Hopelessly In Love

In the morning there wasn't even Dahyun's shadow, but she had left breakfast ready and a note saying she'd be back soon. Sana was so excited that she ran to wake up her friend "wake up lazy, the sun is already high and a fantastic breakfast awaits us!"

"Don't scream, my head hurts" Mina had covered herself up to her hair, too tired and sore to do anything else.

"That's what you deserve for drinking like a camel, you're lucky you don't get nauseous" she jumped on her, her chin resting on her shoulder "Minari, let's go eat the food prepared by Dahyun's beautiful hands"

"In the meantime, go, I'll join you shortly"

"I already know you want to abandon me to myself while you wallow in the world of dreams, I'm not stupid"

Mina had snorted loudly, whirling around to take the auburn off and getting up with her usual elegance "you are the most nagging person in the world"

"But you still love me" Sana smiled before imitating her friend, miserably failing her attempt to be graceful "you have to teach me, you are light as a feather while I look like a sumo wrestler"

They had arrived in the kitchen and it was the brunette who divided the food of both "where did Dahyun go? Is she really sure to leave her apartment unattended by her?"

Sana remained silent, chewing slowly to delay as much as possible the answer "she wrote that she had to do the shopping, but I think she too went to Tzuyu"

Hearing that name was like being hit by a burning blade, but Mina's expression remained impossible to decipher "it seems right, she is her best friend. I would have done it too"

"Are you feeling well? You know you can tell me everything"

"I'm better than yesterday, but I can't say I feel good and honestly I'm too tired to lie to you and pretend to be happy. It will pass, everything always passes"

"I admire you a lot, you know? In your place I would have reacted like the immature person I am, doing everything to make that person feel guilty and throwing myself on the bed crying indefinitely"

"Crying is good, but it doesn't solve problems and it doesn't help you grow. Dahyun told me to take courage, to take my life in hand and not to let me go and that's what I want to do" she had made her a little smile "it won't be a bad blow to change who I am"

The auburn's eyes were bright "I'm proud of you, I'm serious" she leaned over to take both of her hands "remember: you will always have my unconditional love and all my support"

"It's the same for you, so remember that too. You can always count on me"

"Speaking of which.. I need some help" her cheeks were blushing more and more "to seduce Dahyun"

Mina had blinked a couple of times, looking at her impassively "are you seriously asking me, Myoui Mina, to help you in an attempt at seduction? Have you forgotten my being as seductive as a dead plant?"

"But get it over with, even the stones turn when you pass"

"Presence and image are one thing, seduction is another"

"Then teach me something that can attract her attention, I'll take care of the rest. She provokes me without doing anything and I'm in danger of going crazy, so I'm going to be the one to create tension at the first opportunity. I want to make her want me"

After spending the whole morning making Sana a classy person, Mina had gone to lock herself in the room to give some privacy to the new and strange couple that had formed.

Initially everything had gone well: Dahyun had returned with the shopping bags and had put everything in order with the help of the auburn, talking about this and that and taking a few moments to kiss.

It was all perfect until Sana's fingers closed around the loops of the brunette's jeans, causing a hard-to-understand reaction "what are you doing?" 

"I'm trying to have some physical contact with you, don't you like it?"

"I don't despise it, but I would like to keep the distance between our lower parts"

At that moment, as if the universe had decided to send a twisted signal, Sana's eyes had opened wide enough to give the impression that they wanted to roll away "don't tell me that.."

Dahyun instead seemed confused "what are you thinking?"

"Do you have a surprise down there? Well, you were born a man and you haven't finished changing your body yet?" the blush on her face was like that of a sunburn.

The brunette had remained silent, confused and amused at the same time, but she had replied very kindly "it's not what you think, I assure you"

"There would be nothing wrong with that, I support and admire a lot those who have the courage to be themselves regardless of everything"

"Me too, but I repeat that it is not my case"

"Then why didn't you met me approach? The only thing that comes to my mind is that you feel uncomfortable about your way of being and that-"

She hadn't been able to finish the sentence as Dahyun had trapped her between the wall and her own body. Her eyes were fixed on hers, but they soon moved to her lips "the reason that drives me to keep you away is the tremendous attraction I feel for you, I feel I cannot control myself when you are too close to me"

"You don't have to, you know very well that I can't wait to take our relationship to the next level"

"Get ready for when we are alone" before walking away she gave her a quick kiss on the lips, smiling satisfied "did I leave you speechless with so little?"

Sana was covering her face with her hands "I'm used to seeing you cold and detached and this attitude of yours destabilizes me"

"For you I feel I can commit myself, you deserve the best part of me"





Jeongyeon and Nayeon, now in a stable relationship, had stopped sleeping separately with the agreement to take advantage of both rooms available to them and that night it was the turn of that of the blonde. The bed was definitely more comfortable and so were the soft pillows, but neither of them cared about the comfort because their love was enough.

