Hopelessly In Love

Over the weekend, the difficulty of having to leave in a group had been many: Momo had had an unexpected event that had delayed the departure of two hours, Chaeyoung had forgotten her bag at home and Dahyun, not being willing to go with them, had forced them to drag her into Tzuyu's car.

The journey had been silent in each of their cars, caused by exhaustion or emotion. However, despite some wrong turns that had led them to get lost in a road in the middle of nowhere, they had managed to reach their destination.

The house was not very large: it was on two floors, there were two bathrooms, a small kitchen overlooking the living room, and, to the chagrin of some, only five bedrooms. All the rooms, with the exception of the single one, were located on the upper floor and it had been a fight to the death to convince the only person particularly eager to make a controversy.

"I don't want to share a bed with any of you, I'm staying downstairs" Dahyun was nibbling on the splint of her sunglasses to contain her nervousness "I can barely sleep when I'm alone, let alone someone annoying next to me"

"I understand your despair, but this is my home and if you allow me I want to stay in my bedroom"

The grim look she had given to the taller girl had been enough to shut everyone up "okay, who am I going to have to put up with?"

"Mina and I will sleep together, after all we are a couple" Chaeyoung was holding her girlfriend's hand proudly.

"Nay and I can share the room, we often do it at home too" the blonde of the group did not hesitate, smiling after receiving the approval of her best friend.

A single glance was enough for Momo and Jihyo to make everyone understand that they wanted to sleep in the same bed and Dahyun, without showing any emotion, turned to the only one left of the group "if you even try to touch me with a finger, I'll break all your bones"

The auburn had remained stationary in place, a barely hinted pout "but I don't decide whether or not to move in my sleep"

"You'll learn starting tonight. What a hassle"

"That's enough, go upstairs to tidy up your things while I decide what to take out of the refrigerator, it's now dinner time" the tallest of the group, didn't wait even a second before leaving her suitcase in the room and reach the kitchen.

All the others, with the exception of two, had rushed upstairs to choose the rooms and to familiarize themselves with the beds. Sana was sorry to be a big annoyance for the girl she liked, but at the same time she was willing to take at least a small step forward to get to know her better "which side of the bed do you prefer?"

"It's the same, I just need to sleep"

"Right, do you have any preferences regarding pillows? Try them and choose the one you think is most comfortable"

Dahyun had made the gesture to stop talking "I don't use pillows, you can choose what you want and put the second one in the middle of the bed" she had reached down to open the suitcase "and stop staring at me, it bothers me"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you. Don't turn around, I need to change"

"Okay, tell me when you're done"

Sana had never been a quick person to get things done and undressing was one of them, as she always ended up with her arms locked up and her shirt in her face. After at least a minute she had made up her mind to ask for help "I apologize in advance for what I'm about to ask you, but could you free me? I guess wearing such a tight t-shirt wasn't a great idea"

The brunette, who turned immediately after receiving that request, had not been able to hold back an amused smile "tell me how you managed to reduce yourself like this" she shook her head strongly, but the kindness with which she had taken off her shirt had been disarming for the taller girl, who had stood staring at her crush's perfect face.

"Be more careful, okay? You could have lost your balance and hurt yourself"

"Why are you doing it?"

That out of context question had confused her "what are you referring to?"

"You behave in a grumpy way with everyone and you fight if someone annoys you, but this is all appearance and I would like to understand the reason for this way of doing. You are not what you want others to believe"

"Do you think you know everything about me just because I took off your shirt gently? Next time I can kick you, if you care so much"

"You're going out of the way"

"And you're getting even more annoying. I'm going to help out in the kitchen, put something on before you go downstairs or you'll get sick" that said, without adding anything else, Dahyun was gone, closing the door behind her.

Sana pouted again "she didn't even glance at me, am I so ugly in her eyes?"





Putting enough food on the table to fill everyone's stomachs hadn't been difficult, but the same couldn't be said for choosing who would have to deal with the mountain of dirty dishes that had accumulated over dinner. They all stood still for a few seconds before deciding with a quick and easy game, dropping the choice on Jeongyeon.

"Nay, do you remember when we played the PlayStation? I recommend you get to work right away because I'm going to use one of my wishes right now"

"I hope you're kidding, I honestly won and I don't want to take your place" if she could have thrown lightning bolts from her eyes she would have done it without hesitation, so much was the annoyance she was feeling.

The blonde had no intention of wiping the smirk from her face "we agreed that we could use our wishes as we please and now you have to do what I asked. I'll be forgiven, but my request cannot be ignored"

"I just can't stand you when you're being a " Nayeon jumped up, ignoring the noise produced by the chair rubbing on the floor and taking away as many dishes as possible.

