Hopelessly In Love

As much as Sana loved her home, she didn't usually spend much time there: she much preferred to visit her friends and stay with them as much as possible. The reason? She didn't like being alone for too long, it made her feel crushed by an invisible force and she hated that overwhelming feeling. It was the same as someone who felt uncomfortable being around people, but upside down.

For that reason she had invited herself to the one she considered her best friend, but she didn't show up empty-handed "are we all three of us having breakfast? I bought a lot of food so I ask you not to close the door on my face"

Faced with that very tempting offer, the two roommates had accepted the intrusion of the auburn without batting an eye, inviting her to sit in the kitchen.

Jeongyeon was always very hungry in the morning and was the first to eat "now I can say with certainty that I feel at least a pinch of sympathy towards you"

"Is it enough to feed you to be at ease? Good to know" the amusement in her eyes was evident, as was the disappointment that followed.

"I know you want to talk about something" Nayeon had her hands busy removing the litter on the table "I listen to you, you know you can tell me everything"

Sana had rested her chin on her hand, letting herself go to despair "it's Dahyun's fault"

"What has that crazy woman done?" the blonde was wiping her fingers with a napkin, suddenly interested in the conversation.

"I'll put aside my interest in her for now and just tell you that a few weeks ago, while I was jogging in the park, I found her having a fight with a guy. They were both in bad shape, but Dahyun broke his nose and was ready to hit him again. She didn't even look like herself and seeing her in that state almost scared me"

Jeongyeon's appetite had evaporated "now I understand why in the last few weeks she has never agreed to go out, she is waiting to get well"

"I guess so, her face wasn't bad, but the signs of the fight were pretty obvious"

"I will kill her, she promised not to fight anymore"

Nayeon's hand had leaned on hers in an attempt to calm her down "Jeong, it's a little late to get angry. The damage has now been done and the important thing is that Dahyun is okay"

Sana had nodded to give her a hand "all in all she was fine and I took care of her, I don't think it's the case to worry about her"

"You have a heart of gold and I thank you for taking care of that little rogue. As soon as I meet her I will make her taste my fist"

"Are you sure you have a group of friends linked by mutual affection? It seems to me that you all hate each other" Nayeon was a little torn, undecided between being amused or worried by the bonds that held those five girls together.

"We love each other, but in our own way. For us, arguing is normal, as is insulting each other heavily"

The other two girls did not know what to answer and had chosen to keep busy chewing, until the older remembered the beginning of their conversation "before you finished talking, what did you want to add? I know you are dying to say something"

Sana's cheeks were a little red "I was hoping for a special thanks from her after all the attention I gave her, but she didn't even dare give me her number"

It was the blonde who gave her a nudge on the arm "you shouldn't do things expecting something in return, it's immature girl behavior. And then, honestly, Dahyun is not the kind of person who can thank someone so let alone if a few patches are enough to make her fall at your feet"

"You hurt me, you're a caveman"

"And you are an annoying little princess"

"I'm going back to sleep, I really can't stand you two" Nayeon got up quickly, shaking her head with every step she took "I'll be repetitive in saying it, but I'm surrounded by morons"

Sana immediately imitated the gesture of her friend "I'm coming to sleep next to you, wait for me!"

"We don't talk about it, I'm with her!"

"You can forget it, I don't have a bed to stay in" they were tugging at each other to prevent the other from reaching Nayeon.

"I'll leave you mine, but stay away from her or I'll pull all your hair out as soon as you're distracted. Go seduce Dahyun, this isn't the place for you"

Sana pouted "I don't like you at all"

"The thing is mutual, fool face"





The secret to cleaning without feeling fatigue, according to Jihyo, was to sing along, put a lot of passion into it and improvise a few dance steps and that was what she did every time she had to roll up her sleeves to clean the apartment she had started working in for almost a month.

In order not to disturb Momo, the great love from her past, she was always careful not to raise her voice and avoided having a musical background, singing the songs that most inspired her at the moment.

That morning she was feeling particularly romantic and luckily for her she had an endless repertoire of songs of that kind well imprinted in her mind, to the point that she started singing in a completely casual way and with feelings that she did not remember to have.

Everything had been fine until she had finished dusting one piece of furniture in the corridor, but once she turned to move on to the next her voice was lowered until silence fell, so much was the concern that had taken possession of her "hey, why are you crying? Has something bad happened?"

Momo was leaning against the door of her study and was looking at her with shining eyes and tear streaked cheeks "do you know whose song you were singing?"

"Now that you make me think no, I have no idea" she was very confused and sorry to see the brunette in those conditions "do you know?"

