Hopelessly In Love

The morning after waking up was not the best for Sana, as she had moved so much in her sleep that she had fallen out of bed. As if that were not enough she was submerged by the blankets, which were giving her a hard time getting up.

"I will never drink again, every time I do it I end up with my on the floor" she had snorted and threw everything on the completely unmade bed, stopping with one finger in mid-air due to an embarrassing memory of the night before "oh my, tell me it was just a dream"

She looked around for the owner of the room and, not finding her, she had moved to look for her friend. She needed confirmation and Nayeon was the only one who could have given it to her.

The person she was looking for was nowhere and Sana, not knowing what it meant to knock before entering a room, had opened the door to Jeongyeon's room with a snap, getting a pillow in the face.

"You made me take a hit, I thought you were a thief" the blonde had disheveled hair and, after making sure there was no danger, she went back to hug her best friend "if you're hungry you can take whatever you want, the kitchen is all yours" 

"To tell the truth I'd like to talk to my best friend first"

Jeongyeon was suddenly devoid of fatigue "your what?"

"My best friend, what did I say odd?"

"Im Nayeon, are you cheating on me with this faded red?" she had pinched the still sleeping girl on the side, making her scream.

Nayeon had slapped her on her arm "do you think it's the way to wake someone up? You're crazy!"

"Tell me why this hen named you her best friend" she looked like a sulky little girl and the older loved that childish side of the blonde.

Sana rolled her eyes "she's my best friend, but I'm not hers. Do you know what it means to have preferences? Well, I have a soft spot for Nayeon"

"She already answered, now let me sleep" she seemed to want to become one with the pillow from how much her face was pressing on it. She had slept very little and was intent on making up for all the lost hours of sleep.

Her friend, ignoring Jeongyeon's protests, had slipped into bed with them, more precisely on Nayeon "don't sleep, first you have to answer a question"

"Who gave you permission? This is my bed!"

"Shut up a second, when I'm finished I'll make breakfast for everyone to apologize" Sana was the hair of the one she considered a best friend "was it a dream or did I really give a lopsided wink as an attempt to flirt?"

"It's all true, I think Dahyun was traumatized by your bad attempt at seduction" Nayeon's voice was muffled by the pillow, but her words came loud and clear.

The auburn was lying on her back, intent on looking at the ceiling and biting her fingernail. She looked worried "I made a bad impression"

"Dahyun is always disgusted, if it can console you" Jeongyeon was in the same position, with one leg on top of Nayeon's "I've known her for quite a while, yet I haven't seen her in anyone's company yet. She's a lone wolf"

"She doesn't even look human since she's serious, there isn't a single wrinkle on that face of hers"

The blonde had softened her gaze "her smile is almost impossible to see even for those who know her well, but I assure you that she knows how to feel emotions too"

Sana had stood sideways, she too with one leg over those of the girl lying between them "tell me more, I'm very curious"

"Go talk somewhere else, I want to sleep"

"It's my room and I speak as much as I like"

"I'm leaving, imagine if these spinsters leave me alone on Sunday morning" Nayeon shrugged both off, getting up in a hurry.

Jeongyeon smiled maliciously "I'm full of girls who court me, the real spinster is you" not having received an answer had made her cheerfulness disappear from her face and her expression did not convey anything.

"You don't care about any of the girls who like you, you want to be with her" Sana whispered, her gaze fixed on the ajar door "why are you satisfied with being her best friend if you feel something different for her?"

"It's complicated and I prefer not to ruin our bond. The very thought of losing her hurts my heart and I prefer to stay in the safe zone. Don't tell her, please"

"Spreading your secrets is not on my list of things to do before reaching thirty, you can rest assured, but if I can afford.. Sooner or later she will understand how you feel and you will have to face it"

The blonde nodded "when the time comes I'll be ready to take charge of my feelings, but I want to enjoy this condition until the end"





Momo was not used to waking up next to someone, as she used to disappear in the dark of the night after spending a few hours in company, but seeing a cascade of red hair contrasting with the white pillowcase made her heart beat faster.

"You're staring at me again" Jihyo had opened her eyes to return the gaze.

"I beg your pardon, I can't help it"

The redhead had brought her hand to Momo's face, smiling after receiving a kiss on her palm "in the end you managed to convince me to stay"

"Do you feel sorry for staying?"

"No, it's nice to be here" she had approached the brunette to be hugged "I feel at home and this feeling scares me to death"

Momo was playing with her hair, knowing full well how much she liked that little attention "I'll be moving shortly, but my next house could become yours too. Just a word and I'll tell you the combination to open the door"

The way Jihyo sighed didn't promise the happy ending the other girl wanted "I had a good time tonight and seeing our memories I found that you did not lie, but I am not in a position to be with someone from the past and be crushed by the weight of expectations"

"I have no expectations of you, what makes you think this is the case?"

