Hopelessly In Love

Not used to drinking alcohol, the headache the next day was causing Nayeon to want to hit her head against the wall, repeatedly. That thought had been stopped by the memory of Jeongyeon who the year before, with a lot of effort and swear words as a support, had painted all the walls of their small apartment with the utmost care.

She smiled, she loved it when her roommate concentrated on something and the desire to stand still and admire her was stronger and stronger. She found her pretty.

"Okay Im Nayeon, now you get up and go have breakfast"

The next moment it seemed as if some deity had heard that phrase and wanted to reward her for her willpower, as Jeongyeon had opened her bedroom door to show her a tray with her favorite breakfast "good morning, how do you feel?" 

", I don't want to drink anymore if you're not there to control me" she had made the little lip and puppy eyes, smiling after receiving the tray "thank you, you shouldn't have"

"But I wanted" the blonde she had lay down next to her, her head resting on the soft pillow "drinking is not really for you, you can't even handle a beer and it's a miracle that you don't feel like throwing up"

"I have to agree with you, I'm a real disaster. I'm being stupid and then you have to take care of me" she was eating slowly, enjoying every single bite "I'll be forgiven, it must not have been easy to drag me away from the place"

Jeongyeon had her eyes widened in surprise "I didn't drag you away"

"No? So what happened after I got drunk?" she was massaging her head in an attempt to relieve the pain "I don't remember anything"

"Are you serious? I hope it's just a bad joke" the blonde's eyes were losing their cheerfulness to make way for an emotionless gaze.

Nayeon was genuinely confused "I swear I'm not kidding. Did I do something weird? Don't tell me I made a fool of myself as usual or I could immediately bury myself in shame"

"You can rest assured, nothing has happened to worry about"

"Are you okay? You have totally changed expression" the older wanted to put a hand on her head as she usually did during the moments of despair of her best friend, but the latter had jumped out of bed and prevented her from doing that gesture of affection.

"I just remembered something I have to do as soon as possible and, as you know, I hate having to hurry because the risk of making mistakes is very high" that lie was accompanied by a smile that seemed real. She was a good actress, more often than not, and on that occasion it had allowed her to hide her true feelings and her pain.

And Nayeon had believed it, she hadn't realized the sadness in the blonde's eyes at all, but that was due to the excruciating headache "do you want me to accompany you? I don't know what you have to do, but a little company never does bad"

"No need, rest Nay" another smile, this time steeped in love, had appeared on her face "see you later, call me if you start to feel bad"

Leaving that room without having met the expectations given by what happened the night before at the club had made Jeongyeon's heart become heavy "you never understand anything, you are such a fool who cannot realize how much you are loved"





Jihyo could not stand people who, after someone had intercomed, opened the door but not the front door of their home. The wait made her anxious, especially since she needed that job and she wanted to make a good impression on whoever owned the apartment she had chosen from those offered to her.

Her choice had fallen to that apartment for reasons of convenience, since it was near her parents' house and this had reduced the possibility of arriving late, which often happened to her in any setting.

She had been oddly punctual that day and she had dressed well to make a good impression, even though she felt ridiculous because she couldn't have dressed that smart if she was hired and just the thought of it made her feel ridiculous.

Her impatience and anxiety were eating into her stomach and the smile that she had put on her face made her feel stupid, but she had promised herself to try hard to be a nice person. And then, unfortunate for her, she never had a chance to go back.

It was as if the time had decided to slow down to get her heart racing due to her anxiety that she didn't want to leave her alone, making her head spin to the point of falling to the ground and hitting her . A curse had come out of instantly, immediately followed by a long series of well-articulated profanity.

"I see that the longshoreman that was in you is still there, which doesn't surprise me at all" Momo was leaning against the door jamb now wide open, with the corners of turned upwards in an amused smile "is your gorgeous still intact?"

"Tell me you didn't see me fall"

"I did and I think I'll never forget it, it was too hilarious" she approached her to help her up "may I know what you were doing in front of my door?"

Jihyo had suddenly remembered the reason that had prompted her to show up there "I'm here for work, I didn't know it was your home"

The brunette had repeatedly blinked "there's no way I can make you clean my apartment"

"Why not? If there are things I don't have to touch just tell me and I would never go rummaging, I'm not that kind of person. I just want to work"

"Imagine if I care, you might as well rob me and I wouldn't even blink. What makes me refused is the thought of seeing you work hard because of me"

"What would be different between me and another person? The work to be done is always the same and on the ad it says that you urgently need someone to keep this place clean" she raised both eyebrows, a habit that the brunette had always adored.