The older loved to snuggle up against her girlfriend and receive her hugs "I would stay like this for my entire existence"

"I wouldn't mind having you always clinging to me, but the duties of so-called life are calling us and it's time to clean up. I can see the dust on my TV and I'm having a hard time not getting up with a feline snap"

"Are you saying you want to leave me and start dusting? Look, I'm offended" she pouted, making sure to puff her cheeks to have a greater impact on her girlfriend "I'm here next to you, with very few clothes on and a crazy desire to have you all to myself; sure you want to get up?"

On Jeongyeon's face, predictably, there was a mischievous smile "admit you can't get enough of having my hands on you and maybe I'll postpone cleaning for a few hours"

"You can forget it, I have no intention of feeding your ego and I don't even want to look at that idiotic smile for a second longer" she had turned away, wrapping her arms around the pillow and closing her eyes.

"You're the usual touchy, but I love you" she leaned over to kiss her head, unaware of Nayeon's dreamy gaze and stood up after hearing the bell "I don't remember ordering anything, you?"

"Negative, maybe it's the nuisance neighbor again"

Jeongyeon had gone to open the front door with her usual calm, which was swept away the moment she saw Jihyo's face streaked with tears "what happened to you?" she knew she had asked a stupid question: it was clear as day who was the cause of that silent and desperate weeping.

Holding back the sobs was not easy and this action prevented the redhead from saying anything, in fact all she managed to do was to take refuge in the arms of the girl taller than her. She looked like a fragile and abandoned child.

Nayeon joined them and dashed over to check out what was going on "what did that do?" she didn't used to insult people, but this was not valid when someone took the liberty of hurting the people she loved "tell me and I'll go pan her in her ty face"

"No violence Nay, now we just have to help her calm down and let off steam" Jeongyeon's hand was delicate on the redhead's head "first I want to know what happened and then I'll go get her by the hair. Can you talk now? Do you want a glass of water? "

Convincing Jihyo to sit on the couch hadn't been difficult and it didn't take long for Jihyo to stop sobbing "I ended our relationship after yet another discussion about my memory loss, she demanded too many things I can't give her despite my many efforts" she had taken a break to blow her nose "and just now, while I was at her house to do the cleaning, her grandmother and father arrived. That old lady made me feel loved and special thanks to the way she looked at me and the things she said to me, but he.. He was really cruel to me. He accused me of being a profiteer who points to their money and other things that I can't remember now"

"Mr. Hirai is one of the most unpleasant people you can meet and I have no trouble believing that it has gone even worse than you are saying" Jeongyeon was sitting next to her, one hand her back "Momo defended you?"

"She didn't, she didn't even look me in the face"

Nayeon's anger was preventing her from staying still and her legs were making her move from one side of the living room to the other faster than they should "if my father had allowed himself to speak in this way to my girlfriend I would have made him regret having me as his daughter"

"The same goes for me and I wouldn't mind disrespecting him in the slightest" the blonde stood up with a quick movement, looking her girlfriend in the eye "stay with her, I have an important business to attend to" she didn't wait to receive a answer, leaving the apartment at a brisk pace after wearing something suitable.

"Would you like to sit on my bed and eat junk food and watch zany cartoons?" Nayeon's hands were stretched forward "if you don't like I leave you the choice of activities to do in my humble abode"

Jihyo was able to smile slightly and stood up thanks to the help of her friend "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for ruining your intimate moment"

"We weren't doing anything and we have all the time we want to be alone, now it is our duty to help the people we love" she had pulled her into the room, taking the trouble to give her pajamas to be more comfortable "change and do as if you were at your house, I'm going to empty the pantry"

The redhead smiled again "thanks Nay, you and Jeongyeon are fantastic friends"

"Defects aside all of us are good friends and I hope that things can turn out well for each of us" she had crossed her fingers behind her back, putting all her hopes in that simple gesture.





Momo did not show the slightest surprise when she saw Jeongyeon enter her house without even knocking "I told you the code to open the front door only for emergencies, not to give you the consent to swoop in here when you please" she had a beer in her hands and a dull look.

"You're drinking again when you're perfectly aware that you're acting shamefully drunk, but for some reason I'm not surprised at all"

"If you came here to take me for bad words I suggest you leave, I'm not interested"

"I could seriously get my hands on you right now so I advise you not to answer me with this arrogance" she had her arms outstretched and clenched fists "why didn't you defend her? I let it run the first time, but I don't think I will be able to fly over a second time, not after seeing her cry in despair"

At those words Momo's eyes had opened slightly compared to just before "was she crying?"

