” He finishes while looking around us.


I look back at him in question and he gives me a smirk before sticking his middle finger up in the air and turning in a circle then taking one of my hands in his and grabbing Andy’s with the other. I laugh at him and start to walk towards the lunch while sticking my tongue out at everyone as we pass.


I glance at Andy to see how he’s holding up and again I am surprised to see a smile. His face is a bit oink but other then that he’s acting like he’s been doing this for years. I feel a little proud. I don’t know why but it is there.


We each get a lunch and sit at an empty table with me in the middle. I ignore all the stares and start to eat my pizza.


“That was so.. COOL!” Andy yells happily and I look at him in shock. I really did think it would take him at least a few weeks to get used to us but here he is in one day and practically having in the hallway. I cant say I’m disappointed.


I give him a smile and ruffle his hair, “You’re so cute. Isn’t he cute, Jinnie?”


“One of the two cutest guys in this school” I give Junjin a look.


Junjin roll his eyes. “In this world” he adds. I nod in approval and give him a hug.


“Where’s my hug?” Andy asks with a fake pout.


Junjin and I grin at each other evilly before launching ourselves at Andy, knocking him to the floor. I start to tickle him while Junjin pins his arms down to keep him from squirming away.


“I take it back! I don’t want a hug anymore! Stop baby” My fingers still when I hear him call me baby. Junjin is the only one that has ever called me any sort of ‘pet name’. it sounds slightly weird when it comes from my best friend but also amazingly sweet. I bend down and kiss his cheek softly before getting up. Junjin helps him up and we sit back in our seats to finish eating.


“So, what are we going to do this weekend?” I ask my two y men.


“What do you want to do babe?” Junjin says between a mouth full of food. Eww. Not y now.


“A date?” Andy whisper with a blush.


“Hmm… a date, with hot guy number 1 and hot guy number 2. I’m liking this already. We could go to movies” I say. Junjin and Andy shake their heads and I clap my hands happily. First date of the new relationship.


The bell rings as we’re just finishing up. While everyone groans because they have to go back to class, I smile. Knowing that my next class with Junjin and Andy.


We get to class and all take a seat in the back, me ending up in the middle again. Is this some sort of pattern or something? First I’m in the middle at lunch now here and a few times with us just simply walking down the hall, I was between them also. Wow. What am I complaining about? The middle is where I should want to be, a man on each side of me. Yeah, I’m going to stop those crazy thoughts right now.


“Hi, Mr Minwoo” I yell flirtily with a small wink.


Junjin rolls his eyes, used to it and Andy make a growling sound in his throat that I thought was cute. Can I help it that our Health teacher happens to be hot and steamy?! His cool hairstyle and his cute small eyes makes me wish that I was on the ocean, surfing, with him holding me tight, incase I fall. Greatest idea ever, if we added a fourth person to our !


I turn towards Junjin with puppy eyes only to see him shaking his head firmly. I scowl at him and turn in the other direction. Time to try boyfriend number two. Before I can even state my case he mimics Junjin with a firm shake. I face the front of the room and resign myself to only being able to look and not touch. Meanies!


“ANDY! ERIC! JUNJIN!” Hwangbo yells as she takes last seat next to Junjin and gives him a hard slam on the arm.


“What was that for?” he asks, rubbing the sting out of his arms


“Stop thinking those thoughts! I saw the way you were eyeing Eric, like he was some of mouthwatering food” Hwangbo says. I laugh at his blush.




“You love it!”


“Do I?”


“Your both maniacs, get over it.” Hwangbo says loudly, earning us a lot of attention and cutting mine and Junjin’s playful banter off. Is this girl ever quiet, besides she is sleeping?


I shush everyone around me and sit up straighter in my chair when Sir Minwoo starts class.


“Eric did you-“


“SHHH, HWANGBO! I’m trying to learn something here?” I whisper yell to her and she snorts.


“Very lady alike hwangbo. Next thing, you’ll start scratching your balls while watching the game.” I cant help but to add.


“Are you saying I have balls? That I’m a man? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?” she starts shrieking and I stop myself from covering my ears.


I look back and forth between Junjin and Andy hoping for a little help. When I see they are just going to sit there and watch, I turn to Hwangbo. Her face now a red colour.


“I was kidding, chill out Mr.. I mean Mrs Hwangbo” I say with a laugh which I shouldn’t of done.


“THAT’S IT! ME AND YOU, RIGHT NOW! YOU WANT A MAN! I’LL SHOW YOU HOW MUCH OF A MAN I CAN BE!” she pops each of her fingers and rolls her shoulders back.


Is she for real? I’m not fixing to fight a little girl.


“Hwangbo. You need to calm down. I’m not going to fight a girl” she sneers at me a little and stands up with her fist raised.


“Come on, pretty boy! Stop acting like a pansy and fight me like a real man.”


I watch her. Feeling a little scared at this point that she is actually going to hit me.


“I think that’s enough. Hwangbo, take a seat, now.” Sir Minwoo demands and I sigh secretly in relief. That girl is scary. Not that I would let anyone else know that.


“Thanks Sir. You just saved me from a major kicking” She whispers before taking her seat once more.


Junjin and Andy start laughing, hysterically. “Right, laugh at your boyfriend. That’s totally the right thing to do. Idiots”


Sir Minwoo shushes the class and continues the lesson.


“Are there any question? Anything anyone didn’t understand?” he asks the class at the end of the lecture.

Hani, one of the school’s goody goodies, raises her hand. “Actually this question isn’t about the lesson but can I ask anyway?” Sir Minwoo gives her a nod and she turns to back of the room, looking at me, Junjin and Andy. “Is it really true-“


“That I’m the iest guy alive and you wished I was in you bed last night? Then, yes. That’s true” Junjin says with a cocky grin.


“No, I think she means is it true that we are es and Hwangbo is our pimp” I tell Junjin with fake seriousness.


“That’s not she wanted to know at all. She wants to know if its true that her boyfriend was in his knees at my house last night” Andy says joining in our fun.


The class starts to laugh, even Sir Minwoo was trying hard to hide a smile as Hani turned back to the front in embarassement.


“I think she meant is it true that you three are all together?” Hana, her twin says and the whole class stops laughing and listen intently for the answers.


“What do you mean by together? Friends forever? Boyfriends? Lovers? I pick D, all of the above. What about you two?” I ask.


“D” Andy readily agrees and I lean over and give him a kiss for the entire class to witness. I look at Junjin and wait.


“I would have to say A or maybe it was B, but I do like the sound of C.. It’s D” Junjin stand up and kisses me hard then doing the same to Andy before sitting back at his desk.


“What? Is it bad to have 2 boyfriends?” I ask, not really caring what anyone thinks though.






I give a thumb up to the people who replied ‘no’ and scoff at the person who said ‘yes’.


“Whether you agree with it or not, they don’t really give a . So shut the hell up” Hwangbo yells which actually works and everyone shuts up. I don’t really worry about her getting in trouble, Sir Minwoo likes to come off as the nice, cool and hot teacher.


“So you still want to hurt me?” Hwangbo rolls her eyes at my question.


“No. If you let me tape you while the three of you get it on” I would laugh at her again if she didn’t look so serious, instead I give her a simple reply.






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