Hopelessly In Love

Tzuyu was sitting at one of the more secluded tables in the bar she had chosen to meet Chaeyoung, aware that they would not have a pleasant conversation and that this spot would provide the privacy they needed.

It was a beautiful day, hot at the right point and the girl wanted to take a walk in the park in the company of a person who didn't want to get out of her head, but in order to do it she had to make the situation clear.

"Today there is more traffic than usual, sorry if I'm late" her pink hair was tied in a ponytail and Chaeyoung, strangely, was wearing only a simple gray jumpsuit. She was not wearing makeup, but she was still so beautiful that she attracted anyone's attention "what did you want to talk to me about?"

The tallest had waited for the breakfast she had ordered for both of them before speaking "you know I don't like to prolong speeches and that's why I'll go straight to the point: I'm interested in Mina"

"Frank as always from what I see" she was sipping her cappuccino "what does this have to do with me? If you want to take her to bed go ahead, but I doubt she would"

"You're talking about her as if she were an object to use at will, do you realize that?"

Chaeyoung's face was perfectly relaxed, as was her posture "she's my girlfriend and the way I talk about her doesn't concern you" 

"She deserves better, do you understand? I saw her eyes and she is unhappy and insecure, you made her so. You turned her off"

"And who could give it to her? Don't look at me like that, you're not that different from me and you wouldn't be able to handle a serious relationship. Mina needs attention that neither you nor I combined could give her, put a stone on it that my princess grows fond of little and you could hurt her"

"I'm not like you"

The pink-haired girl had narrowed her eyes "you don't just want to have with her, right?"

"You finally got it"

"As much as my relationship with Mina may be open is not something I can accept" the tranquility that had enveloped her up to that moment was almost completely gone "sharing the body is one thing, but it is not the same for the heart"

"I thought to warn you of my intentions because of the strange friendship that binds us, but know that it will not be your disappointment that will stop me. My honesty goes up to a certain point, I'm not a saint, and I'm ready to woo Mina in the way that I think more right"

Chaeyoung had remained silent to reflect, flashing a smile after a few seconds "would you really give up on the evening and all the girls who would die to have your eyes on them? I don't think it's possible"

"I'm already giving it up and it doesn't weigh on me in the least, the only one I want is her and I'm sure of this"

"You have fallen in love with the wrong person, Mina never manages to come forward even for a kiss and that's why I'm the only one who can have her. If you really want to challenge me then let's make a bet"

Tzuyu had lost the impassive expression that distinguished her "I don't think we should bet on such a thing, I find it in bad taste"

The other girl had deliberately ignored that "I'm going to give you some time to drop Mina at your feet, let's make a month? Sounds perfect for the boring way you're going to get close to her. If you win, I'll give you a nice amount of money, so you can use that money as you please, but if I win you will have to watch as I steal Mina from under your nose. I have chosen some rewarding prizes for both of us, what do you think?"

"I do not accept for the money, but to throw the reality in your face. You can eliminate my prize, for me it is only important to be able to free her from the chains you put around her wrists to be satisfied"

"Your motivation steeped in do-goodness is indifferent to me, I'm only interested in this challenge. May the best one win, Tzutzu" she had extracted some bills from her wallet, leaving them on the table and smiling falsely "keep the rest, my rival in love"





Initially, Momo's choice had been a two-storey villa surrounded by lots of greenery and with an adjoining swimming pool, but having considered the various movements she used to make during the day she decided to buy an apartment in the center, from which she could enjoy a magnificent view of the city.

"Jihyo would love it, I have to convince her to come and see me one of these days. If I had asked her for her phone number it would have been easier to contact her"

She pouted, still looking out the huge window "we'll see you soon, I can feel it. Now stop whining and enjoy your beautiful brand new home"

There were more rooms in addition to the one she had chosen for herself and, in addition to a couple to use for guests, the remaining two would become a study and a gym. She just had to wait for the equipment and furniture she had ordered that morning to arrive in order to be able to arrange them as best as she could.

The bed she chose was huge "I'm sure I'll feel alone sleeping here, but I can wait for my Jihyo to return so I can share it with her and I already know she'll love our personal bathroom too. She always wanted one and now we have one, she just has to move here"

Speaking aloud had always helped her to end the silence she hated so much and there were few times when she would have preferred to do without any voice or noise. This was the umpteenth time she needed to keep busy.

It had all started two years ago, when Jihyo had taken each of the things that belonged to her and had left without looking back. Her laughter no longer rang throughout the small apartment they had lived in together, her wonderful voice no longer delighted Momo's ears with love songs and her physical presence had ceased to fill in the blanks.

She wanted to return to the stability they had built during their short but intense coexistence, she was ready to do anything to get Jihyo back by her side but at the same time she was undecided about what could be the correct way to act in a delicate situation like that.

