I Need You



A Music Prodigy, Min Yoongi and Y/N the daughter of the late famous Pianist who died in an accident leaving her daughter all alone in a young age. 

Y/N an aspiring Pianist who is striving hard to bring justice for what happened to her mother. 

Their paths will crossed and Yoongi will soon find her not knowing anything about him. 

What will happen to them? Will she remember Yoongi, the friend that she has when she's still young?

Will Yoongi pursue what he feels for her? 

Join Yoongi and Y/N as they journey their carer and feelings for each other. 



Hello! This is just a short story about our Min Yoongi as a pianist. 


Y/N looks at the photos and its really true its them. She looks at Yoongi. “The accident, it’s the reason why I forget some things. I even forget you.” She places her hand to his cheek and Yoongi holds on it. “I’ve known you since before. Why you didn’t tell me oppa?”

“I was actually wondering why you forget me. I didn’t push you to remember me not to pressure you.” Yoongi is looking at her in a loving way. “I know you forget all the things that we did together when we are young. But I promise your mom’s grave that I will take care of you. I searched for you for years and I was happy when I saw you.”

“You don’t have to; I am not your responsibility oppa.” She said, somehow she is happy to know that she used to have memories with him since before and she is actually trilled to know that he thinks like this towards her.

“I need you here Y/N. I need you to be with me.” He needs to tell her. “I love you and I don’t want to lose you again.”

Y/N widened her eyes at the thing that she heard. “Oppa.” Her heart is racing. This is a dream come true for her, her crush loves her.

“I know it’s kinda blurry for you. I am not forcing you to love me but I can show you that my feelings are true, if you want me to drop the job or the collaboration I will do it.”

“Oh no please. Don’t stain your name because of me. I am fine. And… and…” she shyly said. “I kinda like you since before. It’s just sad that I forgot that we have memories together.”

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