Who's The Real Boss?

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What happens when Hana fights with an arrogant man only to find him as her new boss?


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kia_fabian #1
Chapter 13: Why i think giselle it the girl that baekhyun waiting for hahahaha just my imagination
51 streak #2
Chapter 7: This chapter started so sweet, Hana took everyone’s breath away and had fun with her colleagues.

Baekhyun knows more about Chanyeol than the man knows about himself. He can see Chanyeol’s jealousy and feelings for Hana.

It was good that Chanyeol could take care of Hana and realise that he loves her.

And now he knows what Hana thinks of him and can find ways to become a better boss who doesn’t give her too much work!
Chapter 7: Finally he realized that he's in love.. but i think it's still one sided, because Hana still feel uncomfortable with him..
Chapter 6: The way Chanyeol shows interest in Hana is sooo weird.. if he's interested, he should just be a man and confess.. no need to make her life miserable with all the extra work loads.. hehehe..
Excited for the party!!
51 streak #5
Chapter 6: Guessing from the spoiler, Hana won’t miss the party and will arrive in her red dress, being the flower of the party.

Chanyeol is slowly losing his heart for Hana. And people are noticing.

The event looks like it will be a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
Ophelia_ #6
Chapter 5: Great chapter, and I can't wait to see where the story is headed. I loved the spoiler.
51 streak #7
Chapter 5: Hana is determined to do whatever it takes to prove herself to everyone, Chanyeol mostly. Was it just me or are there some sparks flying between the two.

Great chapter, loved the spoiler!
51 streak #8
Chapter 4: Chanyeol is testing Hana’s patience and work skills. Hana proved to him that she is capable of anything and everything.
The work squad is full with such nice people. For example, Momo and Heechul. They would make a good couple. Shy Momo with loud Heechul.

Then we have Naeyon and Kyungsoo who will fit good together.

Hana is resistant against Baekhyun charms. She is very strong willed.
51 streak #9
Chapter 3: It seems like Chanyeol will make Hana’s life a living hell by being an arrogant boss. But Hana is tough, she will get through this.

Hana nailed the interview. She will do good despite any obstacles that come her way.

Baekhyun has a watchful eye. He can predict the future and nows when love will bloom.
51 streak #10
Chapter 2: It is fun when there are many different idols from different groups!