"I don't have to force her, but I can't go too slow either or she will escape me" snorting like a child she always did well and was abusing it for a few minutes "doesn't necessarily have to remember everything, not immediately at least, but this puts me in a difficult position because I have not forgotten even the insignificant things"

"I'm great at attracting girls to me, but I'm not when it comes to her" she threw herself heavily on the bed, imagining the person she loved instead of the pillow she was holding tight "should I make her jealous or court her mercilessly? This is the dilemma"

After a lot of mulling over she made up her mind to turn on the laptop to put an ad online, as she needed someone to help keep the apartment clean.

She had no particular demands, it was enough for her to be able to live in an place where she could feel comfortable and without being surrounded by dust or dirt. Not knowing how much it might cost, she decided to call the best cleaning expert in Korea.

"I hope this is important, I am cleaning my room and I hate being interrupted in these moments" Jeongyeon had put on the speakerphone so as not to slow down her mission of vital importance.

"I'm preparing the ad to be put online and I wanted to ask you how much you have to pay for someone to do the cleaning"

The blonde swore under her breath after dropping a book "it depends on your house and how much you are willing to spend to have it cleaned. Remember that the pay goes by the hour, at least I know it works like this"

"Do you think I should be generous? I feel guilty just thinking about making someone bother for me"

"I told you, decide the amount that seems right for the service you are asking for. When will you invite me? I am very curious to see your new home"

"You can come even now, I have nothing to do and I would like to have company. We could open a bottle of champagne to celebrate my move"

Jeongyeon had started cleaning as fast as her body allowed "I'll be there in half an hour"

"I haven't sent you the position yet, you can't be sure it will take that short" Momo was giggling.

"I assure you it will only take thirty minutes, you will see Hirai" she had closed the call without saying goodbye, hurrying to finish quickly "what luck, when Nay is not at home I am always bored to death and I needed this invitation"





Evening had fallen and once she left the cinema Sana had stretched "the film was not bad, but I don't like things that are too romantic. You need a little spice in relationships or you get bored"

"I liked it a lot, the protagonists are really beautiful together" Mina was still smiling at the emotion she had felt while watching and her eyes were shining.

Nayeon had looked down after hearing that phrase "these feelings should let you know in which wrong situation you are in. If this kind of thing makes your heart pound, you should be with someone who gives you the attention you want"

"Nay, I don't want to talk about it" she gently touched her shoulder, giving her a smile "I'm fine, there's nothing wrong"

"You're a liar, but I'll just let it go because I don't want to ruin our special date" the older of the three had taken both of her friends by the arm.

Sana seemed a bit down in the dumps "I miss Jihyo, she's doing nothing but looking for a job lately. She doesn't need it because she already has a career, yet she insists on settling down and this makes me angry"

"She was clear in saying that she is no longer able to write lyrics that satisfy her and it is right that she is looking for another way if she does not feel like doing a job that no longer belongs to her" even Mina was sorry for the fate of their friend "having lost her memory deprived her of many emotions related to memories useful for writing her lyrics and I really admire her strength"

"She is a fantastic person and she deserves to switch off so I have decided that next time we will go and eat sushi all together. Sana will pay the bill" Nayeon seemed pleased with that initiative.

The girl with the coppery hair was immediately indignant "why do I have to pay?"

"You are the rich one and we are all poor losers, the least you can do is offer us dinner. And something to drink" she had indicated a place "would you like to go in? It seems quiet"

"All right, I'll offer you a drink. Minari, would you like to?"

Having her friends' hopeful eyes on her had been decisive for Mina "okay, as long as we don't overdo the alcohol"

"Great, let's go!" the older had practically pulled them inside in which it was not too noisy. There were some people dancing and others sitting on circular loveseats, but it was two people in particular who caught her attention "am I wrong or those over there are Dahyun and Tzuyu?"

Sana seemed petrified on the spot "shall we go somewhere else? It's hot here and Mina could have an illness"

The brunette had looked at her with her eyebrows upwards "I'm perfectly healthy, thanks for your concern" she had rolled her eyes, trying hard not to look in a specific direction.

However, despite the two younger girls' attempts to escape, Nayeon raised her hand to attract the attention of the people she had aimed, approaching their table "what a coincidence, I thought you liked the particularly noisy places"

"Hi Nayeon" Dahyun had a glass elegantly held in one hand "the real surprise is to see you here, we are regulars"

"We wanted a drink and this place is not bad at all"

Tzuyu had her eyes on the last person she would have expected to see in a noisy club "sit with us, we were bored alone"

The older of the three newcomers accepted immediately, followed a few seconds later by the other two. Sana stared down in shame and was avoiding specifically the one who was staring at her amused "hello wink, today you are sober"

"Hyun, it's not nice to make fun of her" Tzuyu had immediately resumed, she too amused by that situation.

"I'll stop, I beg your pardon" she was typing something on her cell phone, letting out a smirk.

