new day

i love an idiot

yunho pov

feb 14th valentines love was in the air

and for me i have finally seen the person i want

he was fair,fairer than the clouds

his eyes are the shape of doe

his lips are of cherries wanting to be bitten by me

he was like an angel from heaven

but before i tried to speak to him!!

the love of my life!! who never said me his name


jaejoong:ert leave my hand!!

yunho:your beautiful!!

jaejoong:And your old!! uncle!!

yunho:what is your name??

jaejoong:thats my waist you idiot!!

yunho:but it is small and soft!! can i sleep on it??

jaejoong :leave me!!

yunho:but i like you

jaejoong:i will bite you

yunho:but i like you


this ert uncle kept hugging me and squeezing me from backside!!

and now he just slammed my

thats it , i took  my shopping bag and slammed it on his head


junsu:hung!! hung!! yunho hung??? 

yunho:angel?? where is angel??

junsu:hung!! what happened to you?? why are you in  the middle of the road??


junsu:all the vehicles stopped because of you!!

yunho:but there was an angel here!!

junsu:hung!! there are no angels on the road!!

yunho:really?? but i have seen him!!


jaejoong pov

why does everyone stare at me like that??

what does he think of me?? 

stupid ert!! calling me angel in front of everyone

anyhow!! now i should sleep!!

tomorrow is  my first day as the assistant to mr jung yunho!!

i wish he is an  young unmarried guy waiting to marry me!!


junsu:hung? your still dreaming!!

yunho:no! iam not!!

junsu:oh!! please for the past 30 minutes your staring the wall

yunho:oh!! where is your husband??

junsu:in the hospital!!


junsu:some urgent case came flying in!! and he had to go !! stupid fellow

yunho:your happy isn't it??

junsu:iam happy i have a husband!! a little girl and one more on the way!!


junsu:iam 2 months pregnant hung!!


junsu:hung!! i wanted a second one!! and my  husband gave me one

yunho:so i will be uncle once again!! and never an appa

junsu:hung!! if you want to be an appa!! go find a wife!!

yunho:if that person doesn't want to marry me??

junsu:get him knocked up!! hung!! its simple

yunho pov

so simple isn't it?? angel be aware of me!!




ou chen:so you have come at last


yoochun:yes master


ou chen: how is ren??


yoochun: he is fine!! he just got an A in his math test


ouchen:he is taking after me!! and not after some like you


yoochun pov


he is even my kid


ou chen: now!! what are you doing??go to our room and wait for me!! i will


be there


yoochun:master !! i have to tug ren to bed


ou chen: ok!!


yoochun:yes master


ou chen:so did you get your doctors checkup??


yoochun:yes master!! everything is fine


ou chen:take care!! and i want my second heir as fast as i can!!


yoochun:yes master


ou chen:now get out you piece of trash


=========next day==========================


jaejoong pov


today is a new day and my boss's name is jung yunho


i bet he is sophisticated and good looking


jaejoong:excuse me sir may i come in


yunho:yes!!who is it??


jaejoong:kim jaejoong sir! your secretry!!


yunho:really angel??


jaejoong:ert uncle??






authors pov


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