Jihyo had imitated her more calmly "I'll help you, this way we'll do it faster"

"You pissed her off a lot, you lost a lot of points with her" Chaeyoung was intent on checking the myriad of messages that had arrived during the day "this is not how women are conquered, I seemed to have already told you"

"Do me the favor to shut up, I'm trying to think"

"Dearest Chae, while our yellow-headed friend is intent on pretending to think, could you give me a cigarette?" Dahyun was smiling falsely.

Faced with that request, Mina's eyes immediately sought those of her girlfriend "I thought you had stopped"

"I did, but our beloved Hyun would be able to ask even a child for a cigarette"

The brunette had deliberately chosen to ignore her "Hirai, do you have one?"

"Negative, at most I can offer you a strawberry gum"

"If you like you can come with me and Mina for a walk" Tzuyu was the only person who could talk to the shorter in her worst moments "we want to go and see the bookshop that has no closing time"

Dahyun's eyes conveyed nothing beyond boredom "I don't want to be the third wheel, I much prefer to listen to the senseless speeches of this drunkard" her finger was pointing at Sana.

"It only happened once!" besides her, Mina had also blushed and this had not gone unnoticed in the eyes of Tzuyu, who had not been able to hide her joy.

"While you two are discussing Sana's sobriety we go for a walk"

"Princess, be careful" Chaeyoung leaned over to leave a tender kiss on the cheek of her girlfriend.

Mina had red cheeks again "behave yourself"

After a brief exchange of greetings, the two girls left on foot "if you feel too tired we can take my car, I have no problem getting behind the wheel"

"I like to walk in the evening and being in the car would be a wasted opportunity"

"You're right, I didn't think about it" Tzuyu, no matter how hard she was trying, couldn't keep her gaze straight ahead. Focusing on where she put her feet wasn't her priority, as her eyes were always looking for the other girl's "right now I feel like I'm in a scene from a book"

"What kind of scene? I hope not one of those where a bloodthirsty monster appears behind the characters"

"No evil monsters, you can rest assured"

Mina was smiling shyly, her cheeks slightly flushed "you are trying not to laugh, did I say something ridiculous as usual?"

"I laugh because you are adorable" there was no more fun in her voice and her serious expression seemed almost threatening "and I can't help but wonder how is it possible that you didn't realize the situation in which we are"

"I don't know what you're talking about"

"In my opinion you're just pretending not to understand, get to this point even the stones are aware of my feelings for you"

The brunette didn't remember the moment when they stopped walking and, to feel safe, she took a step backwards "Tzuyu, please.."

"You don't believe me and it's understandable given your situation, but I'm telling the truth. I feel something for you and I have no problem admitting that I've liked you since I first saw you"

"I don't know what to say, I'm sorry" staring down was the only thing Mina managed to do.

"Don't think about Chaeyoung, you have to focus on what you want" she was getting closer and closer "if you really don't want to answer my statement I'll stop bothering you, but I want to tell you that a refusal would also be fine if I can look you in the eyes"

The moment Mina had looked up to meet Tzuyu's gaze the world had stopped and neither of them had been able to hold back a smile, so the taller had dared to take her hand.

"I waited so long to do it and now it doesn't feel real to me" the dimple on her cheek had never been so evident and the same was true for the joy emanating from her eyes "can I continue to hold your hand as we walk?"

The answer to that question had been silent but very thorough, as Mina's fingers immediately filled the space between Tzuyu's for a firmer grip. And romantic.

Walking hand in hand under a starry sky was not on the imaginary list that the tallest girl had drawn up a few days earlier in her mind, but fortunately there is no limit to the imagination and it was easy to put an extra tick.

"You surprised me, I never expected to find myself in this situation. What I am feeling right now is really beautiful and I hope it is the same for you, not for my ego, but because I want you to be happy and that you feel safe when you are with me"

"It's the same for me" Mina was walking with her head tilted slightly forward with the intention of using her hair as a shield for her flushed face "I feel comfortable when I'm with you and have fun even though we're just texting"

"I bet you often admire the photo I sent you at the beginning, I do the same with your profile picture. Very often, to be honest" making the person she liked laugh, even if only for a few seconds, made her heart jump of joy and because of this she was unable to stop her body from moving quickly "can you keep a secret?"

Those words whispered in her ear had had a devastating effect on Mina, who had found herself having to manage the feeling of having butterflies in her stomach "it depends on the secret in question"

"I'm talking about this" Tzuyu had whispered again, this time close to her lips, before completely canceling the distance that separated their bodies and kissing her in the most gentle and romantic way possible.





