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Irene stares at the clock tacked near the television while she taps her fingers on the table simultaneously with the movement of the clock’s second hand.
The time now is 12am, she knows she doesn’t need to be a worrywart because in their line of work, coming home late is unavoidable but for some reason her gut tells her that this time she should be worried.
About what? She doesn’t know.
Two plates lay on the dining table, untouched. Yeri, Joy and her already had their dinner and the maknaes are already in their respective rooms, hopefully resting since they have a schedule tomorrow.
Irene heard a familiar beeping of their lock as someone was putting in the code. She slowly stands up from the couch to welcome whoever it is on the other side of the door.
“Oh? Hyun, why are you still awake?”
Irene raises an eyebrow.
Seulgi’s schedule finished later than Seungwan’s, so why did the older between the two got home first?
Seulgi furrows her brows. “Something wrong, Hyun?”
“Seungwan is not yet home”
“Seungwan? Doesn’t her schedule finish at 10?”
Irene nods. “And she always gets home at 10:30”
“Maybe she had dinner with the staff?” Seulgi approached Irene to give the older girl a kiss on her forehead. “Don’t worry too much. I’m sure she’s on her way home”
Before they can even walk back to the living room, the doorbell sound off.
Seulgi smiles at Irene. “See, what did I tell you” she turns on her heels to open the door.
Irene frowns, but it’s unlikely for any of them to ring the doorbell because everyone knows the password. Did Wendy forget their passcode?
“Hi Seul”
Irene whips her head towards the door when she hears the familiar voice of Wendy’s manager. She slowly approaches the two. “Where’s Seungwan?”
“Irene” Wendy’s manager acknowledges her presence. “You’re still awake”
“I was waiting for Seulgi and Seungwan” Irene’s eyes fell on the small bag on the man’s hand. “That’s Seungwan’s bag”
The man nodded then handed the bag to Seulgi. “Wendy told me to drop this off before going home”
“The bag went home but the owner did not…” Irene’s tone shifts as uneasiness starts to creep in. “Where’s Wendy?”
“Somewhere safe”
Irene raises an eyebrow at the vague answer. “I’m asking about her whereabouts, not if she’s safe or not”
He sighs. “It’s late. And I know you’re tired” he pats Seulgi’s shoulder. “Get some rest. I’ll pick you guys up tomorrow”
He was about to leave but stopped on his tracks when Irene spoke.
“You didn’t answer my question”
He looks back at Irene. “She needs space, Irene. Let her breathe” then he finally left.
Seulgi closes the door, Wendy’s bag in her care as she approaches Irene. “Why don’t we call her? I’m sure she’ll answer us” she immediately takes out her phone from her pocket and dials Wendy’s number.
Seulgi and Irene immediately hear a familiar ringing tone close to them.
Irene walks up to Seulgi and takes Wendy’s bag. When she opened it, she found Wendy’s phone and wallet inside.
Seulgi takes a peek and her brows immediately furrow. There are times when Seungwan forgets to bring her phone but during those times she’s always with her members or at least with her manager.
“I’ll ask unnie if she knows where Seungwan is” Irene immediately goes to her room while Seulgi heads to the couch.
Seulgi sighs. “Seungwan, where are you?”




Seulgi stirs from her sleep.
Seulgi felt a tap on her shoulder and she slowly opened her eyes. “Yerim-ah” winces when she finally feels the ache on her neck.
“Why are you sleeping on the couch” Yeri smiles teasingly. “Did Joohyun-unnie kick you out of her room?”
“Why would she–” Seulgi shakes her head. “No, she didn’t. I was waiting for Wan”
“Wendy-unnie?” Yeri furrows her brows. “Why?”
“I think she didn’t come home” Seulgi answers while rubbing her sore neck. “Wait, what time is it?”
“Few minutes after 5” Yerim answers. “But unnie, we have a schedule today. Will she be able to make it?”
“I’m sure she will” Seulgi pinched the bridge of her nose. I hope…
It frustrates Seulgi that she can’t contact Wendy, that she can’t ask her best friend’s whereabouts, or ask if she’s even okay. Never mind the schedule, Seulgi just wants her best friend to be home and safe.

Where are you, Seungwan?

“Seul” Seulgi and Yeri whip their heads towards the hallway leading to their rooms. “Yerim? You’re up early”
Yeri shrugs. “I’m hungry then I saw Seulgi-unnie sleeping on the couch”
Irene turns to Seulgi. “You slept here?”
“I didn’t realize I fell asleep” Seulgi rubs her eyes to wake herself up.
Irene sighs. “Seungwan didn’t come home?”
Seulgi shakes her head. “No”

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