"The way you look at me and the little gestures you make, you do something I love and then watch my reaction with hopeful eyes" she sat up, scanning the room with her eyes in search of her clothes.

"I'm sorry because I don't realize it, I don't do it because I want to pressure you" Momo was next to her, intent on tracing small circles on her back "don't go away, there are other things I would like to show you"

Jihyo felt the weight of a boulder in her chest "what use would it be to show me other things about our relationship? What do you want in return?"

The other girl's silence had been a very clear answer and Jihyo had gotten out of bed to pick up her clothes and put them on in a hurry, ignoring the sad eyes of the person who was looking at her.

"There is one thing I would like to know" she was turning away from her, ready to leave the room where she had spent the night.

"You can ask me what you want"

A deep breath, followed by another, had given her the courage to utter the question that had so tormented her "why did you think there was hatred on my part?" she had turned to look into her eyes.

Momo seemed torn, but she had decided not to lie "it was I who left you, I made you believe I lost the love I had for you and I was not at all nice during our last date"

Even Jihyo's eyes were bright, complicit in a pain that the girl could not feel completely "I don't understand, you said you were still in love with me"

"You wanted to live thanks to the song lyrics you write and you had found a place in New York that acts as a springboard for that type of career, but I preferred to work in my family's business to have a secure and well-paid job"

"This does not clarify my doubts, there are so many ways to manage a long-distance relationship"

"You had made the decision to stay here, you were willing to give up your dream to be with me and I would never forgive me. It was the most difficult and painful decision of my life and I don't think I was good at managing the breakup. I started drinking and going out with people whose faces I don't even remember, but I've never forgotten the person I left my heart with and now that you're here in front of me I don't know what to do"

"A hidden part of myself is screaming at the top of my voice to go back to bed, to take refuge in your arms, but the person I am now is preventing me from doing so. Who should I listen to?"

Momo had clenched her fists to contain the emotion given by the hope "you have to act in the way you think is right, but know that I will not give up on you in any case"

The slowness with which Jihyo had opened the door was a destructive response for both of them "I can't get my feelings back for you if I don't find myself first, I'm sorry"

"It doesn't matter if it's hard, this time I'm not giving up. Did you hear Jihyo? I don't want to lose you again!" she had screamed to be heard and was glad she did before hearing the sound of the front door being closed.





Waking up in an empty bed had become the norm for Mina and she no longer took offense at the absence of her girlfriend. They had been together since high school and it was Chaeyoung who approached her first, she was so interested in meeting the shy girl in the class next to her.

At first everything seemed like in fairy tales: simple and pleasant appointments, moments of pampering without the knowledge of their parents and all their first times.

Chaeyoung didn't immediately realize that she wanted to have fun with as many people as possible and initially she devoted every single attention to her girlfriend, but things had changed when a new student arrived in Mina's class.

She was intrigued by that girl, to the point of taking her girlfriend to talk to her about her life choice. Mina had not been thrilled, but she had drawn on a disparaging thought of her person that had convinced her to accept that she had to share her better half with other people.

She hated being alone at night and she couldn't even remember the last time Chaeyoung had told her she loved her sincerely. There were no more pampering or intimate moments, they no longer played chasing each other to brighten up the days and, above all, they had stopped communicating with sincerity.

Even the beautiful house of the pink-haired girl had lost all its charm and Mina no longer felt comfortable living there, causing the coexistence to flow into a boring and sad loop without an end.

That morning, unlike the others, there had been a very specific reason to get her back in a bit of a good mood and it was the memory of Tzuyu. She had been kind enough to her that she made her dumb to the point of jumping right after stepping into her house.

As soon as she realized she was smiling she was frozen with her chopsticks in mid-air "you're so desperate you have butterflies in your stomach, pathetic" she shook her head with disappointment, feeling even sadder "imagine if someone like her may like someone like me, she just wanted to do her friend a favor"

She didn't mind having lunch alone, it had become her moment of reflection "I'm so in need of attention that it takes very little to make me blush, how stupid" she rested her forehead on the table, completely ignoring the food in front of her "I would like to be different and instead I'm just a loser, she could never like me"

She pouted, pinching herself immediately after "you have a girlfriend, you shouldn't want the attention of another person. Even if, on balance.. No Mina, now you finish eating and then you take all these thoughts out of your head. Don't think about Tzuyu, come on "

The noise of the front door brought her back to reality, but it was her girlfriend who gave her the jolt necessary to not get lost in the fantasy: she had unkempt hair, her shirt backwards and was smeared with lipstick on one cheek and on her neck "good morning princess, have you already had lunch?"