The auburn had come over to peek, catching a grim look from Dahyun "sorry, it's the first time I've seen you smile and I'm curious"

"Shall we go get a drink?" she had changed the subject without batting an eye.

"I'm coming too, Sana is too clumsy to carry more than one glass" Nayeon got up immediately, following the other two and making sure things could go smoothly as oil.

"Blue looks good on you" Tzuyu was smiling, her finger pointing in the direction of Mina's shirt.

Her embarrassment was evident and her flushed cheeks had made her even more adorable "thank you for the compliment"

"You don't seem very convinced, don't you believe me?"

"It's hard to believe compliments when you have different opinions, but I really appreciate what you said because this is one of my favorite shirts"

"Blue has always been my favorite color" Tzuyu would have liked so much to shorten the little distance between them and sit down next to her, but she was holding back because before her wishes there was the will of the other person "and now I'm even more convinced"

Mina let out a short laugh "stop it"

"Then I'll just stare at you until you realize that you are the most beautiful of all"

The other girl's heart was doing somersaults in her chest and she had covered her face with her hands "don't tease me"

The distance between them was getting shorter and shorter "I'll stop it now, but let me get to know you better"

"There is not much to know about me, I have an ordinary and linear life. I am a boring person"

"I'm a fan of boring people"

Mina hadn't had a chance to respond due to the others arriving, but she was relieved that another conversation had taken the place of the one she had just had with Tzuyu.

Those compliments had flattered her and she hadn't felt uncomfortable, she was very excited and the feeling of having butterflies fluttering in her stomach didn't want to leave. Repeating herself that she was already someone's girlfriend wasn't working, she couldn't stop herself from admiring every single thing about that kind and beautiful person.

The group, after about twenty minutes, was joined by Jeongyeon "I did as quickly as possible, you could have waited for me to drink" she had pointed her finger at the various empty glasses on the table.

"Jeongie!" Nayeon had thrown herself at her, hugging her with enthusiasm "I missed you a lot"

"Girls, I asked you not to get her drunk"

Dahyun shrugged, indicating a sleeping Sana and a Mina with an easy chuckle "it's not our fault, these three turned into sponges and there was no way to stop them. Get off and lean back" she pushed delicately the girl who wanted to lean on her at all costs.

"But I want to be comfortable" Sana pouted.

"Someone throw a bolt of lightning at me, I can't do it"

"Let's go dancing!" Nayeon had pulled Jeongyeon in the middle of the small crowd of people that was going wild, showing a side of herself that the taller girl did not know: she had started dancing, with a sensuality that had never belonged to her, moving against her best friend's body. 

"I'll go to hell for this" the blonde didn't want to take advantage of the situation and she wasn't doing it, but the other girl had left her no choice but have fun.

A whistle had escaped from Dahyun's lips "this is a noteworthy sight, I was right to tell Jeongyeon to join us here. She owes me a favor"

Tzuyu was smiling, now intent on touching Mina's hair, who thanks to the help of alcohol was totally at ease next to the taller girl "this is a night to remember"

"You can say it loudly, Jeongyeon is making one of her dreams come true and you.. You're awfully sweet to the person you like"

"You should try it too, Sana would love to have your attention"

Looking at the girl half asleep, with open and her unkempt hair hadn't moved anything in Dahyun "I pass, indeed I go home. Will you take them all?"

Tzuyu had nodded "can I kidnap one of them?"

"No, because you have to do things right, do you remember that?"


Mina had moved slightly and her face was very close to Tzuyu's "am I dreaming?"

"No, you're just a little bit tipsy"

"Too bad, it would have been a good dream"

Tzuyu's hands were resting on the cheeks of the one who was stealing her heart "why limit yourself to dreaming when you have the chance to make it come true?"

"Where's Chae? She promised me a massage" each of the words that came out of seemed disconnected from the others due to the constant pauses "why she never keeps her promises?" a salty tear had wet Tzuyu's hand still pressed to her face.

"That stupid does not give you the importance you deserve, but you already know this" she was wiping each tear very gently "I know that I am not the person you are used to, but I can and I want to give you everything you have been deprived of. Just let me do it"

"I like you, but I can't get close to you because I have a girlfriend. Leave me alone" she struggled away, risking falling off the couch and ending up straight into the arms of the person she had rejected.

Jeongyeon and Nayeon had finished dancing and returned to them. The first seemed worried, the other was out of herself from all the alcohol she had been drinking "let's take them home, they need to rest" she had leaned towards Sana to wake her up and help her stand. 

Tzuyu was sad and happy at the same time: Mina was in pain and trapped in a painful reality, but she had also admitted that she was interested in her. She wanted to kiss her and take her away from everything and everyone, but that night she just walked her home, ruminating on her thoughts all night.

Jeongyeon had also not been able to sleep: the thought of Nayeon dancing with her had become the beginning of a long and beautiful film playing in her head.  

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