First Snow


Every story starts with "Once upon a time" and a happy ending like " and they lived happily ever after" well those are just like fairy-tale stories but in one specific club where everyone was enjoying the time of their lives... There's a girl who is at the age of 28 who was sitting across the dance floor but when a specific man went to her and offered his invitation for her to dance but she rejects... Who might this girl be... Well no one knows since she isn't much of a dancer...

Then something happened... She looked outside, white flakes of snow were falling from the sky... There she smiles and twirls around while more and more snow fall as she giggles and laughs... She never saw snow in her entire life... The club closed and soon everyone got out their umbrellas and walked home, most drove home, so she stopped twirling and sighs while she puts her hands in her pockets and walks home and not to mention her heels which they are starting to slip so she can't take them off or else she will have cold feet when she arrives home...

She takes them off anyway and tiptoes home... Her father opens the door and was greeted by her shoes which were stinky and so were her feet... "... You need to shower and phew these smell!" The mom grabs them and says " good thing these are washable so let me wash them before you barf on the floor!" Her mom opens the washer and throws them inside while she hears her daughter showering...

Her dad knocks on her bathroom door "... Better wash your feet well!" She says " yes daddy!" 

What will happen?

who's the girl? And who's her parents?








Ok I've decided to write a new one so let me know how this one goes?

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