"Yes, so much that she couldn't even say two words in a row and took refuge in my arms in search of comfort. You know how much I love you and you know I could never have a bad opinion of you, but this time you really proved that you are incapable of fighting for what you want and let that of your father hurt her again"

The other girl had lowered her head, intent on staring at the floor "I wanted to follow her when she left, but my father was continuing to insult her and I could not resist the urge to curse at him. I should have done it first and I'm aware of it, for this very reason I don't know what to do anymore"

Jeongyeon threw herself on the couch next to her, taking the beer from her hands and taking a long sip "you have to understand what you want"

"I want her. I want to be with Jihyo and no one else"

"Then you already know what to do, I don't have to be the one to tell you"

"I will give her some time to recover from all the harm I have caused her and then, at the first opportunity, I swear on my love that I will do the impossible to make her understand that I love her"

"I will cheer for you, I know how much you care and I wouldn't want to see you suffer" she took her face in her hands, making sure to press hard against her cheeks "if you go wrong again and that gorgeous girl comes home crying I promise that I will shave your bangs without any mercy"

Momo looked like a fish since the other girl had been pressing her hands on her face "okay, let me go now" she freed herself from the blonde's grip and then let herself go on the back of the couch "how long should I wait in your opinion?"

"It is not a question of time, but of occasions. When you feel you have to act you will do it and it will be in that moment that you will not have to go wrong"

"I really hope I'm doing the right thing, I owe it to her"





The day of the long-awaited party of the rich and famous Katarina, Chaeyoung's cousin and the head of an American fashion house, had finally arrived and some of the guests were particularly surprised to see the large number of people, famous and not, they found there.

The woman had rented a huge expanse of green located in front of one of the best villas in all of South Korea and the number of attendees at her birthday party was large enough to have even put Chaeyoung in awe.

"Didn't you say you were going to organize something intimate and quiet?"

"I have not invited many people, I assure you that I have halved my list of friends" despite the enormous wealth she was dressed conspicuously but without being tacky "I bet there will be people you know too"

As if the people in question had heard it, Sana and Dahyun had crossed the gate, holding hands and had chosen to wear black dresses: a dress not too low-cut for the auburn and an elegant suit for the black haired woman.

"Do you know them?" Chaeyoung looked shocked.

"I have been working with Dahyun's parents for a few years now and it would have been rude of me not to invite my future business partner. Sana, on the other hand, I met her at an event we had in common, but I assure you that the surprises are not over.. Look there, don't you think she's beautiful?"

The girl she was pointing to was wearing a red dress that hugged her body perfectly and her hair loosened in soft ringlets, with only two strands pulled back. Mina was gorgeous and Chaeyoung, for the first time since she had known her, had stood still to observe her with open.

Saying hello to the birthday girl was a must, but before the new arrivals approached they had waited for the arrival of another person who had attracted a lot of attention, both for the thick red hair and for her dress that enhanced her body beautifully.

The four girls, after smiling to each other, went to Katarina to wish her good things and to spend time with their friend afterwards.

"I hope the alcohol is good, usually this kind of party bores me to death" Dahyun was holding her hands in her pockets, casting blank glances at her surroundings.

"You won't be bored, I'm here with you" Sana seemed excited: she was used to those events full of rich people, but she had never gone there in the company of a person she really loved and at that moment she felt she could touch the sky with a finger.

Jihyo instead seemed uncomfortable "apparently I met your cousin while I was living in New York, she was enchanted by one of my texts to the point of buying it to tattoo her back, but I never expected an invitation to a party"

"She's like that, she likes to make friends with everyone" Chaeyoung's smile seemed different, she was more relaxed and sincere "Minari, would you like to go get a drink? I'd like to talk to you"

The brunette nodded, immediately leaving the other three girls to go to the counter that had been set up "what would you like to talk to me about?"

"Tzuyu has been very sick since you broke up"

"Chae, if you have to tell me about her, I'll leave immediately"

"It was all my fault and you know it too, you have to give her another chance" she was holding her hands "she loves you as much as you love her, don't throw your love away"

Mina felt her heart beating wildly in her chest, but she didn't want to show it and she had limited herself and remained serious "why are you telling me these things?"

"Because I realized that I screwed up and hurt both you and Tzuyu. I want to fix it as I can, it's not right that you should continue to be friends with me after what has happened if there is an abyss full of misunderstandings and regrets between you two"

"You've really changed" her eyes were shining with emotion.

Even Chaeyoung was getting emotional "it was you who changed me when you decided to leave me, you gave me the jolt I needed and that's also why I want to see you happy with the person you love. Promise me you'll at least think about it"

Taking a deep breath was part of Mina's habits and at that moment she was abusing it "okay, I'll think about it"





I am on vacation and will not publish for a few days, but I will try to be more active when I return. The story is almost over and I'm already preparing many more that I hope you will enjoy💚






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