Hopelessly In Love

The next day it seemed that things were normal, but some of them were unaware of the changes that occurred in the time frame between evening and morning. Mina and Tzuyu, for the whole duration of breakfast, had done nothing but give each other very brief, meaningful glances, smiling like two idiots and masking it all with laughter.

For Nayeon and Jeongyeon, things were different: when she woke up, the older was no longer in her bed, to the blonde's chagrin, and she hadn't even sat down next to the one who had given her a perfect night. 

She felt embarrassed and felt like she had done something terribly wrong with her best friend. She wasn't repentant because deep in her heart there had always been a desire to take that extra step, but she couldn't deny herself that she felt guilty of a horrible crime.

She wanted to get rid of those sensations that were making her stomach twist and, without showing any hesitation, she had taken the hand of the redhead of the group to pull her out of the small house with the excuse of taking a walk.

"You're as white as a sheet and it looks like you've seen a ghost, are you sure you're okay? Maybe you need some more sleep or at least relax"

"I spent the night with Jeongyeon"

Jihyo seemed perplexed "I know, I remember the subdivision of the rooms"

"What I'm trying to say is we did it" she stopped to look her friend in her eyes, shifting her weight from foot to foot due to uncontrollable anxiety "we had "

The other girl had stopped walking too, finding herself widening her eyes "Im Nayeon, tell me you're kidding"

"Do I have the expression of a joke? You also said that I don't look in good shape and it is the consequence of my actions"

"She is your best friend and you know very well how she feels about you" the low tone of voice used had contributed to increase the anxiety of both.

Nayeon could not help but torture her hands and swing left and right with her whole body "I know and I feel like a horrible person. I won't justify myself because I'm indefensible, but I can swear to you I didn't do it on a whim or whatever motivation can come to your mind, I did it because I wanted to"

"What are your intentions now? Jeongyeon deserves clarification on your situation"

"I'm trying to understand what I really feel, I think it's important to have clear ideas before starting the conversation. I don't want to hurt her further"

The redhead nodded slowly, keeping her gaze lowered so as not to make her friend feel uncomfortable "I agree with that, but I don't advise you to wait too long or it will be useless suffering for both of us"

"I know and I thank you for listening to me, I feel slightly better and more motivated to understand what my true feelings are"

They didn't add anything else, just hugging each other in a good hug and then returning to the others. What they found was a great distraction: Mina and Sana, both with blankets over their shoulders, had sat down under a tree to chat. It was they who motioned for their friends to join them, sharing the blankets.

"What were you talking about? It looked like something serious" Nayeon was crouched in the auburn, feeling colder than normal from her anxiety.

"Tell them too, having more opinions could be very useful" the calm that Mina was able to convey with her presence alone was so incredible that it left anyone close to her speechless.

"I'll try to be brief: Dahyun relaxed a lot last night, to the point where she slept on me. She looked like a lovely koala" Sana had a dreamy look.

Jihyo was refraining from teasing her for the stupid smile "where's the problem? As far as I know you couldn't wait to sleep hugging her"

"The problem arises when the young lady wakes up, realizing the affectionate position she is in, and she throws me out of bed"

There had been a few seconds filled with the noises of the surrounding nature, which were soon overtaken by the uncontrolled laughter of the other three girls. Even Mina, the quietest even in those situations, had laughed loudly.

Nayeon seemed about to explode to keep from laughing again "is that why you said you had a sore ?"

"It seems obvious to me, it wasn't like falling on a trampoline" Sana was taking offense and went into child mode, with a lot of pouting and folded arms "that's a crazy girl with at least five different personalities"

"But you like her as she is, admit it and you'll live better from now on" Jihyo was intent on the flowers moved slightly by the wind, adoring the feeling on her fingers.

"Even the stones know I like Dahyun, it's not a secret"

Hearing the first part of the phrase just uttered by the auburn had made Mina's heart beat faster. They were the same words used by Tzuyu and the emotion of the night before had returned to overwhelm her without warning. Thinking back to the things they had said to each other, and to the kiss that Tzuyu had given her, made the feeling of having butterflies flutter in her stomach amplify every second more.

Despite her efforts to behave normally she had not been able to keep her cheekbones from blushing, a detail that did not go unnoticed in the watchful eyes of her friends. The embarrassment from all that sudden attention made her cover her face with her hands "I don't like being stared at"

"Tell us how your walk with Tzuyu went and we will stop giving you unwanted attention" Nayeon had pinched her arm "spit the toad, something has definitely happened"

Looking around her to make sure she wasn't being heard by prying ears made her feel as guilty as a thief, but she hadn't been able to help it "she clearly told me she likes me"

"And then?" that question had been asked in the same high pitched tone by all three of the girls listening.

