Am I Dancing on my Own?





Am I Dancing On My Own?


''Trust me. Baby, trust me..'' Jiyong caressed Dara's forehead, removing a couple of strained hair.


''Oppa, don't leave me, no matter what you say, I do trust you but just...don't leave me..'' the lady begged as tears falling down from her eyes.


''Dara baby, wait for me..I promise..'' that was his last words as he pulled the huge luggage and stepped out of the small rented apartment.


The moment he stepped out, the louder Dara's sob was heard, she was crying really hard. Both hands clutched on her left chest, feeling the tingling pain just right at her heart.


'' heart...why is it painful...?'' she sobbed and on her knees she fell to the ground, curled herself, wetting the wooden floor with her tears.


''Jiyong oppa, don't...I love you..please...'' but all her beg wasn't heard anymore as he had already left her.


~ ~


''Move~ yes, this, okay, try again. 1! 2! 3! YES! That's it Dara! That's it!'' sounds of hand clapping were heard after Dara managed to succeed the toughest dance moves in this choreography.


She was panting, sighing and all sweaty. A smile finally formed on her lips as she reached a bottle of water.


''Thank you, Bom unnie. Without you, I probably won't be able to master this moves, you are the best!'' Dara cheered as she jumped up and down happily.


''I know, I am the master of anything.'' Bom declared proudly which caused the two ladies to laugh her snobbishness.


''Anyways, Dara he called you just now but you were busy..'' Bom broke the atmosphere with seriousness.


Dara pursed her lips and sighed, ''Alright. I guess that's a wrap up! I'll get going! I will call you.''


''SURE! Just don't get too intimate with him tonight, hahaha.'' teased Bom as the latter turned even tomato red.


As soon as she reached her apartment from her dance practice, she immediately crashed her bed due to fatigue.


Suddenly an arm slowly slid behind her lied back and she was startled and looked to her left and smiled. ''Yongbae oppa, when did you come?''


''Hmm? Let's see..I was here all the time..'' he smiled.


''Yah, oppa! Don't play around, I am really tired.'' she pouted her lips and gave him the puppy eyes.


''Dara, you should get more rest, with your skinny figure, do you think you would be able to take all this?'' Yongbae told her with worries.


She sat up and pulled Yongbae to sit up too with her, ''oppa, I am invincible okay? Nothing can beat me!'' she proudly boast as she showed her small arm to him.


''Yah dara ah!'' Yongbae smilingly called her and gently pushed her on the bed as he slowly crawled on top her, ''Dara baby, you are so cute that I really wanna bite you off!''


She turned red as some memories flashed back in her head.




''Baby girl, I am so gonna make you scream for my name'' whispered a husky voice to her ear. Her heart raced wildly and blushed.


''OPPA! You will never gonna make me do it!'' she stuck up her tongue to him and ran away from him in the small apartment.


He began to chase her around while shouting, ''Dara! Get in the room! You are so gonna get it wuahaha''


''Jiyong oppa! HAHAHAHA stop chasing me around..'' that was when he snatched her arms, and hugged her from her back and smiled victoriously.


''You know what, you are so small that it's easier for me to chase you see..and I am so gonna make you-'' that was when dara stepped on his left feet and ran to their room.


He smiled as he followed her to their room, he sat on the edge of the bed and saw Dara was lying on the bed with heavy sighing.


''See! You shouldn't run all along, your skinny figure isn't helping at all you see..'' he slowly lied next to her and as he lied straight on the bed, his hand was searching for her small sized hand and he clasped them together.


''Dara ah, do you know something?'' he asked her as both of their breath-heaving began to rhythm together.


''What is it oppa?'' she asked as she shut her eyes and that was when she felt something heavy was on top of her and she saw the guy that could make her heart burst at this rate was crawling on top of her.


Her eyes were round, cheeks began to turn red and heart raced wilder more than ever.


''Have I told you that I really love you?'' he smiled lovingly as the clasping hands earlier tightening and his other hand was searching for her other hand and clasped it as well.


Dara unconsciously moaned and blushed even more, ''Oppa, you know that I love you too right?''


''I love you, Dara, ing really do!'' he whispered again as his barely distant face getting nearer to hers.


/flashback ends/


She slowly pushed Yongbae when her flashback ends, ''Oppa, we shouldn't do this, it's still early..''


