Hopelessly In Love

Living with her best friend had always brought great advantages for both Nayeon and Jeongyeon, who had decided to share an apartment that was not too big to reduce expenses and not to get lost due to the commitments of both.

They had known each other since middle school and had been inseparable during all the years of school to follow, despite their different characters and sometimes impossible to manage when put together: Jeongyeon loved freedom and used to spend a lot of time outside partying; Nayeon was the opposite of her, she felt better in a calm and familiar environment.

However, while it might have been strange in the eyes of others, the two got along very well. Most of the time.

"Can you change the channel? This film has no plot and the protagonists only think about having , what a deadly bore" Nayeon had buried her hand in the bowl of popcorn, under the horrified gaze of her roommate.

"Tell me you washed your hands before committing this unforgivable crime"

"I have to say no and you have no idea what I did with this hand" the older had winked, letting out a scream immediately afterwards.

Jeongyeon had grabbed her wrist to sniff the hand in question, relaxing her shoulders as the pleasant smell of her soap made itself felt "you're a fool, I used to play these tricks when I was a baby"

"I'm not stupid, I did it to eat it all by myself"


"Picky and clean freak"

The younger had sighed as she was running her hands through her short blond hair "I propose a truce, I don't want to spend the rest of the day wiping away your tears of pain" she changed the channel several times, stopping after finding one that was broadcasting an animation.

Nayeon had rolled her eyes "imagine if I cry for your cheap insults"

They both fell silent, finally interested in what they were looking at. Their relationship had always been made up of small and silly quarrels, which used to end in a few minutes and that had been yet another case. They even shared the food and drink they had chosen for that movie afternoon.

"I don't feel like wasting my Saturday night, can we do something?" Jeongyeon had slid on her until she was sitting sprawled on the couch. 

"What would you like to do? No discos or noisy places, you know they make me uncomfortable and give me a headache"

The blonde had started to think, looking at the time carefully "we could invite our friends, would it be okay by nine? We need the time to buy drinks at the supermarket. We also have to clean, there is too much dust for my tastes"

Nayeon looked shocked "who are you? What have you done to my best friend?"

"Stop it, moron" she had given her a nudge on her forehead, ignoring the complaints "it's strange that you don't know my friends and vice versa, don't you think?"

"Now that you make me think yes, it's kind of weird. You say it might be a good idea? We like different things and I don't know what to expect"

"The two of us are like day and night, do you remember? It could be a good opportunity to unite the two groups"

The older had grabbed her cell phone "I ask immediately, those wretches don't move their asses if they are not notified in advance" her fingers were moving fast on the screen of the electronic object.

Jeongyeon had done the same, whistling cheerfully "I prefer my friends then, with them it takes five minutes to organize something. Oh, Chae has already answered me and said she will bring her girlfriend. She finally decided to introduce her to us, better late than never"

"How long have you known this Chae?"

"For almost a year, can you believed it? No one in our group knows who her better half is, although I must admit that Chaeyoung is not suitable for a relationship and that makes me even more curious"

"Why is she not suitable?" she was making a list of things to buy on the notes of the cell phone.

"She likes to have fun with whoever happens to her, I've never seen her more than once with the same person"

Nayeon nodded "if her girl doesn't bother I don't see anything wrong. Now let's go get something to drink and eat"

During the shopping they had talked a lot about their respective friends, both feeling anxious to share the side they had kept hidden from the other.





The set time had come and everything was ready: the table had been moved to the living room to have more space and on it there was a vast amount of snacks and drinks of all kinds. The apartment was clean and fragrant, and not a single piece of furniture was out of place.

"I'm late, those jerks can't be trusted" Jeongyeon was nervous and she was stamping her foot on the floor repeatedly to keep herself busy.

The sound of the bell had triggered the older of the two roommates, who ran to open the door. In front of her was a short girl, who had pink hair and bare arms full of tattoos. She was gorgeous, Nayeon had to admit.

"If I had known that Jeongyeon's roommate is so beautiful I would have come to see you much sooner" in addition to her beautiful smile it was the presence of a rather evident dimple on her right cheek that distracted the taller girl "very pleased, I'm Chaeyoung"

"Nayeon, my pleasure" she smiled too, surprised after seeing the person behind the new arrival "Mina? You said you weren't coming"

"Chae was the first to reply to a message from a friend of hers and I had no idea where we were headed. I'm glad to know that you are Jeongyeon's roommate" she smiled shyly and looked relieved "better this way, I needed this surprise"

Entered the house Jeongyeon was shocked at the sight of Mina "is she your girlfriend? She is too beautiful and graceful for you" she had whispered in her friend's ear.

"She is beautiful, right? She looks like a princess"

"She is and the question arises spontaneously: how the hell do you cheat on such a person? She is a crash and I bet my she is also caring" 

"Jeong, having with other people is not cheating when you are in an open relationship"

The blonde had not been able to reply due to the arrival of another girl with thick red hair and a shy smile "hello, my name is J-"

The redhead had been interrupted by another person, who had arrived almost at the same time and stood at the entrance with wide eyes "Jihyo?"

