Game Changer


To Miyawaki Sakura only two things matter in life — securing a spot on the national team and winning the World Cup.

But just when the preparations for the upcoming season begin, she must face a new competition - Nakamura Kazuha - a talented, young striker, who came back from overseas to play again in her motherland.

And to make matters worse, this rising soccer star has just become Sakura’s new teammate...


Since there's not much content about Petalz, I decided to write something myself.

I absolutely adore them, and it breaks my heart how underappreciated they are.

Warning! This will be very self-indulgent and may or may not contain every fanfic trope/cliche under the sun.


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kochanchi #1
Chapter 23: an update finally🥲 been waiting. i just want to smack sakura somehow
queenforsythe #2
aeongie_02 #3
Chapter 16: this is so good! I didn’t even realize I’ve read up till your latest update 😭 I’m excited for future updates :)
highskies707 #4
Chapter 7: Poor her... she'll bounce back
highskies707 #5
Chapter 6: Chapter 6: I am soo ready for the new season!
highskies707 #6
Chapter 5: I physically need that update...
yulsic1245 #7
This is really good author.