Chapter 3

All About You
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A few days passed and everything seemed to be going great. The group had adjusted to their new dorm life. Seulgi was often asked by her friends especially Krystal and Luna if she misses staying with them.

 Seulgi would say yes because she felt much more comfortable staying with her dumb friends rather than the girl who often gave her a brain freeze. She had come to terms with the fact that her equation with Irene is way different than with other team members. She feels very comfortable with others but just seems to calculate her each and every move when it comes to the doe eyed girl.

Fortunately for her, everyone is too tired to strike a conversation at night after their practice and fall asleep quickly. Seulgi can't even make herself sleep facing the girl. She always sleeps on her side facing the window.

 Irene also doesn't appear too keen to start a conversation with her and just focuses on her work. She seems busy working on something that Seulgi is too hesitant to ask about. It has been in her mind to ask Irene about what she is scribbling in her book but at the last moment, she stops herself.

Irene once in a while asks about the schedule and few work-related questions and Seulgi is very happy to answer them. Day by day she is getting less awkward around Irene and she is just waiting for the day when she can ask Irene a proper question without blabbering some bull. Seulgi mentally scoffs at how low her goals are set regarding Irene.




Something that troubles Seulgi is that Irene is always talking to girls on the phone at night. Someone or the else is always calling her and it is always some girl. Irene talks to them so sweetly and just seems to genuinely pay attention to whatever they are saying. Seulgi would definitely like to know what they talk about.

 She concludes that it bothers her because she is very tired after coming back from hectic practice. But the fact that Irene always talks to her "girlfriends" in the balcony keeping the window tightly shut so that she wouldn't be a bother to Seulgi defeats her reason. So the excuse doesn't seem too real to even her as well.

Seulgi tries to face the door when Irene is in the balcony. But over time she slowly turns over to see Irene. Seulgi can't figure out what she talks about but Irene always has a small smile on her face and just looks very pretty in the soft yellow light.

 Seulgi nowadays has good dreams.



Because the team cannot converse a lot at night after practice they try to wake up early and talk a bit. The talking starts with a talk and ends with playful bickering. But it is a pleasant sight. They are getting to know each other better.

 Seulgi would have preferred to eat breakfast in silence but she is happy about the other waking up early to have a group breakfast because she cannot be trusted alone with Irene with more time than she already has.

Night Irene does not seem too interested in making conversations with her only focusing on the phone but the Morning Irene is too keen to know about her. She asks her many questions looking at her expectantly. One thing that Seulgi's mind has completely accepted that Irene looked cute. But she can't just mention it to her friends that she finds her roommate cute in a no homo way. No one would believe her.  

Irene looks like she wants to get to know Seulgi more. And Seulgi would have loved that as well if she didn't feel so awkward with the other. She felt that she could manage well when she had to talk to Irene while in a group. So she just avoided their one on one meetings as much as she could.

She tried to wake up even more early to avoid the latter but Irene would just wake up as soon as the other left the room no matter how stealthily Seulgi tried tiptoeing out of the room. Irene was a light sleeper. Fortunately for her, the younger ones also felt that they had to wake up early and helped ease her tension.




 The roles had also been decided by their manager in the dorm. Irene had to take over cooking since none of the other members could. As far as Seulgi could remember Wendy, she and the other trainees had mostly been surviving on ramen and other fast food. On Sundays, they would eat in the company cafeteria and have something similar to proper food.


They had all tried to cook food before but it always ended badly with Luna burning the food, Krystal undercooking the food, and Victoria giving them food poisoning. After that, no one even thought about cooking food.

Until Taeyeon came. She seemed very confident in her cooking skills as she had been cooking since she was 10 and the members trusted her.

What Seulgi ended up eating could not be called food or that Taeyeon had some issues with her taste buds. The others seemed to agree and they again stuck with the rule of no cooking in the dormitory. Victoria and Krystal had tried to throw Taeyeon from the balcony; a decision which Seulgi fully supported.

Irene just like Taeyeon was confident in

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