Love me, love me not
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It started back when Baekhyun was in second year of his University, already deciding for himself since his freshman year that Jongin was going to be his endgame.


Baekhyun thought it might be the way Jongin helped him pick up his books in the hallway on the first day, (he knows it's cliche), when hyperactive Jongdae knocked them from his hands. Or maybe, it was when Jongin smiled at him when he saw him in the cafeteria the next day.


Although, every day after that Jongin showed no signs of recognising the smaller, Baekhyun was in a haze every time the other walked past him or shared a class with him. Baekhyun didn't realize when he fell for him, but he's always been the object of his attraction. 


But then a year later, in walked this tall, elf eared guy with a huge smile and dimple on his face. His laughter roared in the cafeteria whenever someone, or rather Jongin said anything slightly funny.


Baekhyun was not a creep, he swears, but he sat only a few tables away from where Jongin and his group usually sat. Jongin just happened to always be sitting in the line of his vision. However, since that Yoda from freshman year with his friend, entered their group, Jongin was almost never seated at his usual spot.


This new guy had taken his seat and he could never see Jongin from his spot. Not only this but what was up with this guy always lingering around Jongin? As if he was obsessed with him! Baekhyun shouldn't be the one to be speaking about 'obsession' in Jongdae's opinion, but let's disregard that for a moment. It is about Park Chanyeol and his weird obsession of always being two feet away from Jongin at all terms.


As if that wasn't enough, he shared two classes with Baekhyun too! And what are the odds of one of them being his only shared class with Jongin?! 


Park Chanyeol was definitely a creep, Baekhyun decided, but he was helpless in the situation. Neither could he drag Jongin away from him, nor could he tell the creep to stay away... He could only imagine the look on Jongin's face if he went up to talk to him for the first time, just to say; "This tall creepy dude who is always following you around is pissing me off and hindering my view. Also, I've been in love with you for a year now, I think that spot should be mine." Well, he wouldn't exactly say that but you get the point.


He couldn't do much, Baekhyun thought, but he could make this guy trip and fall on his face in the cafeteria to humiliate him. Don't ask him why, he doesn't know either. In his defence, love makes you do stupid things. Even if it's humiliating an innocent person who, you think, might have feelings for the person you think is the love of your life.


Baekhyun swears it was supposed to be a one time thing... but he doesn't know how it ended up repeating for three days straight. If not in the cafeteria, then in class or hallway or parking lot, anywhere he saw Chanyeol. There was just something inside of him that made him do it over and over again. Like once you have a taste, you just can't get enough.


Something about Chanyeol's elf ears turning red when he fell on his face and the tray slipped from his hands. When he lifted his head up from the ground with his hair falling on his face and that tightened jaw. Chanyeol looked straight into Baekhyun's eyes that day for the first time and there was something so amusing– no, thrilling about the experience that made Baekhyun want it more and more.


Poor Chanyeol was not very much aware of what was happening, he only knew that this guy was insanely keen on making him trip anywhere he saw him. He was expecting an apology the first day but when he didn't receive any, and the behavior continued to repeat, he knew that this guy was definitely doing it on purpose. Although, he does not know what a second year would want from a first year student.


Was Chanyeol getting bullied?


Someone has had to be foolish to bully a tall bulky guy like Chanyeol who is trying out f

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