Daragon fic! 






Soft tune of the instruments was played on the background, chattering of the chirping people could be heard. The fresh smell of the fresh brewed coffee was diffusing in the air.


Any coffee lover's would be attracted by it. It was the ultimate recipe of this cafe. This is a paradise to all the coffee lovers. All the equipments and tools of the cafe is complete and perfect. Accompanied by the perfect looking waiters and coffee maker.


Most of the daily visitors are ladies, main attraction were the waiters. Although it seem to be that way, some of the ladies that comes to this cafe may not prioritized the waiters but instead the real attraction which is the rare-found coffee.


''Can I have a fresh Americano?...'' smiled one of the regular customer to one of the waiter, ''….Jiyong-shii?'' the lady looked at the name tag of the waiter innocently.


The waiter especially nodded giddily. He was in fact impressed with this lady that does not go gaga and all melt when she saw him. ''Yes, right to your service, milady. Is there anything else you need?'' asked the friendly waiter.


The lady seemed to think of a question and asked, ''Could you please tune in Cafe by Big Bang? I mean that song should really be played often here.'' she smiled.


The waiter seemed a bit shock because usually when he asked the same question to some other ladies, they would shamelessly asked for his cell phone number. Yes, another impression was made. She was really unique.


''Alright, if that's what makes you feel comfortable, anything to your service..'' smiled the waiter and he went off to tell the coffee brewer, Tabi to prepare a Americano for their customer. In the next moment, he went off to tune in the requested song.




The lady was surfing the internet on her laptop while waiting for the best Americano latte ever made to arrive and the waiter, Jiyong, voluntary approached the lady.




She looked at the waiter and was expecting a coffee on his hand but instead he gave her a rose stick. Her round eyes was giving signal that she was actually really shock.


''….Um, is this like one of the monthly service here?'' she asked hesitantly.


''No, milady. I have been observing yourself coming to this cafe but never did or do ask me or the waiters here about ourselves. And for that, I would love to give you this and I wonder what makes you keep coming here if not for us...?'' asked the waiter. He knew it sounded so rude but he really need to feed his curiosity that is so overwhelming.


The lady chuckled and smiled, ''You silly. Why would I come here? I have works to do, for sure I wouldn't like to waste my time. But I really love COFFEE and this place is very relaxing, and...I'm really sorry if you never had my attention...''


But the lady's words was cut off when the waiter suddenly sat with her in one table. She was shock again and didn't know what to do. She knew the fact that the waiters do have fan-girls and she knew she would be dead if this particularly waiter named Jiyong was seen to be seated on one table with her. She looked around and suddenly got the urge to get up and pull the waiter's wrist.


As they both got up with her pulling strength, she brought him outside of the cafe and talked to him, ''That's not necessary, okay? I don't want any haters or enemies just because you SAT with me, okay?''


he smiled and said, ''I've been watching you for a while now, you really have no interest with me?''


She widened her eyes rounder and the bloods started to rush to her whole body and her obvious red cheeks began to show up. She blinked her eyes with countless numbers and bit her bottom lips.


Her heart thumped faster than ever and everything seemed to feel hotter and she sighed and gave up as her shoulder fell in defeat.


She looked at the waiter straight to his eyes and her lips before she speaks. ''Jiyong, I know you. I know the timing is wrong but...'' she hang her head down with full of embarrassment, ''I've been your fan longer than any other fan. I have known you since high school....''


Without knowing anything, the lady was suddenly embraced into a warm hug and she was once again shock when she heard the waiter said something.


''That's good to know. I am really glad to know that. And if you may know, I love my every fans especially the loyal fan that has always been there for me since the very beginning....Dara, Sandara Park.''


the lady suddenly pulled from that hug and was really clueless. ''You knew my name? For all these times?'' Too much shocking stuff for the day.


He smiled, ''Yeah, ever since the first day you stepped in this cafe, I purposely asked your name, remember? But that was months ago, so I bet you didn't remember...''


''YAH! I am your fangirl, remember? Fan-girls remembers EVERYTHING her 'idols' do, okay? I thought you were the one that forgotten about me...'' she hung her head low again due to embarrassment.


''No, because of this cafe I am able to remember you and your routine. Although I act as if you are just like one of the customers but you DO have a special place in my heart..''




A/n: Hi! Sorry for the crappy story, this is made just because I really need to release my tensions from college life, I am really new to college life and it's tough, so I thought maybe a shot would be good ^^ Hope to see you people in my other fics too(that is, if I got time to update LOL)! Thanks! 


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THis Fic is JUST RIGHT! the blending is PERFECT! like the coffee in that coffee shop...keep on writing Daragon Fics! FIGHTING!!! ;D
waaahhh!!! a simple stalker!! haha..nice job dara..acting that you dont care.. butdeep inside!! itsso nice to know that jiyong like/love you too!! good work authornim!!