Yongbae got awkward and immediately got up and cleared his throat and asked her, ''So, when is the wedding? Uhm, I mean you know, the dance part in the wedding..?''


Dara got up awkwardly and sighed, ''Oh, it is this weekend, I should practice them again tonight..''


~ ~


Weekend came and the wedding was just round the corner. Dara and Bom haven't even shopped for the dancing show for the wedding.


''Bom unnie, why didn't you buy it earlier?'' Dara said sounded irritated as they both ran around the street looking for the perfect store.


''Sorry Dara..Seunghyun oppa told me to spend our bachelor period before the wedding like never..sorry!!'' Bom sounded regretful and they were still running around, ''Luckily I've bought the wedding dress..'' Bom told Dara again.


''Gees! You silly Bom, nevermind though..'' Dara remarked as her eyes wandered. That was when she remembered something.


''OH! Wait! Bom unnie, I remember when we graduated from high school, the dance trio where you and I and...uhm..Jiyong did, the outfits! I still keep it! Unnie! I still keep it! OMG!'' Dara shouted as if she just won a lotto. ''Come on unnie!''


''Ok. Ok! Let's go!'' Bom and Dara both sounded so happy and ran back to Dara's dorm.


As they reached Dara's apartment, Dara immediately ran to the closet room and began to trashing the tiny room searching for the dancing gears.


After 15 minutes of searching, she finally found a black bag pack and began to reveal the items. ''Here. See!'' Bom came closer and smiled widely. ''I remember this! OMG Dara! You are so smart!''


''Hmm of course, you silly Bom!'' they both laughed as they tried to put on those outfits and it was still looking hip-hopish good. ''Dara, I bet they are going to be surprise by this!''


After they finished dressing themselves, they tried to dance with it and it was pretty comfortable for them.


~ ~


''Okay, Dara. The only thing we need is your dress! Hehe! Your dress Dara! I am sure you would look pretty wearing dresses. Yongbae would definitely fall in love all over again buahaha.'' Bom as she began to turn all red.


Bom brought Dara to her house since she has so many dresses. As she was finding through, she saw this white beautiful dress. It was up to the knee and it has only one shoulder-side covered. It was a simple but yet fabulous dress with expensive diamonds shining.


As Dara wore that dress, Bom eyes went all shining. ''Dara, you...are so pretty!'' Dara bit her bottom lips and smiled, ''Really?'' she tried to see herself in the mirror.


As she looked at her own reflection, she was lost of words. ''Is this me?'' she even asked herself.


''Yes.'' Bom stood behind her and released her bun and all her wavy, curly hair bounced down prettily.


''There.'' Bom smiled. ''You should get married soon too Dara..'' the moment Bom told her that she clearly remembered a line said by someone, ''When we grow maturely in the future, I want you to be my bride for life, my soon-to-be wife..''


She clasped her hands on her left chest and the pain from couple years ago was still there, she remembered it like it was yesterday. Him. She remembered him saying that he wanted her to be his bride.


She immediately her lips and replied, ''No. It's too early..''


''Aww our Dara is shy. Anyways, I've got a family dinner to attend tonight, so I need to get ready soon..'' Bom said as she tidied all the mess she made earlier with all the dresses.


''Oh, it's alright. I'm leaving soon too anyway. Or now haha, okay goodbye Bom unnie!''


Dara left Bom without even changing her outfits. As she walked the street back to her apartment, she thought of one thing. Maybe it would be better if she tried to practice the 'couple-dance' by herself since she was in the dress.


She went back to Bom's dance studio as it was just actually not that far from her apartment. As she entered the studio, she the the lights and also the track. She chose one perfect song and began to dance to it.


She saw her own reflection in the mirror and made some steps accordingly and imagined that she was dancing with Yongbae for tomorrow.


Her left foot went to left with baby step and she took the same baby step for her right foot. Her arms were hugging the empty air imagining it was Yongbae.


When suddenly the track was changed to one familiar song that she used to listen to for almost every single day last 2 years with her beloved.


She turned her head to the speakers direction and saw a familiar figure that she never saw since last 2 years. Her jaw slowly dropped, shocked by the latter's appearance.