Nayeon was furious to say the least and, in an attempt to avoid a scene that could have ruined everyone's evening, she had locked herself in the room listening to the music with the volume turned down as much as possible to keep calm. She felt stupid and even a little immature, but despite those thoughts and her efforts she hadn't been able to get rid of her anger.

As if her bad state of mind wasn't enough she also had to put up with the sound of laughter coming from the lower floor, especially that of Momo and Chaeyoung who were challenging each other to tell funny anecdotes.

"One night we were in a disco and that jerk with the bangs spilled a drink on a particularly expensive and brand new dress from one of her conquests, I let you imagine her reaction" the pink-haired girl got up from her chair to imitate a hysterical fit, exaggerating as much as possible to make everyone laugh.

Jihyo loved that nice way of telling things and was laughing heartily "I'm about to cry"

"Do you really enjoy these things?" Dahyun was strangely calm and not at all bothered by the physical contact she was having with her temporary roommate, who was having fun with the ring the brunette was wearing like a necklace.

"I have to admit, I haven't laughed that much in months" she still had tears in her eyes.

Momo was also having a lot of fun, but what she preferred about that evening was the toothy smile of the person she loved "be prepared to endure some belly cramps because we haven't finished telling our misadventures yet"

"Tell her about when we went to the lake and you tried to imitate Tarzan, that makes laugh for real" Jeongyeon had her arms hanging on either side of her chair, too worried about her best friend to really enjoy herself.

She felt guilty enough to have completely isolated herself from the conversation, not noticing how Momo and Chaeyoung were entertaining Jihyo, completely ignoring the fact that Dahyun had rested her head on Sana's shoulder and not paying attention to the return of the two girls who had gone out for a walk.

"I'm very tired, I better go to sleep" she got up quickly, greeting everyone with a simple wave of her hand before running upstairs. She was almost afraid to open the door to the room she would share for two nights with her best friend, but she was sick of being a coward.

Once inside she had fixed her eyes on Nayeon's body, who had curled up on her side and had her eyes closed "are you sleeping?"

"How could I do it with all the noise the others are making? And don't talk to me anymore, at the moment I don't want to talk to you"

"I'm really sorry, I should have avoided having you wash the dishes for me. How can I be forgiven?"

"Tomorrow it will be over, you just need to wait a few hours to get my forgiveness"

A light bulb went on in Jeongyeon's mind "I want to use my second wish. Now"

The older's eyes had suddenly opened "I won't do anything you ask me and I don't care in the least about your stupid wish"

"What I want to ask you would be beneficial to both of us, are you sure you don't want to listen to me?"

"What should I do?" she had said it in a sigh, but her curiosity was so great that she couldn't hide it.

"You just have to close your eyes and relax"

"Tell me you're not going to write on my face with a permanent marker"

The blonde had rolled her eyes "no Nay, I told you I want to do something for the benefit of both of us. Now do as I asked, please"

Realizing the impatience of her best friend, Nayeon had done as she had been asked without questioning, doing her best to stay relaxed.

All Jeongyeon needed at the moment was a rich dose of courage, which it had revealed the moment she turned her gaze to the older's lips. She had approached as calmly as possible, speaking in a low voice so as not to scare her "I'm about to do what I couldn't do when we danced together at the club"

"Did we two dance?"

"Yes and it was one of the best moments of my life" she had waited a few seconds to make sure Nayeon was calm before kissing her on the forehead, then on the nose and finally on her lips.

Initially there had been no reaction and Jeongyeon, to avoid further humiliation, was about to walk away with a snap when two arms had naturally surrounded her neck.

Nayeon was holding her and it was she who took that kiss back, not hesitating even a second before clinging to the blonde "is this what you want?"

"Yes, but only if you want it too. This was my wish and I already feel satisfied for kissing you" 

"On the other hand, it's not enough for me, I hope you don't mind realizing my desire too" her gaze was completely different from what Jeongyeon was used to, but it was not the first time she saw it and the excitement felt the evening in which they had danced together had returned to be heard.

"Do you really want to do it? I don't think I will be able to behave as usual after taking this step"

"Don't I look sure?" the way she smiled had been more than reassuring to Jeongyeon and made her kiss her again, but more firmly. They were both too caught up in the moment and the excitement to realize the noise their friends were making downstairs, which was as if it had never been produced by their screams and laughter.

They had stripped everything that night, not just taking off each other's clothes but exposing all their feelings for each other. It had been their night and neither of them could ever forget it.

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