Hopelessly In Love

The smell of bookstores was Mina's favorite and no perfume in the world could beat it, it was so good that she wished she could bottle it and take it with her wherever she went.

Being surrounded by books always managed to calm her mood and she had taken a free afternoon with the aim of being a little quiet, ready to immerse herself in completely different worlds from the one in which she lived every day and with all new stories to discover.

She was looking for a fantasy book, her favorite genre, sifting through the entire dedicated area with a dreamy gaze and her head in the clouds "I haven't read this yet, but I've heard it's beautiful" her fingers were still on the cover.

"If you keep looking at it with all that love, I could decide to buy it, even if I confess I'm a bit jealous"

The hand that Mina had placed on the book had moved quickly to rest on the girl's chest, at the height of her heart "what a scare"

"Am I so scary?" Tzuyu was smiling in amusement. She had a couple of books under her arm and she looked great "earth call Mina, I asked you a question"

"You're not scary at all" the shorter girl's response was barely heard "I'm just surprised I met you here"

"Is it so unexpected to know that I like to read? I'm not just a party girl" her amused expression was still there "I suppose you like fantasy books, judging by your dreaming eyes" Mina felt more embarrassed than usual in her presence and Tzuyu had noticed "I beg your pardon, am I making you uncomfortable in some way?"

A shop assistant, who had a pile of books over his head in his arms, had slipped right next to them due to the rush to finish putting everything in order, falling forward along with the heavy volumes.

Tzuyu had moved before they hit Mina's delicate body, hugging her to prevent her from getting hurt "be more careful, you risked hitting her" the look she had given to the boy still kneeling on the ground was anything but friendly "the least you could do is apologize to her, you know?"

"I don't need an apology, what matters is that no one has been hurt" the shorter one had freed herself from the embrace to collect all the books and stack them in an orderly way, gently dusting them with her fingers "next time be more careful, it would be a shame to spoil these precious collectors of stories"

Her kind manner had moved something in the taller girl to the point of making her wish she could hold her in her arms for an extended time, but she had limited herself to helping tidy up and enjoying the thankful smile she had received.

She waited for the shop assistant to leave before coming forward "can I offer you a coffee?" 

"I can't drink it, it makes me feel anxious and shivering"

"So how about having a drink together? I have no preferences, in this shopping center you are spoiled for choice"

"Isn't it a bit early to drink? I wouldn't be able to catch the bus then"

Tzuyu smiled with her inevitable dimple "I wasn't talking about alcohol, but about something simpler. A milkshake? It's fresh and ideal for a day like this"

Her way of insisting did not put Mina in an uncomfortable position and she was visibly surprised, as well as happy "okay, gladly accept"

"Great, give me a moment to pay for the books I have chosen" she leaned towards her, pulling their bodies very close and making her blush "relax, I just wanted to take these other two beasts" she placed two copies of the same book in front of her, the one who had caught Mina's interest.

"Why did you get two? They are the same book" she was genuinely confused.

"One is for me, the other for you" she hadn't given her time to reply and had quickly gone to the cash desk under the shy gaze of the brunette.

They hadn't spoken to each other after leaving the library, but Mina's happiness at having the book she had so desired in her hands was clear "you shouldn't have bought it, you've already offered to pay for the milkshake"

"I'm usually a bit stingy, but to see that smile I'd be willing to spend everything I have and by buying it I found an excuse to keep in touch with you. We can read it and comment on it together, if you like"

"I would love to, nobody cares about these things and I always have to keep everything to myself" she was smiling again.

"Give me your number, I'll tell you so much about the books I read that it will make you sick" handing over her cell phone was a spontaneous gesture that made both of them smile "I'll send you a message right away"

Mina laughed after receiving it "why did you send me a picture of you?"

"So you can look at it and think about me, it seems obvious to me. Anyway, let's take it easy and take some time to talk, I'll take you home"

"All right, I hope not to bore you with my speeches"

"You couldn't bore me even by making an effort"





"Wait a minute, give me time to get out of the shower!" Nayeon shouted after yet another scare from her cell phone ringtone "I hope it's important, my relaxing moment has been ruined"

She hadn't even bothered to wrap herself in a towel, such was the rush to answer the call. Seeing Jihyo's name her anger vanished immediately "what happened?"

"Usually we greet each other when we start talking on the phone" her voice sounded cheerful, but the older had learned to understand when her friend was pretending and had decided to play the game of silence to get her to talk "okay, something happened and I wanted to talk about it with you"

"Spit the toad, I'll listen to you" she had put her speakerphone on so she could dry off in comfort.