The guy was wearing a perfect office outfits with a coat hanging on his arm. Both eyes were making a direct contact, and as if they could just understand by just looking at each other eyes. The male figure slowly approaching Dara, and held her waist and the other hand held her hand, clasping them together.


Dara's eyes were all teary. They swayed to the music, as they swift into each other rhythmic moves, Dara slowly placed her head on the man's shoulder.


They were still swaying slowly to the music, and the man could felt his shoulder is slowly getting wet and he stopped dancing as well as Dara. He sighed and pulled her away slowly from the hug.


Dara was already all soaking wet, he reached her face and rubbed away her tears with his thumbs, ''I am back. Baby, I am back..'' he told her soothingly.


She even tear more and said with her shaking and still unable to believe voice, ''Jiyong oppa, is this really you? Oppa?''


''Dara baby..come, hug me again! I miss you so ing much!'' he embraced her into his hug and caressed her hair.




''I am sorry. You knew the reason yourself too. My father wouldn't help me if I were to decline his agreement, I am sorry baby. But I told you, I'll be back, and now I am back. I want the old us, I still love you as much, baby..''


Dara hugged him again told him, ''Yes, you are back. You are really back Jiyong..But...I'm sorry, this would probably be our last dance together..''


With that, Jiyong's expression turned stoned. He pulled her away with worrisome, ''What are you talking about? Didn't I promise to be back? Why wouldn't you wait for me? Dara, look into my eyes, you still love me right?''


''Oppa, I do love you but...''


''Do you know ever since last 2 years, I have been suffering, just because I wanna be with you. I am doing all these because of you. Yes, maybe it's true, part of it are for my father but still, it is because of you, for you. Dara, please tell me something I know. I still love you. Dara. I told you to wait for me...''


''Jiyong oppa, I belong to someone else now. I am really sorry.''


WHY CAN'T YOU WAIT FOR ME SANDARA PARK?!'' he shouted out of anger.


Dara gulped and tried to explain, ''Oppa, listen to me first..please.''


''YOU DON'T HAVE TO...I understand, I am gonna back off, all the s I have been doing this past few years are for nothing...NOTHING!'' he then left her ragely.


Guilty slowly engulfed Dara's feeling, she still love him more than ever. She was with Yongbae just because of he helped her a lot ever since Jiyong left her. The only way for her to pay him back is just by replying his love to her.


Although she never loved Yongbae as a lover, she still love him as a best friend. She swore to herself the only guy that she ever loved is just Kwon Ji Yong, only him.


She immediately chased Jiyong outside, she didn't care the fact that she was wearing a dress, she would still chase Jiyong because that's what her heart told her to.


''JIYONG!'' she shouted his name. He was still walking nearby. He turned around and saw her, anger was obviously written on his eyes. And he continued to walk again.


''JIYONG! DON'T LEAVE ME AGAIN! PLEASE! I DON'T WANNA SUFFER THE PAIN AGAIN, JIYONG! I LOVE YOU! COME BACK, BABY! COMEBAAAACK!'' she shouted. She ran to him and hugged him from behind, ''I love you Jiyong. I remember every single bits we've done together! Can I...Can I still be your...bride?'' she asked as tears streaming down from her eyes.


Jiyong turned around she slowly let go of her grip, he hugged her and whispered, ''Let's get married now!'' she finally smiled and looked into his eyes.


''I was with Yongbae only to repay all his kindness ever since you left, but I never look at him like the way I look at you, only you could make me feel this crazy and only you can make my heartbeat fast and slow at the same time, I love you oppa, I really do! And I miss you too!''


''Let's get married, Dara. I am still keeping my promise..''


That night, Yongbae heard everything and he knew he had to let Dara go. The next day at Bom's wedding, unexpected event happened too. After Bom had officially married to Seunghyun, she and Dara performed their dance, after that they changed into dresses, with the white dress that Bom borrowed Dara, it really makes wonder.


That was when Jiyong told the crowds that Bom and Seunghyun weren't the only one that were exchanging vows that day. And hence, he proposed Dara and they got married right there, witnessed by the crowds.




Sequel? Hmm, maybe a Yongbae side of the story? LOL jk :P hope you enjoy this, a story inspired by GDTOP & Pixie Lott's 'Dancing On My Own' ^^ DARAGON YAY! 


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