"And then she kissed me" Mina's hands were back to cover her face, making her adorable "what an embarrassment"

Sana was the first to react to the news, throwing herself on the brunette to give her countless kisses on her cheeks "I'm so happy for you!"

"Get out of the way, we have to congratulate too!" Nayeon was ready to fight to hug the youngest of their small group.

Jihyo, taking advantage of the moment when Sana was concentrating on arguing with Nayeon, hugged Mina to speak softly "how do you feel? It's a good feeling, right?"

"I think I've never felt like this, it was all unexpected and I still can't believe it really happened" her eyes conveyed a happiness never felt before, which struck the others to the point of making them stay a little under the tree to chat.






"Are you asking me to give you love advice? Really?" Chaeyoung seemed genuinely shocked "are you aware of who you are in front of or do I have to refresh your memory?"

"Apparently at this height they can't get enough oxygen to the brain" Dahyun was laying on the small couch, her legs dangling over the armrest and her head resting on a very soft pillow.

Jeongyeon had put the middle finger on the brunette before turning serious and begging again "no matter how terrible you are to people, you have still been able to carry on a relationship for many years. You will have to have the qualities necessary to be with someone"

"We just need some advice, we're not asking you to tell us how to handle our things" Momo was more nervous than usual and she didn't want to stop tearing up the napkin that had been forgotten on the table.

The pink-haired girl, seeing her friends in desperation, had decided to put down her cell phone to devote herself completely to them "what do you need?"

Before answering that question, so as not to start arguing like brats, the two girls had decided with a game who should start talking. Luck had chosen Jeongyeon, who had no intention of wasting precious time "I would like to know how to woo someone, I have to make that person understand that I have serious intentions"

Dahyun couldn't hold back a chuckle "I'm really curious about the answer, dearest Chae"

"If you don't stop calling me that, I'll take a razor and make you bald"

"I would still be more beautiful than you"

The other girl had decided not to respond to her provocations anymore and to concentrate "in my opinion there is no real rule for these things, but I think it is essential to be present for the other person"

"I've been doing this for a long time and she hasn't realized that I don't consider her a friend anyway" Jeongyeon seemed dejected from the start "apparently it's not a foolproof tactic. Momo, it's up to you"

The brunette had sat up with her back straight to give herself a serious tone "my relationship with Jihyo is complicated and she often reproaches me for placing too many expectations on her. What could I do to stop giving this impression? I love her for person she is, with or without her memories"

"Are you sure about what you just said?" it was Dahyun who spoke, who got up from the couch to join them at the table "maybe you don't realize it, but inside you you put the Jihyo of the past in comparison with that of the present and it is precisely this that prevents her from binding again to you"

"I couldn't have said it better" Chaeyoung was looking at her hands "you can't expect her to feel comfortable if you keep putting your hopes on something that doesn't depend on her. Not being in control of things is a big reason of discomfort for insecure people and by doing so you are only fueling the insecurity that she is not enough for you"

Jeongyeon was watching her "are you speaking from experience, right?" there was no judgment in her voice, just curiosity.

"That's right and that's why our Momoring doesn't have to make the same mistakes as me. Learn to love that girl for the person she is now, with or without the memories you shared" she was smiling "and you, blonde from the grumpy attitude, move your and get what you want"

"You are wiser than I thought, looking at you would not say at all" Tzuyu had reached them with a towel on her head, intent on wrapping her hair.

"I'm full of surprises Tzutzu, you should know"

The tallest had nodded before looking around "am I wrong or some members are missing?"

"They're taking a walk" Dahyun and her cell phone seemed inseparable "I could laugh a lot if they get lost"

"What a liar, you know very well you can't live without your Sana" Tzuyu didn't usually smile, but in that case she couldn't resist. Bothering the one she considered her best friend was a noteworthy pastime, especially because of her fake aloof reactions.

Chaeyoung suddenly stood up "I don't believe it, a friend of mine from high school is nearby. I haven't seen her for years"

They were all watching her, already aware that there would be one less person in that house for the night.





Dahyun, although she was a difficult person to manage, was able to understand when to get out of the way and during the dinner she had implemented her plan "how about going for a drink? There is a club not many minutes away by car that has excellent reviews"

"It looks similar to the one we usually go to" Jeongyeon had picked up her friend's phone to look at the photos of the place "I'm there, we could walk and enjoy the scenery. It's not that far and a walk would do us good"

Momo had also given her approval, but she didn't want to go without her beloved "what about you?" 

"Why not, we never go out in a group and it could be fun" Jihyo's smile was always so sincere that it warmed anyone's heart.