"Have we met before?" the girl named Jihyo was genuinely confused.

"Do you hate me so much that you pretend you don't know me?"

Nayeon had lightly tapped on Momo's shoulder to get her attention "I don't know anything about you, but if you met Jihyo before nine months ago it's normal that she doesn't have any memories of you" she was whispering so as not to upset anyone "she had a bad accident and has lost her memory ever since"

Momo's eyes were shining "I understand, at least she's not pretending" she nervously adjusted her bangs before approaching the redhead "my name is Momo, doesn't my face tell you anything?"

"No, I'm sorry. Did we have a good relationship?"

"I'll tell you later, now there is no time for drama and we absolutely must have fun!" the sadness was quickly gone from her gaze and she was quick to introduce herself to Nayeon and Mina. Jihyo had emulated her gesture with the girls she didn't know.

The newcomer had entered without knocking, having found the door ajar, and she had smiled at everyone "good evening, sorry I'm late but there was traffic" she had perfectly straight auburn hair, so much so that it looked like spaghetti "my name is Sana"

Nayeon ran to hug her, wiping away some tears that weren't there "only half an hour late, I'm getting emotional"

"Don't give me bad publicity, it wasn't my fault" she pouted and was ready to slap her friend, which was prevented by the door that was snapped open, hitting her lightly.

"Sorry, are you hurt?"

Sana was staring at the most beautiful person she had ever seen, also showing interest in the curves highlighted by the tight tracksuit she was wearing.

"I knew I had better wear my giant sweatshirt" she greeted Nayeon with a nod, entering the apartment and repeating the gesture with all the people she did not know.

Jeongyeon had put her arm on the shoulders of the newcomer "come on Hyun, we're here to meet new people and have fun, you don't need to poke your nose if someone stares at you. You're a smash"

"Could you stop squeezing my neck? It's irritating"

Momo let out a chuckle at that statement "and with this you confirmed that you prefer traditional "

"Better than the you do" she had pointed her middle finger at her.

"Don't fight and sit down, you are making me look bad with my best friend" Jeongyeon was looking at them, annoyed "where is Tzuyu?"

Dahyun had thrown herself into a random chair, followed by the others still standing "she's looking for parking, you know she wants to put her car in the safest spots"

The girl just mentioned had rang the bell and stopped in front of a pair of eyes she had never seen before "hello, who are you?"

"My name is Mina and no, I'm not Jeongyeon's roommate. They are all at the table and I was the only one still standing, that's why I'm here" she laughed briefly, feeling stupid immediately afterwards and getting out of the way "sorry, come in"

"Adorable" Tzuyu muttered before reaching the living room and sitting in the only free seat, losing her smile after seeing the way Chaeyoung hugged the person who opened the door for her "is she your girlfriend?"

"She is" she was smiling with satisfaction "why that face?"

Tzuyu had already poured herself a drink "I was thinking she's too beautiful for a scribble like you"

Nayeon's friends, including the latter, were a little dazed by the way the other girls in the house communicated and just kept silent. Mina, on the other hand, was blushing.

To realize their embarrassment was Momo, who had become serious "we should stop behaving like little girls and I think it is appropriate to be educated in the company of those who do not know us"

"I strangely agree with her" Dahyun had just put away her cell phone.

"How about we relax a bit before we talk? There's a tension in the air that I don't like" Chaeyoung reached out for a beer, pouring some into her girlfriend's glass.

Sana was intent on fiddling with the opening hook of her bracelet "you two could start and tell us why you never showed up together"

Mina could not find a comfortable position and was constantly moving in the chair "it's.. Complicated"

"We have an open relationship and it is not an obligation to go out together when you are with friends" Chaeyoung had already finished drinking and was ready for the encore "we can do what we want, with whom we prefer"

"I don't want to be rude, but what's the point of being with someone if you then go and look elsewhere?" Jihyo's eyes conveyed genuine curiosity, a sign that she wasn't judging the couple's life choice.

The pink-haired girl did not need to think of an answer, which came naturally to her "I could turn the question around and ask you what is the use of being chained to only one person"

Jihyo shrugged "it's not a question of usefulness, but of feelings. You can't love one person and desire another"

"I agree with you, but my love for her pushed me to accept this condition" Mina had her cheeks on fire and her desire to escape was immense.

Chaeyoung was smiling with satisfaction "my girlfriend has never had anyone but me and, considering her poor ability to take the initiative, I don't think she would be able to find someone who loves and protects her like I do"

"This is the biggest bull I have ever heard, besides being in bad taste" Tzuyu was visibly annoyed "you embarrassed her in front of people she doesn't even know, you should be ashamed"

"My girlfriend can defend herself from things that bother her, right?" she had smiled with her dimple, the hair of her beloved.

"You're right" Mina had made an effort to return her smile, merely taking a sip of beer to interrupt the exchange of glances.

To change the subject, to the delight of all except for her targets, was Jeongyeon "may I know how do you know each other? You don't seem like two people who frequent the same places" she had pointed the index finger in the direction of the girls in front of her. 