Momo was tapping her lips with her fingers, thoughtful "I'll only accept on one condition"

"I'll clean every room putting all my effort into it, I guarantee it"

"I did not mean that" her joking air was gone and the look she was giving her was so magnetic that it immobilized Jihyo in place "you will work for me, but you will also have to spend time with me. We need to get to know each other again and this would be a golden opportunity"

"So my work would fail, it would be a distraction and your apartment doesn't deserve to be dirty"

"I will hire another person who will take care of doing the rest, there is no problem"

The redhead was pursing her lips hard, mentally counting to ten to stay calm "listen, I need the money and I don't have time for this antics. Spending time with you would make me lose part of the amount you promised and I do not appreciate it"

"Did I say I wanted to reduce your pay? I don't think so, in fact I will give you all the money I promised in the advertisement" she motioned her to enter to show her every single room, smiling after seeing the emotion in the eyes of the person she loved more than anyone else in the world "is that to your liking?"

Jihyo just nodded, she was so busy looking at every single thing "I think I've always dreamed of living in an apartment like this"

"I can confirm that this is indeed the case, I remember it. There is a reason for everything"

One of the things that time and the redhead's memory loss hadn't been able to change was the way they looked into each others eyes, which seemed almost dull but filled with feelings.

"I've never been able to move on since you left and this apartment is proof of that. We've been living in a hole for about a year, making plans and making a little to-do list together. It's only two to realize, actually three considering your lost memories, but the latter is my personal desire"

"What are the other two we had planned to do?"

"Remember them alone, I won't tell you anything" she had left the bedroom in a hurry.

"Come on, it's not like that!" Jihyo had immediately followed her, ready to throw an endless series of questions "I deserve to know, don't you think?"

Momo had remained silent until she had handed her a piece of paper "here is the code to open the door, the things you have to do and the working days. Is everything clear?"

"Isn't it a little risky to give me the option to open the door at any time?"

"No risk, even if you don't think like me I already know that sooner or later you will come to live here with me and you need to have access to our love nest" her smile was beautiful and annoying at the same time, since it was imbued with malice.

"See you tomorrow" the redhead's reply had been dry, but her flushed cheeks confirmed her interest in Momo. She was gone quickly, leaving the person who with a single glance was able to make her heart beat faster.





"Let's see if I understand the situation: Nayeon raised her elbow a little too much and danced with you as seen in the movies with the strippers" Chaeyoung was eating strawberries and had one in her teeth "but she doesn't remember the happened"

"Could you avoid talking while you're eating? It's almost more disgusting than your personality" Dahyun's disgusted expression just didn't want to leave her face.

The pink-haired girl hadn't batted an eyelid, now used to those comments "you're always kind and pretty, I wonder why you don't have a girlfriend" she said with irony, looking at her as if she wanted to throw a bolt of lightning at her with the power of thought alone.

"I didn't ask you to join me here to argue between you, but to get your opinion" Jeongyeon was getting even more nervous than she already was "I would have preferred Momo and Tzuyu, they know how to use their brains"

"Tzutzu is too busy inventing something to steal my girlfriend, she doesn't have time for your teenage problems and Momo has just moved. I'm sorry for you, but we're the only real friends you have left"

"Thanks Chae, it's always nice to remember being surrounded by people with visible mental problems and that they regard me as a little girl" she rolled her eyes.

Dahyun had stopped looking at the shortest of their group and was back to being quiet as usual "what I can't understand is why you're here complaining when you could have told Nayeon the truth and discussed it with her"

The blonde had remained silent for half a minute, aware of having the eyes of her friends focused on her "if I had told her everything she would have understood that I am in love with her"

"I still can't see the problem" Chaeyoung had stopped eating to devote her full attention to the conversation "listen, I know we are a bunch of troublemakers, but to give an example you are not like me. You are not made for have fun during the nights and you don't care in the least about the people who try ti hit on you. If you want to be with her you have to step forward or I assure you that Cupid will not be there to shoot one of his arrows to give you a hand"

"I agree, as much fun as it may be to have a lifestyle like this, this is not how you will be happy. Jeong, if you don't do something sooner or later someone will come along who will not act as cowardly as you are and will tear her away from your arms. Is that what you want?"

Jeongyeon shook her head hard "I feel like throwing up at the very thought, but at the same time I could never bear to lose our special bond"

"You have to make a choice: your best friend or a possible girlfriend" Dahyun had lowered her voice to avoid a negative reaction from her friend "think about these two things, the final choice will be up to you two. What I recommend is not to make a decision that you may regret"

"I'll do what I can to put my thoughts in order" her mood had worsened since their arrival at the bar.