"I just finished"

"Great, I'm going to take a shower and then I'm going out again" she was stretching.

Mina was looking at her with false detachment "we had decided to be together today, have you forgotten?"

The pink-haired girl was undressing to buy time, regardless of being in the kitchen "let's do it another time, I have some things to do with my parents. I absolutely have to hurry or they'll give me an endless lecture. I would kiss you, but you know how it is when I come back from a wild night" 

"Quiet, now I know how to do without your affection" she had murmured slowly, refraining from crying.





"I thought you stopped drinking in the morning" Tzuyu raised both eyebrows at the sight of the two empty beer bottles on the glass table, showing all her annoyance "we already talked about it, remember?"

"I could never forget it and you can rest assured because I drank during lunch" Dahyun was lying on the couch with her eyes closed "what did you want to talk to me about?"

"It's complicated and I want your attention"

The other girl had opened her eyes, pulling up to make room for her friend "I'm all ears, tell me what is tormenting you to the point of interrupting my afternoon nap to be able to talk with me"

The tallest had waited to stay with her planted firmly on the cushion before starting to speak "do you remember what happened last night?"

"We are talking about Mina, am I right?"

"How did you understand?" Tzuyu was surprised and her eyes bulged.

"You are my best friend and we have never talked about girls, so I deduced that from your expression and your attitude. You are different than usual, it seems like you are holding you back from saying something" 

"You guessed it, as usual" she was smiling "you know very well that I never believed in love and love at first sight, but I don't know how to define what happened yesterday without using these terms"

Dahyun was listening with the utmost attention "what are you going to do about it? This is the first time you care about someone and I don't think you just want to go to bed with her"

"I'd like to know her better, but she's with Chae and I don't really know what to do. I really need to be told not to do bull because I already know I'm predisposed to do it"

"Do you want my sincerity?"

"I came here for this"

"If you like Mina as much as I understand then you should give it a try, not giving a damn about her lousy relationship"

Tzuyu was tugging at her hand skins "I would feel like a horrible person, although I don't approve of Chaeyoung's way of doing she is still a member of our group"

"You've seen very well how she treats her and it's disgusting, calling her a princess and telling her she's beautiful doesn't make up for the bull she does every day. I never said anything about their relationship because I was convinced that such an indifferent person could have someone with the same way of doing things and last night I changed my mind, Mina is trapped in something she doesn't want and she needs someone to make her open her eyes"

"You surprise me, you know? You always pretend to be ice and then you express yourself like this"

"I am myself only in the company of those who deserve it, but this is not what we are talking about" she took her shoulders, looking into her eyes "exclude Chaeyoung from the big picture and tell me what you would like to do"

Tzuyu's eyes were full of uncertainty "I don't know, I can't say I've already fallen in love and want to be with her for the rest of my life. The only thing I'm sure of is that I don't want to approach Mina to give her the same treatment she is having from her girlfriend and, as you know, I am very similar to her in this aspect. This is what makes me indecisive and I already know that I am not a faithful person"

Dahyun was frowning. "I don't think you have yet realized the situation you are in. Obviously you will have to give up some of the things that characterize your days, but would it weigh you down enough to make you behave like that stupid human highlighter?"

"I don't feel any weight in my imagination, on the contrary I think I'm tired of being surrounded by people I don't care about, but I'm not sure I'm suddenly changed. Knowing this.. Should I do something for Mina anyway?"

"Not just for her, you have to do it for yourself too. It's the opportunity you needed to get rid of a lifestyle you don't like anymore. That girl has overturned all your beliefs and deserves to be rewarded, don't you think?" 

"Okay, I'll try, but first I'll talk to Chaeyoung face to face. I don't know if it might bother her or not, I just know that I don't want to be dishonest"

The brunette was smiling "I had never seen you so serious and determined. Other than a single lightning strike, at least twenty will have arrived to you"

"Don't fool me or I'll tell everyone that the cold and serious Kim Dahyun cried several times while watching a drama that she described as boring and emotionless"

"Speaking of drama.. Would you like to watch one? It could inspire you to become a good suitor"

They had exchanged a mischievous glance, which had immediately disappeared to make room for their usual serious and detached expression. Their character had always been special, but deep down they both hoped to be able to change it.

"One last thing before starting the vision: what do you think of Sana? She seemed quite Interested in you. She even gave you that super seductive look" Tzuyu was holding back from laughing at the memory. 

Dahyun had rolled her eyes "I feel nothing for that girl, the only one who wants to commit is you and I really think you'll be the only one to change"

"We'll see, I think you like her"

"I told you no"

"I'll give you a few months, but I already know that something magical will happen for you too"

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