Jihyo let out a long sigh "remember when I told you I found a new job?"

The other girl was intent on rubbing her hair with the towel "of course I remember, isn't it going well? If you feel too tired you should leave and look for something more suitable for you"

"It's not tiring, far from it. I feel totally satisfied"

Nayeon had made a face in the mirror "I'm very confused, could you explain yourself better?"

"The apartment I chose from those available is Momo's, I'm working for her"

"Why do I feel like I have to worry?"

"Maybe because we find ourselves in her bed every time I finish cleaning?"

It had taken a few seconds of total stillness for her to get the meaning of those words "Park Jihyo!"

"I know what you think and I agree with you, but don't yell at me because I already feel strange" her tone of voice was no longer falsely cheerful and conveyed so much sadness "I don't know what to do, I would like to stop seeing her but at the same time I love spending time with her"

"Do you think it is due to the love that bound you two?"

"I don't know because in some moments I am totally detached, sometimes I feel lost in love and at others I feel anger at the memories I no longer have and that she possesses"

Nayeon had finished drying and was adjusting her pajamas, as she was distracted to the point of wearing the shirt backwards "it's a complicated situation considering there are some lost memories involved, but if being with her makes you feel good I don't feel like telling you to stop doing it. Momo is aware of what has happened to you and is perfectly aware of your change, I don't see the problem if you have fun together. It could be good for both of you"

"But what if it makes us feel bad? What should we do in that case?"

"Focus on the present and act as you see fit, without thinking about the future. You know better than me that a second is enough to change a person's life"

Jihyo smiled "I thank you for telling me these things, you convinced me not to give up on some fantastic "

"This I would have preferred not to know"

"You talk like that only because you haven't found the person who knows how to take you"

"Our conversation ends here, bye!" she had closed the call, looking at herself immediately after "I have a beautiful face, damn"

"Stop bragging and come play, everything is ready" Jeongyeon had knocked several times and was talking from behind the door "get a move on, I'm bored to death"

It had taken another ten minutes to dry her hair, but in the end they were both sitting on the couch with the PlayStation controllers in their hands "what are we playing today?"

"Dragon Ball, so I can beat you like there's no tomorrow"

"What makes you think you will win?" her competitiveness had made her sit with her back perfectly straight "I'll be the one to beat your , blondie"

Jeongyeon had put her hand close to that of her best friend to seal a pact "then let's make a bet and the winner will have a wish to use against the other"

"I'm there, but don't start crying when I use my wish to make you hang out all the washing machines I intend to do"

Those two were able to make enough noise to disturb the whole neighborhood, but when it came to playing video games they turned into silent, super attentive people. That was until one won against the other.

The blonde stood up in a triumphant pose, with a mischievous smile on her face "I won, the desire is all mine and I will use it with extreme care"

"You cheated, it's not worth pushing all the buttons repeatedly!" the little girl who slept in her woke up suddenly, making her sulk and cross her arms over her chest "you are not fair, anyone would be able to win with the methods you use"

"Admit defeat, be the adult person you are" she was pulling her cheeks "come on, if you stop being a spoiled doll I'll buy you an ice cream"

"I don't want anything from people who cheat, but in this case I deserve a rematch. Same prize and same challenge, now"

"You really want to sabotage yourself, huh? Too bad for you"

The second game had been much more intense and they were so immersed in it that they had forgotten the commitment they had made with their parents to have dinner together. The time available to them was not enough to get them to prepare and go to the restaurant they had chosen, not for the scheduled time.

However, on that occasion, the delay was more than justified for the two girls and they hadn't even bothered to apologize properly to the people who had brought them into the world.

Nayeon's mom had realized her daughter's mood even before seeing her up close "are you okay honey? You have a scary face"

"Tell Jeongyeon, we played two games and she cheated all the time" rolling her eyes had become her favorite activity in the past hour.

"Don't listen to her, I played honestly" she was biting into a breadstick "it's not my fault if your daughter can't play and it's too easy to destroy her"

The woman smiled "you two have always been like this, ready to fight over anything. It seems like a lifetime since you met in school"

"Honey, don't start being nostalgic" Mr. Im's dark eyes conveyed their usual cheerfulness "so girls, do you like living together? It's been more than a year now and you will surely get used to it"

"I already know that my daughter does nothing but clean and keep everything in order, every time I visit them even the walls shine" Mrs. Yoo, who had an innate elegance, was sipping a glass of wine "I'm sorry for you Nay, it can't be easy to manage such a maniacal person"

The girl just mentioned had turned an indignant look at her mother "you should be proud to have a clean and tidy daughter, you don't know how much this idiot loves to mess things up"

"For you even moving a bottle an inch turns into a reason to complain, shut up" Nayeon was making faces while her best friend was not looking at her, being caught in the act and exhibiting an angelic smile "I really love you, you know"

"I don't love you at all" the reaction of the other girl followed by a smack on her forehead had been the main reason for having fun of the evening, entertaining all six. The two women who had brought them into the world, in addition to laughing at the constant disagreements of their daughters, had crossed their fingers under the table to express a silent wish.





