i love an idiot



yunho is a 32 year old successful  executive in the  famous ou company



life is boring for him, but one day an idiot came into his life which made him


live his life with fun



and that idiot was jaejoong!! a 17 year old sweet guy but a total idiot


after failing all the entrance exams of all colleges in korea



he finally decided  to work as a assistant to yunho


what will happen between these two?


and what will happen when a drunken night causes a very big turn in their lives??





jung yunho



workaholic person


he  has a soft spot on  the office boy jaejoong


has  a brother junsu


jaejoong:17 years


he is poor

and a complete idiot

he has a brother yoochun who is no where to be found


and he lives with his mom heechul




youngest  son of the ou corp

very caring person




he sold himself to ou chen the chairman of ou empire for his family debts


he is often and abused by that person


he also hides the secret hat he has a son with ou chen


jung junsu



brother of yunho


he is married to younghawa


and has a daughter "jiyoon"


ou chen



brother of changmin


a cold hearted business man


he rules all the businesses all over the world


he often treats yoochun like crap


he has a 8 year old son with yoochun


jung younghawa




 senior doctor in city hospital

married to junsu since 7 years


he has 6 years daughter  with junsu


jung jiyoon


only child of junsu and younghawa

very mischievous girl


lee onew



changmins best buddy


and shinees leader



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Chapter 5: What kind of interview questions are that Yunho? Don't scare Jae away. And that ou chen.. He is such a bastard. I understand he lost his girlfriend. But at least he can treat Yoochun a bit nice.And don't call him trash, you a**hole. I will kill you.. Please update soon <3
Chapter 5: Hahhahaa.. It's funny.. Update faster dear author nim..
Chapter 5: ROFL XD gosh YunHo thats some interview hahaha omo wonder what'll happen next curious much hehehhe though poor Yoochun :(
kim-jaena #4
Chapter 1: Please update
jiyool #5
Chapter 1: gahhhhhhhhh... died"
Chapter 1: haha yunho was too happy huh????
maedeh #7
Chapter 1: hi
jae and youni are cute and well dear sui it wasnt a really good way for getting a person U love!!!! thanks for chapter
i want more intearactions between Junsu and Yonghwa.....
if that possible^^
Chapter 1: OHMYGEE wonder what'll happen next and yun is so cute hahahha please update soon and thank you so much for this ^-^
interesting! I wanna read more of this!