The Queen of Hades

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"Even Death has a heart."



The tale of Hades and Persephone is as old as time itself. Whenever the God of Death and the Goddess of Spring are reincarnated, it repeats like an endless cycle.

Jieun, the new Goddess of Spring, refuses to accept her imminent fate. She has no interest in becoming the Queen of Hades and doesn't want to give up her life for a man she has never met.
When the God of Death, Baekhyun, inevitably appears to whisk her away to the Underworld, she rejects him. However, Baekhyun doesn't give up and proposes a deal to her.
He has four weeks to win her heart. If he succeeds, she will be his. Baekhyun thinks it’s going to be easy, but there is one thing he hasn't reckoned with—Jieun's stubbornness.

The feisty Goddess decides to give the King of the Underworld one hell of a hard time.








Author's Note:

This is my entry for the Xodó Writing Contest. I was attacked by a plot bunny when I read the prompts and couldn't resist! A Greek mythology AU has been on my to-do list since forever and I'm excited to finally write one! Out of all the Greek Gods and Goddesses, I love Persephone and Hades the most, so this fanfic is loosely based on their tale. <3

AU: Greek Mythology, Hades and Persephone
Genres: Romance, Supernatural
Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x OC (Choi Jieun)
015: “even death has a heart.” ―markus zusak
065: “will you love me? even with my dark side?” ―kelly clarkson



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