Jihyo had just finished tying her hair into a low ponytail "I have no idea, sorry"

"We had a story, that's all" the sadness in Momo's eyes did not reflect the same detachment as the words she had uttered so confidently "we broke up two years ago"

"May we know the reason? It could be useful for Jihyo" Nayeon refused to drink anything alcoholic and was enjoying a simple fruit juice "having some important information could make her remember something"

The brunette had taken a few seconds to observe the person she had loved more than anyone else in the world "we had different goals and we couldn't have a long-distance relationship. My place is here, hers is in New York"

"Confirm?" Sana was sitting particularly close to the person who had captured all of her interest with a single glance, who hadn't shown the slightest hint of interest in her.

"My parents told me about my stay in that city and about the accident that took place there. I guess it's all true"

"I still have all your things, along with the photos and videos. Later, if you like, you could come with me to reconstruct a part of your memory" Momo's friends had not made any suggestive jokes in front of that request, aware that the girl had no ulterior motives. However, it was she who ruined the seriousness of the moment "you could also use me to recover everything you lost, I remember every single part of your body"

Jihyo's cheeks had turned so red that they competed with her hair "I'll be happy with the photos, thanks for the offer"

"You're the usual disgusting maniac" Dahyun had looked at the girl with bangs without hiding her disappointment.

A real bickering had begun between the two, which was also joined by Chaeyoung, and Jeongyeon had approached her best friend "I'm sorry, maybe it wasn't a good idea"

Nayeon had smiled "your friends are a bit strange, but they seem like good people" she was staring at a specific point of the table: Mina's hand was still on the smooth surface, very close to Tzuyu's, and the latter seemed undecided about something "anything could happen, fate is unpredictable"

Speaking of unpredictability, Chaeyoung was excited about a message she just received and was showing everything to her girlfriend "she is one of those impossible people to seduce and she asked me to join her now, what do you think?"

The way Mina was looking at the cell phone screen was indecipherable, but she certainly didn't like the news "go, such an opportunity might not come back"

"That's why I love you, you are fantastic!" she had kissed her cheek before getting up and looking at all those present "who will accompany the princess to my house?"

Dahyun hadn't been able to pretend she wasn't disgusted, but her gaze softened immediately after landing on Mina "I came on foot, sorry"

"My house is in a completely different direction from yours, we should leave immediately so as not to be too late" Momo was intent on looking at the timetable.

Sana also had to refuse, speaking in a disjointed way "I'll stop here for the night, sorry Minari"

"I'll take you, I have to go through it anyway" Tzuyu had given her a gentle smile, the same one she had pulled out immediately after hearing her speak for the first time.

"Tzutzu is always the best, I love you!" Chaeyoung had taken the liberty of ruffling the tallest girl's hair, getting a grim look.

"I'm not doing it for you, keep it in mind"

"You deserve a good kick in the , who would leave their girlfriend to go have fun with someone else?" Jeongyeon was judging her and had no desire to hide it.

The highlighter pink-haired girl snorted "you have suddenly become saints just to look good in front of these beautiful girls, but I don't care at all to be as fake as you are. Goodnight" she had gone at a brisk pace, without looking back.

"I would say that the night is over" the blonde got up to apologize to all the people present "I apologize for her, this should have been an occasion to get to know each other and we ruined everything, I'm sorry"

"I don't mind, drama aside" Sana turned to Dahyun, smiling like a fool and blinking both eyelids in an attempt to wink.

"Why do the strangest people always happen to me?"

Momo was giggling "maybe because you're weird too"

They all said goodbye, going in different directions after leaving the building where the two best friends lived: Jihyo had decided to leave with Momo, Dahyun had set off in the dark of the night and Mina was in the car with Tzuyu.

"I'm sorry I bothered you, I could have taken a taxi"

"It's dangerous at this hour, I wouldn't have let you"

Mina was blushing: Tzuyu's profile was perfect and her easy way of driving made her even more attractive, so much so that it prevented her from stopping staring at her. Arriving at a traffic light their eyes met for a few seconds, leaving both of them speechless.

Tzuyu had her mind occupied with a thousand thoughts and most of them were dedicated to the person sitting in the passenger seat "this could cause me a lot of problems"

"I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you said to me" she was curious.

"I said people who can't drive smell of problems" she replied with such ease that she surprised herself.

Mina seemed amused "now I understand the reason for your serious look, it's really funny"

"There's nothing funny about me and I'll give you a chance to figure it out"

"I'll wait, in the meantime, thank you for your kindness" she had reached forward to take her bag "goodnight, drive carefully"

"Goodnight" she waited to see the front door close before leaving "Chaeyoung is just a fool to treat her like that. If I were in her place I'd give up on any girl just to see that smile every day"






Here I am with a new story! I hope you understand everything despite the hodgepodge of information, but everything will be deepened gradually and I wanted to make an immediate impact for that very reason. Let me know if there is something wrong/to correct🤍

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