"It's yours, you wrote it and recorded it for me. It was the last Christmas present before our separation and I never thought I'd be able to listen to it again without having to use the CD"

Jihyo had remained motionless, with her hands trembling and her eyes filled with emotions "did you cry that day? I have a scene in mind.. I remember you were crying, but I don't know if it really went like this because I often have fictitious memories"

A hopeful expression soon took the place of the nostalgic one "yes, I cried all the time like a little girl" she wanted to reduce the distance that separated them, but before doing so she felt the need to know more "do you remember anything else? Everything will be fine, please"

"I don't know, it's all blurry and fuzzy" she was having a headache.

"Don't force yourself, it's okay to have remembered the song and the moment you made me listen to it" taking her face in her hands was so natural that it surprised both of them "I'll finish cleaning, you go home because you need to rest"

Shake her head and clinging to the one who seemed familiar and alien at the same time was the only gesture that Jihyo had felt like making "don't tell me to leave, not again"

Momo's heart had threatened to shatter at that moment, but reciprocating the hold had prevented the organ from doing so "I only needed to lose you once and I won't let that happen again"

"Can I be a little selfish?"

"Sure you can" she had held her tighter.

"I want to try to remember something else, are there any things you haven't shown me yet?" she wanted to cry, but her gaze was determined even though the other girl couldn't see it "I know this way I could feed false hopes, but I want to give it a try"

Momo had taken a few seconds to think about it "there are pictures of a wedding we went to, I even have a video while we slow dance. I think I also have some of the lyrics that you left incomplete"

"Do you really have a video of the two of us slow dancing? Weren't you the clubbing and dancing type?" the redhead had moved away a little to look at her with evident surprise, without however breaking the embrace.

"I am, but you cared a lot and I tried hard"

"That's an incredibly sweet thing of you" she was smiling.

"I lied, actually it was me who insisted on dancing" Momo's embarrassment made her adorable "when it comes to you I can turn myself into a romantic person and I can swear to you on my bangs that I have never been to anyone other than you"

Jihyo had tilted her head to the side "did you seriously swear by your bangs?"

"It seems obvious to me, I've had it since I was a child and I really care. Don't judge me"

"Go get what I asked you, in the meantime I'm going to take a shower"

Momo's smile had manifested itself immediately "I can take them later, I can't leave you alone to fight the monsters in my shower. I have to come with you to keep you safe"

"I'll be fine and don't dare to go in" she leaned over to give her a quick kiss on the lips "I forgot my spare clothes, can I get something of yours?"

"You can also avoid getting dressed, I wouldn't mind at all"

Jihyo had left after having rolled her eyes "I'll do it by myself, it will take a little while so hurry up and get everything you need to help me remember something"

"I love her so much" Momo was aware of her stupid smile, but she didn't care in the least.





A book club consisting of only two members was as unusual as it was special for Mina, who exchanged messages with Tzuyu every single day to talk about the books they had chosen to read together. By talking about their readings they had been able to get to know each other a little better and to understand each other's points of view on the various topics they had discussed.

It often happened to both of them to get stupid with the phone in their hands, they were so emotionally taken by any speech that could take place in their conversation, and that gesture had not gone unnoticed by two big and attentive eyes.

"Why are you smiling like that?" Chaeyoung was intent on tie her hair with a hair clip, so that she could finish eating her lunch in peace.

"I'm talking about the book I finished last night and Tzuyu made a rather nice joke about one of the characters" she was focused on answering, moving her fingers quickly on the screen.

The highlighter pink haired girl had felt a strange tightening in her stomach "interesting, would you like to discuss this with me too?"

"Do you want to talk seriously?" to say that Mina was surprised was an understatement.

"Why not, if it has you so passionate it must not be such a wicked book" she gave her a smile full of affection "I want to listen to my princess while she talks enthusiastically about the things she likes"

After the initial shock and the fear of saying something that might bore her girlfriend, Mina's words began to come out of with the same speed as a river flowed "the protagonist has made many choices that I do not agree with and he is a character quite unpleasant in my eyes, but that's just my personal opinion"

"From what you told me it is clear that he is a first-rate and it seems absurd that he cannot even take a step on his own"

"I agree with you, I would have gladly done without knowing him and I think the secondary characters are much better than him, but I really liked the book itself despite the unpleasant protagonist"

Chaeyoung had got up to clear the table, something she hadn't done for years "so let's stop talking about that idiot and move on to a serious conversation: what would you like to do today? Obviously if you don't already have other commitments"

"Do you have the day off? Really?" Mina's heart had started beating wildly and somersaulting.