"I'm coming too, today I don't want to be locked in the house" Nayeon was surprised by herself, but the thought of having to sleep with her best friend without a little help terrified her.

Tzuyu, having understood Dahyun's intentions, had entered into instant sickness mode, perfectly pretending to feel weak and tired "I prefer not to come, I really don't feel like walking and being around people"

"So you haven't gone through the fatigue from before?" even the brunette knew how to pretend very well "if you want I'll stay here with you"

It was at that moment that their plan was fulfilled in its entirety "I'm staying with her, I don't like noisy places" Mina hadn't shown the slightest hint of having understood that it was all a fiction.

"Okay, I would never allow myself to force you to follow us to a place you don't like. What are you going to do? I hope you want to stay with us for a while" she turned to Sana, smiling slightly "I would get bored without my favorite drunkard"

"You won't get rid of me easily, I'll be there too" the auburn could clearly hear the accelerated beats of her heart, but she couldn't help it when she felt well liked by the person she so longed to have around.

They all got up from the table to clear away quickly and get ready, laughing heartily before leaving because of their outfits that were too similar. They were aware that they were laughing at a nonsense, but that moment steeped in stupidity had certainly helped to strengthen the bond that held them together.

Tzuyu, once seeing them go away, wasted no time and approached Mina with a sweet smile "we are alone"

"I thought you were feeling unwell" her confused look made her even more adorable in the eyes of the taller girl.

"I may have told a small and insignificant lie for the sole purpose of spending some time with my favorite person" she was aware that the dimple on her cheek was Mina's weak point and she loved her interest whenever it appeared on her face "are you sorry?"

"Absolutely not, but I didn't expect it" she was smiling too, feeling particularly excited.

The way Tzuyu kissed her on the lips was so sweet it made her legs tremble "we could do a lot of things: watch a movie, play cards, or whatever else you can think of. I brought a new book, I guess this will be the final choice"

The lowest had no need to think to decide what to do "I want you to choose, you never do it and it doesn't seem right at all"

"Are you sure you want me to decide what to do? My idea may not coincide with yours" she stopped smiling and the way her eyes were moving on Mina's body was enough to understand her intentions. She hadn't moved an inch, intending to respect the final decision of the person she felt she loved.

"I'm never sure of anything, but right now I really think I am"

Those words were enough to make Tzuyu move closer to give her a kiss very similar to the one the night before, except that their bodies were much closer. They seemed glued to each other.

Mina didn't remember how they got on the bed or when Tzuyu's body adhered to her again, she just knew she didn't want to stop for any reason in the world.

She felt herself burning with desire and the thing that made her more sure of that choice was the feeling of reciprocity that the other girl was giving her. Tzuyu respected her and was paying attention to every single thing so as not to make her uncomfortable.

The emotion was great, perhaps too much to contain, but neither of them cared. Undressing each other hadn't been embarrassing for either of them, and to their surprise, Mina had been bold and not at all afraid to reciprocate every single action Tzuyu had done.

"Why are you crying?" had asked the latter in a whisper.

"Because I feel loved and at ease"

Tzuyu smiled before kissing her forehead "so allow me to eliminate this feeling to transform it into certainty, would you? I'm happy to see you at ease and I find you beautiful, more than usual"

All Mina had managed to do in front of that sweet look was hug the person she'd been waiting for and kiss her first, eliminating everything from her mind to make the most of those moments.






The sense of bliss felt by Chaeyoung on her return had not lasted long due to two not too insignificant details: the bed had not been used and there was not even a shadow of Mina.

She ran out of the bedroom to knock on Tzuyu's door, aware of what she would find inside. The tallest had hurried to approach, as she used to say Momo, the large wooden rectangle "it's still early, why did you wake me up?"

"It's ten in the morning, not early at all. Did you have fun with my girlfriend to the point of losing track of time?"

"The answer is yes, does it create any problems for you?" she was getting nervous, she hated being accused.

"I forgot about our bet, but it looks like you won. I'm going to get the money I owe you" she turned her back to go upstairs.

Tzuyu had grabbed her wrist firmly, but without hurting her "I told you several times that I don't want anything besides Mina's love, get this gambling thing out of your head and move on"

"You really like being the good girl, huh?" she jerked free from her grip "don't believe one night of will be enough to have Mina's heart, she's mine"

"Your behavior is wrong, open your eyes and stop being a capricious child. She doesn't deserve to suffer again because of an eternal indecisive like you so either you put your head right or you get out of the way"

"Go back to sleep next to my woman, do it as long as I allow it" said that she was in a hurry to reach the floor above, more frustrated than ever.

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