Never Stop Loving You



What will happen to a couple that loves each other so deeply, so attached to each other, when their parents are married to each other without knowing their children's relationship?


How will they go on? Will they still able to love each other like they used to with the title as 'siblings' as their parents are married already?


They are a family now, but there's nothing can stop their love that is FORBIDDEN now... or will they just stop their love like that? The love that they build for so long..


he loves her, he promised he well never let her go even in this complicated situation..but she, who hurts so much in this relationship tries to forget him -her step brother. She knew this is very wrong, but she desired for his love so deeply.. all they can do is loving each other secretly..


Characters: Kwon Ji Yong x Sandara Park (Kwon) x Jung Yong Hwa


Daragon xx


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Dorkhiem #1
oh my god. this is so.. complicated. :O<br />
i've think of this before, and now you write it. woah. looking forward for the so-called solution.
rudelysweetk21 #2
aww keke hmm like devil beside you..keke hmm well its jiYONG not jiYoung..<br />
you might want to correct it.. but aww will they have chance to be together??<br />
thanks for the updates :D:D
eh? I've read this bfore from ur pendrive~ haha. But, that yonghwa thing is new 0.0 why put him? Im sooooo jealous! Haha, he's hot!