Chaeyoung leaned forward to give her a light pat on the shoulder "I don't like seeing you so sad"

"You should say the same to your girlfriend too"

"Dahyun, I'm tired of your hostile attitude towards me. If you don't like the way I do then ignore it because I won't change because of your judgment. What happens between me and Mina is not your concern"

"Someday you will regret all the mistakes you've made, I'm not just worried about Mina" she was looking at her with displease "all the harm you are doing to her will come back to you somehow and I don't want to see you suffer"

The pink-haired girl was gazing at the tattoos she had on her fingers "I'll be ready to accept the consequences of my actions, let me live my way"

"I do not agree, but do what you prefer" Jeongyeon was running her hands through her hair, a vice that she had since childhood "of course we are all disasters"

"You can say it loudly" the brunette had finished drinking the milkshake she had ordered shortly before "I feel that things will fall apart, the fall into the abyss is near"

"Here she starts saying disturbing things again" Chaeyoung's eyes were turned upward and her hands were joined in prayer "this fool is pulling the evil eye on us, someone lightning her and free us from her curses"

Jeongyeon had burst out laughing, attracting the attention of the few people present in the bar, and pointing to Dahyun's face "that grimace does not suit you, you have lost your beauty"

"I'm not talking to you, I hate you" she had picked up her things and stood up.

"Beauty, you didn't pay for what you ordered" the shortest of the three was alluding to her friend's rich breakfast "give us your share of the money"

Dahyun had given her a mischievous smile "pretend I'm one of your conquests and pay for me too" having said that she was gone under the astonished gaze of the two girls who remained seated.

"I swear to you I don't understand how many personalities she has, I've been shivering" the blonde was rubbing her hands on her arms.

"I'm sorry about the girl from the other night"

"Are you talking about Sana?"

"Yeah, she chose the worst of our group" Chaeyoung was smiling "she'll have to sweat a lot to win her over. How stupid"





Sana's sneeze had been so strong that it scared Mina "good heavens, next time try to contain yourself. I risked erasing everything"

"Someone is talking about me and I don't think it's in a flattering way" she took a handkerchief to blow her nose, making it too loud for the other girl's liking.

"Who tells you that someone is talking about you? Do you think you are so important?"

"Are you sure you have Japanese origins? You know very well that in Japan there is this belief"

"I never believed it, these things are stupid" she was busy typing on the computer and she wasn't paying attention to the auburn.

Sana was turning a pencil in her hands "I have a question"

"Mh? Hurry up or I get too distracted, it's taking me a lifetime to finish"

"I still can't understand how you came up with the idea of ​​writing advice to people, wouldn't it be smarter to solve your problems first?"

The look Mina had given to her friend was anything but kind "it seemed to me to have asked you not to bring up the subject"

"I beg your pardon, you know I act in good faith"

"Apologies accepted, but now tell me what you need and I'll do what I can to help" her usual kindness returned with the same speed with which it had disappeared just before. That girl was composed mostly of kindness and she was unable to treat others badly.

"You and Chaeyoung have been together for many years and I was wondering if, by pure chance, she ever talked to you about her friends"

"I don't know Dahyun, I only know her name" she smiled, sorry.

Sana was blushing, but she was acting like the cool person who wasn't "who said I want to meet her?"

"You just confirmed it"

"That's not true at all"

Mina's sigh and the clatter of the keys on her laptop's keyboard had been the only response to that false claim, causing the atmosphere between them to become even more heavy.

They were both people not inclined to voice their thoughts and it was not unusual for them to spend a lot of time without speaking, but at that moment Sana felt the need to lighten the weight that her friend carried on her shoulders "what about Tzuyu?"

She had stopped writing, looking down uncertainly "she is a very kind person, that's all"

"To me she seems interested in you"

"It's not like that, last night she just wanted to make us comfortable"

"Of course, she wanted you to be comfortable in her arms"

"Sana, please. I already have the girlfriend and Tzuyu doesn't like me, end of discussion"

The auburn had leaned towards her to give her a pinch on the arm "you are such a fool and you are shooting yourself in the foot alone. You should jump for joy and instead you are in front of a stupid screen writing tips for people you don't even know. What's wrong with looking around when you're alone? I'm not saying Chaeyoung doesn't love you, but it's certain that she doesn't love you in that special way"

"What if Tzuyu were to behave like Chae did? I could never stand it"

"I know you are scared, you have every right and I would never judge you for it, but people are not all the same and it would be foolish to waste certain opportunities because of fear. Promise me you will at least think about it"

Mina's hand had taken Sana's, intertwining her fingers with hers for a firmer hold "I promise you, but you'll have to work hard too"

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