"Really, I specifically asked not to be disturbed and I turned off the phone to be safe. Today I want to dedicate all my time to you and I leave you the choice of activities to do, you have carte blanche"

The brunette got up quickly to throw herself into the arms of her girlfriend "I'm very happy, you can't imagine how much"

She didn't usually make gestures of affection and yet the kiss she gave on her head was spontaneous "I am too, it's nice to receive your hugs"

"Would you like to watch a movie? We might as well cook dinner together, there are some things I'd like to try and with your help it shouldn't be too complicated" she was speaking faster than anyone in the world.

"Take it easy or you will fill my head with words and I will not be able to understand anything you say" she was her hips "do not speak quickly and decide everything calmly, I told you that today I am all yours"

"You haven't hugged me in a century" she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment, but she had to admit she wasn't as excited as she should have been in a similar situation and that knowledge was making her feel deeply guilty.

"I'll make the most of this day to make up for it" Chaeyoung's kisses on the brunette's head were all very sweet "if we have time left, would you like to go out? We were invited to a party by my cousin and you know how much she cares about overdoing it so I'd like start looking around"

"When will the party be?"

"In a couple of months, day more day less"

Mina had repeatedly blinked "I can't figure out if it's close or not and it makes me anxious"

"I would have bet" her smile was amused "I told you to give you the opportunity to decide what to wear with all the calm you need"

"I'm going to get dressed, we can watch the movie tonight after dinner" she had started running to reach their bedroom, her mind already at work to think about the kind of dress she wanted to wear.

Once she was left alone, Chaeyoung's hand grabbed her girlfriend's cell phone to read the notifications of the messages Tzuyu was sending her "you're a first-rate , but don't think I'll let you win her heart so easily"

Having said that she had held down the off button until the screen of the electronic object had stopped lighting up "she is mine and I'll prove it, watch me Tzutzu"






"Yes Jeong, I just need to have their phone numbers" she had put the speakerphone, since in the meantime she was cooking and wanted to avoid a possible disaster.

"I ask Nayeon to send them directly to you, but what do you need them for?"

Tzuyu was smiling excitedly "do you remember the house in the mountains my grandparents wanted to give me? I think I told you about it some time ago"

The sound of something, or someone, falling to the ground had been quite loud and Jeongyeon's voice was suddenly far away "are you hurt? Is it possible that you can't not fall or hit anywhere for five minutes?"

"Don't scold me, I hurt my knees very badly!" Nayeon was whimpering like a kindergarten girl "make yourself useful and blow on my wounds rather"

"You can forget it, thank goodness I'm not your mother. Now that I've made sure you're not dead, can I go back to talk to Tzuyu? I dropped my cell phone to come and check on you"

"I only give it to you because I like her, get out of my sight and say hello to her"

Tzuyu had heard the whole conversation and was smiling under her invisible mustache "these two love each other a lot and I think they are the only ones who have not yet understood that they have the same feelings, how stupid"

"Did you say something? I didn't have time to hear you" the blonde had the phone pressed to her ear "could you repeat?"

"I just read aloud the recipe I'm following, I don't need to repeat it to you. Anyway, ask your roommate to let me have the telephone numbers of her group, I want to invite you all to the mountains"

There had been a few seconds of silence before Jeongyeon let out a scream "we will surely be there, with or without the others. Where will we stay?"

"You didn't really hear me so" she giggled "we'll go to the house my grandparents built for me. As far as I know it's not very big, but they assured me that nine people can fit in there without any problems. How about go there on Friday and stay until Sunday?"

"Nay, woe to you if you make plans for this weekend!"

The girl just mentioned had joined her best friend in her room "why shouldn't I? Have we already planned something?"

"Tzuyu invited us all of us to her brand new house and, speaking of that, she asked me for the numbers of your friends"

A few minutes had been lost for the exchange of numbers and for the creation of the group chat, in which chaos immediately broke out due to the general enthusiasm.

Tzuyu, now on speakerphone and in the middle of a conversation with the two roommates, was smiling with satisfaction "I guess we will all be there, I can't wait"

"About this: do we have to bring something?" Nayeon had settled on the blonde's bed, precisely with her head on the latter's back "just ask, I guess there's no food there"

"Don't worry about anything, my grandparents made a commitment to let us find everything we need. Let's say they are keen to give me a perfect gift"

Jeongyeon had stopped talking for a while, too busy with the thrill of having her best friend on her, but she wanted to interrupt that moment of bliss to express her gratitude "Tzu, I swear that sooner or later I will commission a statue in your honor"

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