Sitting under a tree smoking a cigarette was becoming a habit for Dahyun, who had recently discovered the joy of being alone and being pampered by the light wind that came upon her.

She was a person who constantly lived in her thoughts and her imagination, often detaching herself from the real life that she so despised. Having duties and things to do exhausted her even before doing any activity other than sitting and thinking about something.

She didn't like having people around her, which was totally contrary to her hectic and knowledgeable lifestyle, but maybe that was the cause of her continual discomfort. Interacting with someone who was not part of her small group of friends was, from her point of view, much worse than climbing a mountain in high heels.

Just when she was finally able to relax, much to her chagrin, a guy with not even a wheel in its place had the fantastic idea of ​​crouching down in front of her and stealing her cigarette "thank you sweetie, I really needed this"

"That was the last"

"You can always buy more, don't be selfish and rejoice in helping a poor boy in trouble. I can make that annoyed expression go away in seconds, you know?"

Dahyun didn't answer and just stared blankly at him, until her right hand decided to make a fist and hit him in the face with all possible force "people like you are the most disgusting, I hope you don't sorry if I vent a little on you"

"Are you crazy? My nose is bleeding!" his amused expression had been replaced by a furious one "I won't let myself be treated like this by a female, be prepared to pay the consequences"

"How scared, I'm trembling" her bored look remained so even after she got the same treatment she had reserved for that boy, accompanied by a short laugh even though he smashed her lower lip with a fist "that's all you know to do? Really disappointing"

A real fight had started between the two and they both seemed determined not to give up. Even though their size was completely different Dahyun hadn't had too much trouble hitting him or taking hits "I haven't been in a fight in a long time, it's funny"

"It will be even more fun to send your helpless body straight to the hospital, get ready honey because when I'm done with you not even your mother will be able to recognise you"

"You talk too much, you're boring me" she was ready to kick him on the family jewels, but she was interrupted by a voice screaming her name.

Sana she ran over to her "what the hell is going on here?"

"None of your business, go back to jogging"

"And who is this y bomb? As soon as I finish with your friend, I can give you all my attention" he had winked at her.

Dahyun raised an eyebrow "imagine if I allow you to put your filthy hands on her"

At that statement the auburn cheeks had turned red, but she knew it was not the time to bask in her joy and she had grabbed the brunette's arm "enough, let's go"

"I haven't finished teaching him a lesson yet, he can't get away with just a broken nose"

"Instead you will come with me while this idiot goes to be examined in the hospital. You, disappear or I'll report you"

"She started it and I should be the one to report her!"

"So what? Do you think I would be a witness to a slimy like you? Take this money and disappear" after handing him some bills she took Dahyun by the arm to pull her away "first let's go and disinfect your wounds, okay?"

"You are not my mother"

Sana had started counting mentally to stay calm "I know I'm not and frankly I don't even care about having a strange daughter like you, but I want to help you and understand why you behaved in such a violent way"

The brunette was looking at her battered knuckles "I only get violent with those who piss me off and that moron deserved much more than a broken nose"

"Yet you look like a harmless person"

"Are you afraid of me?" the way she had asked for it had been unusual even for her: her voice was low and there was resignation in those words.

Sana looked down at the hands of the brunette "you are not a bad person and I have no reason to be afraid of you" she leaned over slightly to caress her shoulder.

"You're taking too much confidence, give me space"

"The usual Dahyun is back" the auburn had rolled her eyes, but she much preferred the apathetic version to the violent one "my house is around the corner, I'll help you with your injuries and then I'll leave you alone"

"Just hurry up, tonight I have to go out with Tzuyu and that tall girl hates when the others are late"

"We'll hurry" she had immediately invited her in "if you want to look around go ahead, I'm very proud of how I furnished everything" she was smiling.

Dahyun looked even more bored than usual "cute, let's hurry up now"

"This girl is really impossible to understand" Sana had muttered as she was intent on getting what she needed to take care of her crush. Her mind had traveled through possible scenarios full of passion, just like those seen in the movies, but the moment she put the last patch on Dahyun's skin she vanished without saying anything, leaving her to imagine a different ending.

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